The surname certificate of Pieter Roelfs, living in Appingedam:

Appeared to me R. P. Cleveringa Maire [*French for "Mayor"] deputing the functions of Officer of the Registrar's Office of the Municipality of Appingedam, "Canton" of Appingedam, "Arrondisement" of Appingedam, "Department" of the wester Eems, Pieter Roelfs, living in Appingedam, who declared to accept as his Family-name the name of Mulder and as First name or names, the name or names of Pieter Roelfs; that he has one Son and ------ Daughter ------ Grandson ----- Granddaughter, named Rudolphus.

And has the Appearer beside me undersigned this certificate in Appingedam, the 10-th January 1812.


Pieter Roelfs Mulder

R.P. Cleveringa.

Transcriptions: Albert Geurink.
Date: October 3, 2004.

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