Property Records II

The summarized purchase of a warehouse in the Solwerder Street in Appingedam by Jelle Jans and his wife Anje Pieters on December 31, 1805:

Sellers: the boatman Tjaart Tammes Dijkstra and his Housewife Trijntje J. van der Warff, both living in this City.

Buyers: the Church-warden Jelle Jans and his Spouse Anje Pieters,

Stoffer Beerents and Grietje Duirts purchased in May 19, 1778 a house in Appingedam in the Solwerderstreet 9 with a fruit garden and an entrance at the left side.

But Stoffer Berents and his second wife Aaltje Derks also sold on August 6, 1783 a house in the Kniestreet (knie = knee) no 35 in Appingedam.

Aaltje Derks and her first spouse Jan Beenes sold June 10, 1766 a house and a shope (must be a bakery) in the Dijkstraat 76 in Appingedam.

Claas Onnes, sold his relative Jan Arys and the guardians of the under aged children of Geert Onnes Smit (brother, father or relative of Klaas Onnes?) and wife Lijsberth Meindert in 1776 5(!!) houses in Appingedam: Solwerderstraat 35, 52 and 48, Pottebakkersgang 21 and Kerkstraat 5!!!

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