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1. I agree that I currently own a website published on the USGenNet.Org domain and said website is in compliance with all USGenNet Conditions of Use.

2. I agree to use applicable USGenNet Legacy Graphics and a link to the Legacy site at: on this Legacy website.

3. I agree that my USGenNet Legacy web site will remain freely accessible to the public.

4. I agree to notify the Legacy Webmaster of any changes in the status of my Legacy site(s), including organization affiliation, account ownership and e-mail address.

5. I understand and agree that upon my death, or if I cannot be contacted for a period in excess of six months, my Legacy websites will be stripped of all external links, message boards, affiliation logos (if required), and mailing lists, and the email address on the website shall be changed to that of the Legacy Webmaster. I further agree that the USGenNet SysAdmin will then make my Legacy site a "Read Only" account and no further changes can or will be made to the site beyond that point.

6. I understand and agree that my Legacy website will be published by USGenNet in accordance with USGenNet's ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION which state ". . . to preserve, promote, gather, transcribe and study genealogical and historical data for public research and educational needs."

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