The Summarized Purchase of a Warehouse by Jelle Jans and Anje Pieters

The purchase of a warehouse in the Solwerder Street in Appingedam by Jelle Jans and his wife Anje Pieters on December 31, 1805:

  • Sellers: the boatman Tjaart Tammes Dijkstra and his Housewife Trijntje J. van der Warff, both living in this City.
  • Buyers: the Church-warden Jelle Jans and his Spouse Anje Pieters.
  • Object: A warehouse, at the East and beside the House of the Sellers, with a room in it, which is rented apart, and a Bleaching Yard, behind the Warehouse, being own property, situated in the Solwerder Street [*no 68], sold with all the immovables, etc., etc. Neighbouring in the North the Street, in the East the Storage near the so-called "Breede Brug" [*"Bride Bridge"], in the South to the Fivel [*River], and in the West [*house of] the Sellers.
  • Sold for a Sum of eight-hundred guilders or f. 800,=., to pay in two equal parts on May 1, 1806 and May 1, 1807 in real Dutch money.
  • Signed in Appingedam, the 31th December, 1805 by B. Knijpinga, "Coll. Accordt" and S. Houwerzijl, Secretary.

Transcription and translation: Albert Geurink.
Date: Thursday, December 1, 2004.

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