Letter Home During The Civil War From Lewis Shipman

Submitted by Teri Tait

*April 2 1862 Camp Stephen, Pensacola   Fla.

Dear Broth,

I  seat myself this evening to write you a few lines to let you know that
the times are dull here and they are moving everything away here that is the
government property  I have nothing worth writing to you  they was a negro
caught the other day making his way over to Pickens they say that he had
good many papers with him they have got him prison and I expect they will
hang him  I have seen George and Frank got here on the Friday left on Monday
to the Fort Marankos  they tried to get off from H. D. Lampley to join this
company but he would not let them  they done rong when they was mustard in
his company  if they had come here before they had been mustard in the could
join this company  they say they will keep trying and if H. D. Lampley does
not give them a transfer when they forms a regiment they can go to the
Cornel and get a transfur  E. P. Woods was well please with this company and
officers we have as good officers as any body need to want and Company  if
you hear of any one want to join this company Send him along  the boys said
that they heard that it was full but it is a mistake they is about 90 in it
I must come to a close by saying that I received yours dated the 11 of March
and was glad to hear from you fors don't hear from home often  you must
write as often as you can and I will do the same  often have to stand gard
every other day  These few lines leave me in good health hoping these may
reach you all in the same  blessing   I remain your brother

Lewis Shipman

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