The marriage contract of Klaas Onnes and Anje Pieters, Sept 30,1774:

[*Note A. G.: This contract is also summarized, except the here-said different conditions].

To me, Jan Edelinck, ....etc, etc,...appeared Klaas Onnes as Bridegroom and the Young woman Anje Pieters as Bride....etc. etc.

First Bridegroom and Bride, including the present friends, are content with all the such goods which the prospecting married people will bring in to each other and all movables will be common property.

Provided that the goods of the Bridegroom, which he inherited of his deceased father, will be ranked among the movables, but all individual goods, as inheriting, as substaining after deaths, will be mutual inherit in Two equal parts, one Part to the Bridegroom's and the other to the Bride's side. But the immovables of the Bridegroom and Bride will be held outside of the [*marriage] Community and be transmitted to to the same [*partner's] side, after their deaths, where it came from.

Second: [* Dito as the previous contracts].

Third. If the Bridegroom died before the Bride, without leaving a living child of children, the Bride will inherit the Half of all individual goods. In the other way, when the Bride will die without any living child(ren) before the Bridegroom, the Bridegroom has to give only her own movable Property to her Heirs as long her parents still live. Will the Bride die after her parents, the Bridegroom will have to pay her nearest friends, who are than still alive, the Half of the individual, inherited goods.

Fourth: The own Property of the first dieing [*partner] will be payed by the Bride or the Bridegroom to her of his friends with six weeks.

Witnesses of the Bridegroom's side:

Albert Hindriks and Margjen Jans (by absence of his mother) as uncle by marriage and full aunt,

Jan Arijs of [*the neighboring village] Cantens [*now called "Kentens"] as half-brother.

Harm Meinderts of [*the neighboring village] Weiwert as "sibbe " [*family?] guardian about the under aged children of Gerrt Onnes, procreated in marriage by Elizabet Meinders.

Jan Harms and Rijwke Harms as cousin and niece by marriage.

Witnesses of the Bride's side:

Pieter Geerts and Jantje Derks as father and mother

Roelof Rotgers as half-brother.

Jacob Geerts and Aafke Alberts as full uncle and aunt.

Jan Geerts and Tyke Hindriks as half-uncle and aunt by marriage.

Jan Pauwels and Jantje Geerts as half-uncle buy marriage and aunt.

Martjen Geerts as half-aunt

Geert Derks and Aaltjen Hiltjes as full uncle and aunt

Pieter Eltjes as full cousin.

Hiltje Geerts as full cousin.

Also signed .... Etc. September 30, 1774 by Jan Elderinck, Mayor.

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