Father Was:     Stephen A. Kersey , Physician born in Scotland or South Carolina 1812-1815, shows up on the 1833 Barbour County Census. Married Mary M  Peace or Stewart   date not known.

Family history has him setting up a field hospital in he War between the States.  Also that it was very hard treating the wounded without proper supplies.  He was in Pike Co. in 1850 staying with Fredrick and  Mary Peace. He and family show up again on the 1860 Census back in Barbour County.

Son:             William Jasper Kersey born June 1840 in Barbour County, died June   
                    11, 1913, buried in Red Oak Cemetery, Covington County, Al.

Married:     Mary Melinda Folmar b. 1842 died 1881, buried in Snyder Cemetery,
                    Pike County, daughter of  Jacob Folmar and Sarah Edwards, Pike Co.

Confederate Service:    William Jasper Kersey was in the 46th Alabam Infantry, Company C,  CSA.  He received the Medal Of Honor.   Was not wounded and returned to Barbour County when the war ended.

                             Benjamin Franklin Kersey born Jan 1844 died 1914.  Married
                             Samantha Elizabeth Harrell born 1850, died 1913. in Santa
                             Rosa County, Fl.  daughter of Mary A. Harrell.

Confederate Service.   Benjamin F. Kersey joined the Confederate Army at Hall Mills  , Alabama  May 8, 1862 . Was with the 56th Alabama Calvery Regiment Company E, Partisian Rangers. The 56th Alabama Calvary Regiment , Partiaisn Rangers, was made up of the two battalions ( 13th and 15th ) commanded by Major William Boyles ( 15th
Battalion ) that had been in Service for several months. The men were recruited from Autuga, Butler, Mobile, Montgomery, Walker, Pike and Barbour Counties. The brigade was sent North to Georgia under the command of Gen Samuel W.
Ferguson.  It served on the flank of the army during the Dalton-Atlanta campaign, and saw arduous duty.  The regiment moved with Gen John Bell Hood to Tennessee , then turned and harassed Union Gen. William T. Sherman, in the
trenches of Savannah and operated near Augusta.  It moved into the Carolinas and was surrendered at Greensboro 26, April 1865 about 150 strong.

Ben was my great grandfather. He was wounded and sent to a Union Prison Camp. He was there until he was paroled May 16, 1865. I have a copy of his parole papers, where he swore that he would not bear arms agains the United States,
until he was regularly exchanged as a prisoner of war.   Thank God he wasn't there very long, or I might not be here to write about him. I have some of his papers that were sent to me by the Montgomery Archives, way back in 1974. I am sure there is more, but I wouldn't know where to look. Is there anyway that I might be able to find out which Prison Ben was sent to ?
Also anything on the Field Hospital with Stephen would be greatly appreciated. I did not find Stephen's papers anywhere.  Maybe he didn't sign up ?

If anyone has any information on this family please contact.
Doris Kersey Buffum


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