Marriage Publication
Aaltje Jans Pelmulder and Hindrik Jacobs Bos
The Registrar's Officer of the Municipality 't Zandt, Arrondissement Appingedam, Province of Groningen, certifies that on the Sundays the 31th May and the 7th June, 1840, in the morning at eleven o'clock is published in front of the entrance of the Town Hall the planned marriage between Hindrik Jacobs Bos, thirty-five years old, blacksmith of profession, living in Zijldijl [*in the province of Groningen] son of the deceased Jacob Folkerts Bos, during his life farmer at Scheemda [*in the same province] and of Grietje Heijes Rit...., withour profession, living in Nieuw Scheemda [*New Scheemda] and Aaltje Jans Pelmulder, twenty years old, without profession, living in Tjamsweer, daughter of the deceased Jan Jelles Pelmulder, during his life peeling miller in Opwierda and of Martje Alberts van Dijk, without profession, living in Tjamsweer, at the other hand.
Made in Leermens [*in the province of Groningen], the eleventh June, by the before said Registrar's Officer, L. H.[?] Heeres.
Translated by Albert Geurink, 2005