The marriage of Jelle Jans Pelmulder and Trijntje Klazes Heeringa in 1841:

In the year eighteen hundred forty one, the first of the month May, are appeared to me, Johan Sippo .... van Harinxma Thou Slooten, called "Grietman" [*Note A. G.: Old Frisian word for "Mayor"] of the "Grieterij" [*Note A. G.: 0ld word for "Municipality"] Westdongeradeel, province Friesland, Jelle Jans Pelmulder, old twenty four years, schoolteacher, born in Opwierda and living in Bornwird, of aged son of Jan Jelles Pelmulder, deceased, and of Martje Alberts van Dijk, without profession, living in Appingedam, being present here and giving her permission and Trijntje Klazes Heeringa, old twenty years, without profession, born and living in Holwerd, under aged daughter of Klaas Tjepkes Heeringa, captain, living in Holwerd and of Trijntje Douwes Wiegersma, deceased, the father being present here, giving his permission.

Who asked us to solemnize their intended marriage, whereby the obliged proclamations are done in front of the headdoor of the Town Hall here on the Sundays the eighteenth and twenty-fifth April of this year, each time in the morning at eleven o'clock, [*and] no objections were made to this [*marriage].

And they have submit before that end to us, first their birth certificates, second the death certificate of the father of the bridegroom, third the death certificate of the bride's mother, fourth a certificate and satisfaction to the National Militia of the bride-groom. Of which we asked them in public if they accept each other as married people and will carry out faithful all the duties which are obliged by law to the married state and explicit by them was responded with yes, we have passed judgement in the name of the law that they are united in marriage.

Thus solemnized in the town Hall of [*the Frisian town] Temaard on said date, in presence of Rienk Jans Waaksma, old fifty-eight years, peat measurer, Albert Nauta, old thirty-nine years, painter(?), Jan Bodes(?) Grasma Junior, old thirty-two years, Executor, all living in Temaard, unknown to the married people. And is made by us this certificate, which is signed after reading to the Appearers and the witnesses.

[*signatures] J. Pelmulder

T K. Heeringa

M.A. van Dijk

K. T Heeringa

R. J. Waaksma

J. Grasma

A. Nauta

J. P. van(?) Harinxma van Slooten.

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