Alabama Units by County

Barbour County

Formed in Barbour, all or in part in the order they were accepted into Confederate service:

Co A, 1st Inf
Co B, 1st Inf
Co I, 1st Inf
Co E, 7th Inf
second Co K, 5th Inf
Co G, 4th Inf Bn ( later became Co G,
29th Ala Inf)
Co C, 31st Ga Inf
Co B, 15th Inf
Co D, 15th Inf
Co H, 15th Inf
Co K, 15th Inf
Eufaula Lgt Arty
Co K, 29th Inf
Co K, 39th Inf
Co H, 37th Inf
Co B, 39th Inf
Co C, 39th Inf
Co I, 39th Inf
Co A, 45th Inf
Co C, 45th Inf
Co G, 39th Inf
Kolb's Btry
Co H, 39th Inf

these three would have served first w/
Hilliard's Legion:
Co E, 23d Inf Bn
Co D, 59th Inf
Co E, 59th Inf

Co B, 57th Inf
Co H, 57th Inf
Co F, 6th Cav
Co B, 4th Cav Bn
Co C, 4th Cav Bn
Co D, 2d Reserve Inf
Co E, 2d Reserve Inf

Dale County formed all or in part in theorder they were accepted; I have dates for Barbour and Dale if you need them:

Co E, 15th Inf
Co G, 15th Inf
Co H, 15th Inf
Co H, 40th Tenn Inf
Co F, 1st Cav
Co I, 1st Bn Arty
Co B, 33d Inf
Co G, 33d Inf
Co I, 33d Inf
Co D, 53d Cav
Co H, 53d cav
Co D, 57th Inf
Co I, 57th Inf
Co E, 59th (first w/ Hillard's Legion)
Co B, 2d Reserve Inf

Deo Vindice,

HomerThese are Reserve/Home Guard/Militia
units I know of, surely there were more:

Eufaula Minute Men
Barbour Rangers
Eufaula Home reserve
Lovard Lee's Ala Vols

Barnes' Co
Matthews' Co
Jeter's Co
Bell's Co
Feald's Co
Stewart's Co
Ream's Co
Vaughn's Co
Cose's Co



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