Stock-taking of widow Anje Pieters' properties Dec. 8, 1780:

Inventory of all those goods which Klaas Onnes has left after his death and owned mutually with his wife Anje Pieters, who has stated it to settle those goods.

The Farm, containing an inside-house and Frisian Barn, with doors, windows, bricks, with and without walls, and all that's immovable in it, threshing block and wooden beams, with the "beklemminge" of seventy one "grazen" land, with a yearly rent of hundred thirty caroli guilders, with trees and plants, "schutten and wringen" [*meant is here "fences"], with all the assests and liabilities, which there will be or come, counted on f 3175----
The property of about six "granzen" land 350 ----

Further in the inside-house:

3 beds with it's accessoires, curtains and "rabats" 30----
a cabinet with an old "kevi" [*old Dutch for "bird-cage"?] 10----
3 tables and a board 3 ----
9 chairs 9----
a clock 12----
6 pewter saucers and basins 6----
3 pewter coffee-pots 4----
5 cups, a water-pot, a funnel, 2 tea(?)-pots, 2 candles, a butter-tub, a pepper-box and 30 spoons, all pewter 6----
A copper cheese-kettle with a "reel"-kettle ["reel" means here "rail" maybe to hang it above the open fire?] 14----
4 copper buckets 20----
3 little copper tea-kettles, a little "degel" -pan and a milk-pan 3----
a "render" [*unknown old Dutch word], tea-box, flat-iron and 3 boxes 2 10 --
 463 10 --

Around the [*open?] fire:

fire accessoires, tongs, an ashes-shovel, etc 3----
china saucers on the "Boessem" [*means probably the "chimney"] and on the "lijsten" [*means probably on the top of the cabinets] with some (clay baken) goods on the "kevi" and cabinet, together 5----
3 racks with plates and some little saucers, hanging on the wall 3 5 --
a mirror with a dozen china and some other tea(?) goods 4 10 --

In the churn-house:

a churn, 2 "tijnen" [*unknown old Dutch word], a cheese-press and cheese barrels 12----
(clay baken) pots and pans, etc 2----

In the barn:

Hay, corn and straw 150----
a "chais" [*a "buggy" or "wagon"?] with bridles(?) 50----
2 old wagons with her "adnexen" (??)[*unreadable and unknown] 35----
a plough, harrow, "loij" and a "bod" [*2 unknown words], cart with bridles and neck-ropes 22 ----
a "waijer" [*unknown old word], shovels, forks and "rijven" [*means a wooden hay-rake] 5 5 --
some old sieves 3----


5 old "improved" cows 175 ----
2 "not improved" cows 50----
3 "enter" heifiers [*"enter" means one "year old"] and an "enter" bull 57 ----
2 "koy Hekelugt" [unknown words] and a "kokkeling" bull 25----
2 old horses and a young horse 90----
9 sheep 20 ----
2 pigs 25----
Yet in the cabinet found 3 bed-sheets and 7 "wijtels" [*unknown Dutch word], counted-on 16 10 --
an obligation 500 ----
in cash money 50----
first addition 3275----
second addition 463 10--
third addition 292----
Summa 4942 10 --


obligations to Geert Jans 200----
to the poor-relief board [*costs of the funeral of her last spouse?] 75-- --
outstanding rent to Eeken Jacobs Wijk 43 13 2
to Jan Willems 92 14--

By outstanding debts:

to Enno Houwerzijl 21 18--
to the brewer J. Kim [*used during the last funeral?] 11 18--
to the widow of deceased Hidde(?) Pieters 6 13 2
to [*the physician?] Dr. G. Muller 47 8--
to R. Kuiper 7 2 --
to Obbe Tjallings 17 17--
to Monsz Tonkens 3----
wages to the farmer's servant [*this payment was months too late!!] 45----
Summa 772 3 4

Own clothes [*of her deceased spouse Klaas Onnes]:

  • a tail-coat and a "commisool" [*unknown old word] of dark lead colored linen
  • a white "parken" under-shirt with silver[*!] buttons
  • a couple, collected silver[*!] trousers-buttons
  • a couple silver[*!] trouser-buckles
  • a Bible with silver[*!] mountings
  • a silver spoon


Positive results 494210--
Negative results 772 3 4
Resting pure state 4170 6 4
Of which is the half 2085 3 2

Note A.G.: Anje Pieters and Klaas Onnes had made a marriage contract on September 30, 1774, 2 days before their real marriage on October 2, 1774 in Uitwierda. At the end of January 1797 they had a son Onne, who died before Anje's third marriage in 1784 with Jelle Jans. But at the death of his father this son was still alive: therefore the under-aged son Onne must be one of the heirs of the properties of his father Klaas. During Anje's next marriage to Roelf Jacobs, 22 days after this inventory certificate was made, Anje's parents Pieter Geerts and wife Jantje Derks were still alive: that means that Anje got their inheritance later than 1780.

The marriage contract with Klaas Onnes stated Anje will inherit (as his Wife) 50% of all [im)movable goods they owned. That means that Anje Pieters owned by this certificate 2085 guilders, 3 stivers and 2 doits of the complete properties and the other half belonged for 50% (about 1000 guilders) to their son Onne - I guess - and the other 50% (also about 1000 guilders) she had to pay to the heirs of the bridegroom within six(?) weeks, including the bridegroom's own clothes and ornaments. After this payment in cash money she could stay on the farm, I think! But where did she get the money? There are several options: From her wealthy parents, from other relatives and/or of her next bridegroom Roelf Jacobs, who will bring in his properties in their marriage 22 days after the date of this certificate. The following inventory list, made in 1784, after the death of Anje's second spouse Roelf Jacobs, shows us that their mutual positive properties were increased from about 4942 to 5328 guilders - but also their debts increased enormously from 772 to 3203 guilders! - even where the land prices were decreased from about 100 guilders per hectare in 1774 to about 86 guilders in 1780. While widow Anje Pieters didn't sell parts of her land, she collected the ordered cash payment another way: from her family, I conclude, why in the next inventory list she had a debt to her family of 2021 guilders, almost the amount she had to pay to the heirs of here deceased spouse Klaas Onnes!

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