Glover CSA Records Alabama
Transcribed by Margie Glove-Daniels
Transcribed from National Archives Micrfilm
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Middle Name Co. Unit Rank
in and out

Original filed under

Glove Alfred L B 58th Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt Glover, Alfred L
Glover A. J.     Kolb's Pvt/Pvt Glover, Andrew J.
Glover Alexander   DE 6 Al. Cal. "  
Glover Alfred L.  D 17 Al. Inf. "  
Glover  Alfred L B 58th Al "  
Glover Alfred G. A 43rd Al. Inf. "  
Glover Andrew     Kolb " Glover, A. J.
Glover Asa F. G 10th Al. "  
Glover Asa F F&S " Hosp Stewart
Hosp. Stewart
Glover  Augustus   B 39t Al. Pvt/Pvt  
Glover A. W.   G 10 Al.Inf. Pvt./? Glover, Hampton W.
Glover Cain   J 55 Al. Vol. Lt./Capt  
Glover Charles  F. I 38 Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt  
Glover C.  T.      CP of Instr.
Talledega, Al
Glover Daniel   A 26 (O'Neal's)
Al. Inf.
Glover Daniel       CP of Instr.
Talledega, Al
Glover E.   C 40 Al. Inf. Pvt./Pvt.  
Glover E.  A.   Goldwaithe's
Al. Bat.L Art'Y
Glover E. A.   Goldwaithe's
Al. Bat.L Art'Y
Glover Edward A.   " " Glover, E. A.
Glover Edward  E.   Capt. Lee, Jr.'s, Co.,
Al. Vol
Glover Edward  F. F 13 Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt  
Glover Eli F.  D 3 Al. Inf. "  
Glover Eli S. F 1 Bat., Al. Art Pvt./Pvt. *died as POW in
Elmira, NY
Glover E. T. D 3rd  Al.  Inf. " Glover, Eli F.
Glover Frank L D 11 Al. Inf Pvt/Lt.  
Glover George T (or F) A 43rd Al Inf. Lt/Capt.  
Glover George  W. D 31 Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt Glover, J. W.
Glover G. P H 36 Al. Inf. " Glover, G. P.
Glover G.  W. D 31 Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt  
Glover Hamilton W. G 10 Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt  
Glover Henry W. E 3 Al. Cav.
Hoods Conf.
Pvt/Pvt Reference Card
Glover  H.  W. B 15 Al. Inf. Pvt/Lt.  
Glover J.   A 9 Al. Inf. Pvt/Sgt.  
Glover J   C 37 Al. Inf.    
Glover James   K 20  Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt  
Glover James E. C 23 Al. Inf. " Glover, J. E.
Glover James   H 37 Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt * see note below
Glover James D C 23 Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt Glover, J.E.
Glover James M. G 10 Al. Inf. Pvt./Pvt  
Glover James W. E 10 Al. Inf " Glover, J. W.
Glover James W. A 28 Al. Inf. " See also 31 Al. Co. D
Glover James  W. D 31 Al. Inf. " Glover, G. W.
Glover J. E. C 23 Al. Inf. "  
Glover J. E. C 36 Al. Inf. "  
Glover J. E. D 43 Al. Inf. "  
Glover J. G. G 17 Al. Inf. " 2 Conf.Engineer Troop
Glover J. K. K 20 Al. Inf. " Glover, James
Glover J. L. F **56 Al.Part.Rangers " ** see note below
Glover John M B 31 Al. Inf. Pvt./Pvt  
Glover J. N (?) D 43 Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt Glover, Thomas
Glover John  B B 6 Al. Inf. "  
Glover John M I 41 Al. Inf. "  
Glover John  N H 9 Al. Inf. Sgt/Sgt  
Glover John R. H 37 Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt see John R. Glover below
Glover John R. H 45 Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt 37 Regt. Al. Inf.
Glover John T F 2 Batt'n Al.Lt.Art. Pvt/Pvt  
Glover John  W. B 39 Al. Inf. Sgt/Sgt  
Glover J. P. I 46 Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt  
Glover J.  R. G 51 Al. Part Rgrs "  
Glover  J. S. F 22 Al. Inf. "  
Glover J. S. I 32 Al. Inf. " Glover S. J.
Glover J. W.   ( Al. Inf. "  
Glover J.  W. E 10 Al. Inf. "  
Glover J. W. K 20 Al. Inf. " Glover, James
Glover  J. W. G 26 O'Neals Al. Inf. "  
Glover J. W. C 40 Al. Inf. "  
Glover M. R. I 18 Al. Inf. "  
Glover N. A. C (?) 23 Al. Inf. "  
Glover Nathan   A&C 37 Al. Inf. " See note
Glover Nathaniel     Tarrant's Batt.Al.L.Art "  
Glover Nathaniel B   43 Al. Inf. Corp/Corp  
Glover N. C L 3 Al. Inf. Sgt/Sgt See note
Glover Newton J.   Capt. Hard's Co.Al.
(Eufaula Minute Men)
Pvt.Pvt see note
Glover N. J. C 4 Batt'n (Love's)
Al. Calv.
Glover N. O. L 2 Al. Inf. Sgt/Sgt Glover, Nathan O'Neal
Glover O. H. R.   K 12 Al. Inf. Pvt/Pvt Glover, Oliver H. P.
Glover Oliver H. P. " " "  
Glover Richard   I 48 Al. Inf. "  
Glover Richard F D 43 Al. Inf. '  
Glover R.  L. D 43 Al. Inf. " Glover, Richard F.
Glover Samuel D. P H 37 Al. Inf. " See note
Glover Silas   C 19 Al. Inf. "  
Glover S.  J. I 32 Al. Inf. "  
Glover Stephen E. B 28 Al. Inf. pvt/musician  
Glover Stephen . G. B " " Glover, Stephen G.
Glover Thomas    D 43 Al. Inf. "  
Glover Thomas A. A " Pvt/Pvt  
Glover T. N. D " Pvt/Pvt Glover, Thomas
Glover Uriah   N 31 Al. Inf.   he is buried in Columbus, Ms.
Glover W.     28 Al. INf. Pvt/Pvt  
Glover W.   I 51 Al. Part Rangers "  
Glover W.  A. D(new) 5 Al. Inf. " Glover, Walter N.
Glover Walter N. D(new) " "  
Glover Walton D " " " Glover, Walter N
Glover William  E.   4 Al. Reserves    
Glover W. F. G 17 Al. Inf. 
Signal Corps.
Glover W. F. C 28 Al. Inf. "  
Glover W.  H. D 43 Al. Inf.    
Glover Wiley   D 51 Al. Part.Rangers "  
Glover Wiley  J. B 57 Al. Inf. "  
Glover William   K 20 Al. Inf. "  
Glover William   I 32 Al. Inf. "  
Glover William J. H 37 Al. Inf. " ** info needed
Email me please
I feel this is the son of William E. Glover he also would of had a brother in this unit that died at Look Out Mtn.
Glover William M. B 28 Al. Inf. "  
Glover Willam P. G " "  
Glover William  T. G " "  
Glover William V. I 32 Al. Inf. " Glover, William
Glover W. S. G 28 Al. Inf. "  
Glover W. M. D New 5 Al. Inf. " Glover, Walter N.
Glover W.  O. L 3 Al Inf. Sgt/Sgt Glover, N. O.
Gluker H.   B 15 Al. Inf. Pvt./Inf. Glover, H. W. 

* Note for Glover, James.   ( All the Glover names listed for the 37th Al. are related to each other).

James enlisted with his Uncle Samuel D. P. Glover in Co. H. 37 Regt. Confederate Army. He was killed at Lookout Mountain, Tn. Nov 24, 1863. He was listed in Moore's Brigade list of casualties on Look out Mountain. He was the son of William E.Glover

** Note for 56 Al. Partisan Rangers.
1 Reg't Al. Partisan Rangers, Boyle's Regt.Al. Patisan Rangers, 56 Reg't Al. Partisan Rangers, 56 Reg't Al. Calvery, Boyle's Reg't Al. Calv.  
Formed June 8, 1863 by the consolidation of five companies of the 13 Al. Partisan Rangers with the 15 Battalion Alabama Partisan Rangers.

*** John R. Glover, Samuel D. P. Glover and John R. Glover  died at Citizen's Hospital, Columbus, Ms. while in the Civil War.   

Samuel D. P. Glover is the brother of Andrew J. Glover, Nathan O'Neal Glover, E. E. Glover and William E. Glover they all served in the CSA.  Samuel was the only to die. 

***  This is Nathan Fowler Glover son of William E. Glover and Catherine Fowler, Grandson of John P. Glover and Drucilla Evans. The other Glover's in this unit are all related and are descended from John Glover and Sarah Paschal, parents of John P. Glover. Some are sons of Thomas W. Glover brother to John P. Glover

** Nathan O'Neal Glover (N. O. Glover) 
He served the 3rd Alabama Infantry Company L Dixie Eagles on April 11, 1862. The 3rd Alabama was the first to raise the Stars and Bars in Maryland. He was a Sargent. Nathan was a merchant in Union Springs his store was in the historical district of Union Springs across the street from the courthouse. 

**Newton J. Glover was the son of Thomas W. Glover and Eleander Fredericks.  
Brothers Thomas J. Glover( Died February 26, 1863) and Eli S. Glover( d: February 16, 1865 in Elmira (Hellmira), N.Y. Prison of War Camp. )

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