Summarized Marriage Contract Between Jantje Jelles and Derk Fokkes

Summarized marriage contract in Appingedam on June 3, 1805:

  • Done in the "Municipaliteit" Appingedam by this open and sealed Cerificate.
  • A marriage contract between the Honorable Young Man Derk Fokkes as Bridegroom and the Honorable Young Daughter Jantje Jans.
  • First: all the parties are satisfied with this arrangement, etc., etc.
  • Second: [*About the right of representations in the case of later and parentless children].
  • Third: If the Bridegroom will die before the Bride, without leaving a child or childern, the Bride will inheritate the whole Immovables; but if the Bride will remarry, she is obliged to pay 25% of the complete Goods to his heirs. If she also died without being remarried, the Goods will be divided; 50% to the Bridegroom's heirs and 50% to those of the Bride. But when the Bridegroom will die before her, she has to give back the Life Goods of the deceased Bridegroom to his heirs within 6 weeks.
  • Four: If both will die, and leave child(ren), the one child will inherit the goods to the other and longest living one, till the last one die and all the goods will go back, The Half to the heirs of the Bridegroom and the other Half to the heirs of the Bride.
  • Witnesses from the Bridegrooms side: the H.[*onorable] Fokke Hindriks Bakker [*means her/his profession was "Baker"] and Diewerke Klaassen Venema, as full father and mother by marriage [*or stepmother], Willem Fokkes, as full brother and Hindrik Fokkes, as half-brother, Aaltje Klaasen Venema, with her Spouse Pauwel Geerts, Geeske Klaasen Venema, with her Spouse Hidde Jurjens, as half uncles and aunts by marriage.
  • Witnesses from the Bride's side: Jelle Jans and wife Anje Pieters, as full father and mother, Jan Jans and wife Trijntje Huiges, as full uncle and aunt by marriage, Anje Jans, with her Spouse Jan Jans and Aaltje Jans with her Spouse Hindrik Berends, as full aunts and uncles by marriage, and Pieter Roelfs, as half-brother.
  • Signed the 3-rd June 1805 in Appingedam by B. Knijpinga, "Coll. Accordt" and S. Houwerzijl, Secretary.
  • Registered in the Registers on June 8, 1805.

Transcription and translation: Albert Geurink.
Date: Thursday, December 1, 2004.

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