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SOURCE: NEHGR, April, 1861, pages 175-


   Nicholas Tucker, cooper, of Kittery, Me., 21st January, 1716-17, wills property to his sons William and Joseph, to daughter Margaret, and to grandson William Wentworth five shillings in full of his mother's portion. Wife, Jane. Proved 2d April, 1716-17.
   [Does not the following, from York Co., Me., records, refer to the mother of the above William Wentworth?
   "Joseph Gunnison, tried at Kittery court for killing Grace the wife of William Wentworth, on 27th day of Sept. 1707. He was acquitted.
   In 1724, Joseph Gunnison was parish clerk of the town of Kittery.
   In 1719, Richard Tucker of Boston administers on the estate of his grandfather Hugh Gunnison.]
   Nicholas Tucker lived at Spruce Creek, Kittery, Me., 26th Jan. 1698-9. He was chosen culler of fish 1707 and 1710, and of fish and staves 1714; and on jury 1701 and 1708. In 1686 he bought land of Francis Champernoon and Mary his wife of Kittery. In 1712 the yearly income of Nicholas Tucker was 400.
   In 1788, William Tucker deeds to Joseph Tucker land that formerly belonged to father Nicholas Tucker.
   In 1715, 14th July, William and Elsy Tucker had daughter Sarah born.
   In 1731, 11th April, Margaret Tucker was single at Kittery.
   In 1792, Joseph was alive, and had wife Mary.
   In 1806, 2d December, Mary was widow of Joseph.
   In 1717, 25th November, Hugh Tucker, m. Dorcas Heard.
   In 1762, Dorcas Tucker, widow, of Kittery, deeds to Jane Tucker, widow, land given her by her father John Heard, and near her sister Bartlett.
   In 1750, Hugh Tucker married Jane Hubbard.
   In 1751, John Heard of Kittery gives property to his daughter Dorcas Tucker.
   In 1759, Hugh Tucker's estate was administered upon by Jane Tucker, his wife, who had one child after his death and two previously.
   In 1753, John Tucker married Abitha Hodgdon, both of Kittery.
   In 1791, Andrew Tucker was of Mt. Desert, Me., and deeds to brother Joseph Tucker of York Co.
   In 1794, Betsey, widow of John Tucker, deceased, sells his premises to John Key, Jr., of Berwick, Me.
   In 1665, William was of Isle of Shoals.
   In 1665, Grace was wife of William.
   In 1660, John of York Co.
   In 1670, Lewis of do [ditto, York Co.?].
   In 1640, Richard on jury.
   Oct. 10th, 1666, William was dead.
   In 1734 and 1738, William had Alice for wife.
   May 23d, 1643, Richard Tucker was of Casco, Province of Lyconia.
   In 1675 and 1678, Henry Tucker was of York Co.
   In Salem, Mass., 11th July, 1676, John Tucker, m. Mary Richardson.
   In 1707-8, Hugh and Brigett Tucker witnessed the signing of a deed.
   Sept. 30, 1659, John Tucker was of York Co.
   May 23d, 1661, Richard Tucker had wife Margaret.
   In 1709, Hugh Tucker had wife Bridget.
   In 1697, Hugh was of Co. York.


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