Marriage certificate of Klaas Tjepkes Heeringa and Trijntje Douwes Wiegersma on May 13, 1813 in Holwerd: In the years one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, the 13-th of the month May, in the afternoon at 2 o'clock, appeared for us, "Maire" [*French word for "Mayor"], Officer of the Registrar's Office of the Municipality Holwerd, "Canton" Holwerd, "Departement" Vriesland, Klaas Tjepkes Heeringa, 26 years old, without having a factory, of aged son of the deceased Tjepke Gosses Heeringa, during his life farmer in Holwerd, and there deceased some years ago, and of Japke Sakes, female farmer, living in the area of Holwerd, giving here her maternal permission; and Trijntje Douwes Wiegersma, 23 years old, without having a factory, born and living in Holwerd, of aged daughter of Douwe Pieters Wiegersma, Master Black Smith, and of Trijntje Jans, Married People, living in Holwerd and have given here their parental permission. Etc., etc.,... Of which [*marriage] we made a certification in the presence of Sake Tjepkes Heeringa, 30 years old, Merchant, Brother of the Bridegroom, and Bieme(?) Jakobs IJpma, 35 years old, Master Baker, Brother by marriage of the Bridegroom, of Douwe Pieters Wiegersma, 51 years old, Master Black Smith, Father of the Bride; all living in Holwerd, and Pieter Lieuwes Westerbaan, 47 years old, teacher of the youth, Uncle of the Bride, living in [*the Frisian village] Blija, who undersigned this after reading it to them, including us and the Appearers. Signatures: Klaas T. Heeringa, S. T. Heeringa, B. IJpma, Trijntje Douwes Wiegersma, P. L. Westerbaan, D.P. Wiegersma and the "Maire" H.J. Biersma.

Frisian Pelmulder and Heeringa Family accounts from the Leeuwarden Archives TRESOAR.
Submitted by Albert Geurink, 2005


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