Salisbury and Amesbury Tucker Genealogies

SOURCE: Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, by David W. Hoyt, pub. 1897

**Page 15**

Seventy-six names appear on the "Contry Rate" in 1659, including, besides most of those previously given, the following:

...Morris Tucker...

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Salisbury Petition, 1677

In the Massachusetts archives, Boston, is found a petition of "members of the church and inhabitants of the town of Salisbury," which contains the following names:

"Householders" of Salisbury.

... Morris Tucker ...
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Dec., 1677 -- May, 1678. Old Norfolk Co. Records, Salem.

... Morris Tucker ...

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"Almsburey desember ye 23! 1708!

   Colanall Thomas noyes Sir in obedance to your warant baring dat ye 6! of this enstant desembere we have taken a vew of our armes amonison and snow hose [shoes] magsons and find them genralye well fixed sir I am your honars most humbl sarvt.
"Ye snoshoe men of Almsbury
... [Benon]ey Tucker ...

**Page 94**

   Phebe CHASE b. ____ m. Aug. 25, 1726, Nathaniel TUCKER d. of John and Lydia (CHALLIS) CHASE

**Page 126 & 128**

   Stephen DAVIS, (Ephraim,[2] James[1]), of Haverhill, b. Jul 15, 1663 s. of Ephraim and Mary [JOHNSON] DAVIS, in Haverhill, MA; m. Dec. 23, 1685, Mary TUCKER. Will May 5, May 25, 1719; wife Mary ment.

**Page 708**

   Stephen[3] DAVIS. His wife was prob. Mary TUCKER. Wid. Mary m. Jun 8, 1724 Newbury, Joseph[2] PEASLEY

**Page 131**

   Alice DAVIS, of Amesbury, m. Benjamin TUCKER, Dec. 16, 1714 Amesbury.

**Page 174**

   Elizabeth GILL, b. Jan. 8, 1645-6, Salisbury, d. of John and Phebe (BUSWELL) GILL; m. 1663, Morris TUCKER

**Page 265**

   Ebenezar NICHOLS, b. Aug. 3, 1664, Salisbury, d. of Thomas and Mary (____) NICHOLS; m. June, 1685 or '6, Benoni TUCKER s. of Morris and Elizabeth (Stevens) TUCKER

**Page 275**

   Phebe PAGE, b. Nov 17, 1674, Haverhill, d. of Joseph and Martha (DOW) PAGE, pub. Oct. 14, 1695, Salisbury, to Joseph TUCKER s. of Morris and Elizabeth (GILL) TUCKER

**Page 293**

   Elizabeth PRITCHET (or PRICHARD) b. ____, d. of Joseph and Frances (COLBY) PRITCHET (or PRICHARD) m. Jan 21, 1706-7, Amesbury, Ebenezer TUCKER, s. of Benoni and Ebenezar (NICHOLS) TUCKER

**Page 325**

   Elizabeth STEVENS, b. Feb. 4, 1642, Salisbury, d. of John and Katherine (_____) STEVENS; m. Oct. 14, 1661, Salisbury, Morris TUCKER

**Page 336**

   Hannah TRUE, b. Aug. 28, 1698, Salisbury, d. of William and Eleanor (STEVENS) TRUE, bp. Sep. 16, 1705; m. James TUCKER prob. s. of Joseph and Phebe (PAGE) TUCKER

**Pages 337-338**

   6 Morris TUCKER, of Salisbury, Mass., and Tiverton, R. I., "cooper;" m. 1st, Oct. 14, 1661, Salisbury, (69) Elizabeth[2] STEVENS, who d. Oct. 16, 1662, Salisbury; 2d, 1663, (2) Elizabeth[2] GILL. He was in Salisbury in 1659; "householder" there and oath al. and fid. 1677; free. 1690; both signed Bradbury petition, 1692. He was of Salisbury in 1694, but of Tiverton, Feb., 1699-1700. Children:

7 I Benoni, b. Oct. 16, 1662 Salisbury, [by 1st wife]; m. June, 1685 or '6, Ebenezar NICHOLS. +
8 II John, b. Aug. 16, 1664 Salisbury, [by 2nd wife]; liv. 1691 in Salisbury.
9 III Mary, b. May 31, 1666 Salisbury. A Mary m. 1st Dec. 23, 1685 Haverhill, (33) Stephen DAVIS[3?]. [From Page 384] 2nd Joseph PEASLEY [wid. of (33) Stephen[3] DAVIS.] [From Page 805] Mary TUCKER m. 2d, (6)Joseph PEASLEY.
10 IV James, b. Dec. 28, 1667 Salisbury; "weaver," "formerly of Salisbury" in Dec., 1695.
11 V Sarah, b. May 19, 1670 Salisbury.
12 VI Joseph, b. Feb. 20, 1671-2 Salisbury; m. 1695, Phebe[3] PAGE. +
13 VII Jabez, b. Feb. 5, 1674-5 Salisbury.
14 VIII Elizabeth, b. April 7, 1677 Salisbury.
15 IX Morris, b. Sep. 6, 1679 Salisbury.

   7 Benoni TUCKER (Morris), of Salisbury and Amesbury, b. 1662; m. June, 1685 or '6 Salisbury, (16) Ebenezar* NICHOLS. He signed Bradbury petition, 1692; "snow-shoe man" in Amesbury, 1708; will Jan. 14, March 17, 1734-5; wife Eben. ment., but daus. not named. Children:

16 I Ebenezer [son], b. March 31, 1687 Salisbury; m. Jan. 21, 1706-7 Amesbury, (12) Elizabeth PRITCHET; res. Amesbury. Chil.: Anne, b. Sep. 17, 1707 Amesbury; Lemuel, b. [From page 385] March 3 1714 Amesbury; liv, 1734; Rachel, b. ____, liv. 1731.
17 II Benjamin, b. Jan. 12, 1689-90 Salisbury; prob. m. Dec. 16, 1714 Amesbury, Alice Davis; liv. 1734.
18 III Nathaniel, b. Nov. 12, 1692 Salisbury; liv. 1734; [m. Aug. 25, 1726, (52) Phebe[3] [CHASE?]
19 IV Elizabeth, b. March 24, 1694-5 Salisbury; prob. pub. Nov. 24, 1716 Amesbury, to Ebenezer Abbot.
20 V Mary, b. May 4, 1697 Salisbury. A Mary m. March 27, 1718 Amesbury Salem, Joseph Chandler, Jr.
21 VI Frances [dau.], b. Jan. 26, 1699-1700 Amesbury.
22 VII Ezra, b. March 27, 1706 Amesbury; m. (53) Bathsheba[4] SARGENT; liv. 1734.
   12 Joseph TUCKER (Morris), of Salisbury, b. 1672; pub. Oct. 14, 1695 Salisbury, to (42) Phebe[3] PAGE; liv. 1738. A Phebe Tucker adm. S. chh. June 8, 1718. Children:

23 I James, b. April 25, 1697 Salisbury; prob. m. (24) Hannah[4] TRUE. James TUCKER d. July 6, 1769, in his 73d yr. [S. Plain cemetery.]
24 II Samuel, b. April 19, 1699 Salisbury.
25 III Joseph, b. Aug. 29, 1702 Salisbury.
26 IV Moses, b. March 28, 1704-5 Salisbury; of Kingston in 1735, but of S. in 1738.
27 V Ebenezar, b. Aug. 31, 1707 Salisbury.

**NOTE.--There were Tuckers in Salem and Gloucester early; also in Marblehead bef. 1700. A John TUCKER was member of Portsmouth chh. ab. 1671. John TUCKER, late of Cape Annawaggon near Sheepscot, ME., "now of Martha's Vineyard," in 1675. [G. R. 1898, p. 28.] A John TUCKER was captured by Indians, July 26, 1691, in Dover. [G. R. 1854, p. 132.] "The house of Henry TUKER" is ment. in testimony of Joseph RING of Salisbury, Susanna MARTIN trial, 1692. [The New Puritan," p. 175.] [See also G. R., 1861, pp. 175-6.]

**Page 376**

   "The Petition in Favor of Mrs. Bradbury, July 22, 1692, was signed by the following persons:*

...Benony TUCKER
Ebenezer TUCKER
Meres [Morris] TUCKER & his wyfe...

   *Persons bearing the same surname have been brought together, for convenience of reference...Most, if not all, were residents of Salisbury."

**Page 571**

   Dorcas[4] HEARD, d. of Capt. John and Phebe ______ HEARD; b. Feb. 26, 1690 Kittery; m. _____ TUCKER; she was liv. 1739
**Page 755**

John[3] HEARD m. 1st, April 27, 1690, Phebe LITTLEFIELD; 3d, Dec., 1725, Anne WRIGHT (or WINGATE); 4th, Maria Bradbury.

36 Dorcas[4] HEARD m. Nov. 21. 1717, Hugh TUCKER.

**Page 649**

Unclassified Records:

Phebe CHASE m. Nathll TUCKER, Aug. 25, 1726 Amesbury Second Church [See Church Records]

**Page 656**

Gideon COLBY[5], s. of Samuel[4] and Anna (NICHOLS) COLBY, b. May 13, 1729 Amesbury; m. April 29, 1747 Elizabeth TUCKER. +
From Page 676 [Above] ...Elizabeth TUCKER of Amesbury. Gideon COLBY's wife d. May 9, 1793 Amesbury Second Church. [See Church Records]

**Page 750**

Sarah FOWLER of Salisbury pub. to Morris TUCKER, of Tiverton (now RI), Jan. 16, 1717 (Friends rec.). (Per. (15) Morris and (29) Sarah[4]?)
From Page 805
Morris TUCKER. A Morris, of Tiverton, "near R.I.," pub. to Sarah Fowler, of S. [Salisbury], Jan. 16, 1717 [Friends' rec.]

**Page 757**

*(111)Lydia[5] HOYT [HOIT] m. Sept. 4, 1739 Amesbury Second Church, Jacob TUCKER.
*The number is used in the Hoyt Genealogy. The Wingate records ... some dates differing slightly from those printed in the Hoyt Genealogy. Amesbury Second Church, here means the Wingate records.
**Page 768**
(86) Ruth[4] MORRILL, d. of Ezekiel and Abigail (____) MORRILL; bp. Nov. 12, 1712 Salisbury Second Church. A Ruth m. Jan. 5, 1748 Salisbury.

**Page 770**
(134) V. Ruth,[5], d. of Benjamin and Ruth (ALLEN) MORRILL; b. Sept. 26, 1727 Salisbury. A Ruth m. Jan. 5, 1747-8 Salisbury, Jabez TUCKER
**Page 806**

   John TUCKER, "fisherman," of Star Is., Isles of Shoals, will made at the house of John AMERIDETH, Sen., of Kittery, ME, where TUCKER was sick, Oct. 31, 1670; sworn to by witnesses, Jan. 3, 1670-1. He gave some property to Rev. (7)Thomas WELLS, of Kittery; and the rest of estate to his friend, John AMERIDETH and Johanna his wife.

   The name TUCKER is quite common on the early records, but we find no relationship proved to either (1)John or (6) Morris.

   Andrew TUCKER, householder of Marblehead, [MA] 1675.
   Francis TUCKER, 1672 (York Deeds) [ME]; landholder in Portsm.[ME], 1678.
   John TUCKER (of Marblehead?) [MA], 1645; also of Portsm.[ME], 1671-'99.
   Lewis TUCKER, "fisherman," late of Isles of Shoals, now of "Pischataqua," 1680.
   Richard TUCKER, 1637, York Co. [ME]; 1656, land in Falmouth [MA]; 1661, wife Margaret, now of Casco Bay, land in Falmouth. Also Richard and wife Grace, of Isles of Shoals, 1702.
   Philip TUCKER d. bef. June, 1695, leaving wid. and dau. Elizabeth, wife of Edward CATE. (Concord, N. H. probate.)
   William TUCKER, adm. est. gr. Nathaniel FRYER, wid. consenting, June, 1666, York Co. [ME]

**Page 880**

Bickford Family.

   "We find probate of John of Isles of Shoals, Philip TUCKER adm., June, 1662..."

**Page 957**

   Zebulon FARREN, b. Sept. 18, 1727, Amesbury, s. of Jonathan and Sarah [WELLS] FARREN, bp. Jan. 21, 1727-8 Second Amesbury; m. Nov. 24, 1743 Amesbury, Alice TUCKER; both ren. cov. 1749; chil. rec. at Amesbury and Second Amesbury Church.

**Page 1016**

   Tucker Family. (Ref. to Pages 337-8, 805-6)
   9 Mary m. 1st, Stephen DAVIS; 2d, (6) Joseph[2] PEASLEY.
   13 Jabez and 15 Morris went to Dartmouth, Mass., and Westerly, R.I.
   16 Ebenezer. Chil: Rachel, b. Mch. 27, 1713 Amesbury; Lemuel, b. Mch. 3, 1714-5 Amesbury.


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