Bullock County Confederate Pensioners 1917

Arant, Mrs M.A.          Inverness

Banks, Mrs Georgia    Midway
Baxter, T.C.                Perote
Beverly, Mrs H.F.        Union Springs
Blue, Carolne              Union Aprings
Boyd, J.M.                   Perote
Bristow, Mrs Christian  Inverness
Brooks, M.M.                Inverness
Brooks, Mrs J.W.          Union Springs
Brown. J.M.                  Perote

Cade, J.F.                     Inverness
Cody, Mrs E.                 Union Springs
Cook, A.E.                     Inverness
Cook, J.J.                      Inverness
Crawley, Mary E.           Inverness
Creswell, Mrs Alice        Union Springs
Culpepper, W.M.            Perote 

Davis, Mrs V.L.               Union Springs
Day, Mary A.                   Union Springs

Eidson, J.J.                     Fitzpatrick

Faulkner, Mrs Sallie        Inverness
Finlayson, Mrs John S.    Perote

Grider, F.M.                    Union Springs

Harris, Mrs Carrie           Union Springs
Haslam, E.P.                  Perote
Hough, P.J.                    Union Springs
Houston, Mrs S.M.         Inverness
Hufham, W.C.                Fitzpatrick
Hutto, J.N.                     Perote

Jenkins, Mrs Carrie        Midway
Jernigan, Mrs S.L.          Perote

McDowell, C.C.               Three Notch
McLane, Mrs Nancy R.     Midway
McLaney, James              Hardaway
McNair, W.H.                   Union Springs
McWhorter, M.W.             Inverness
Miles, W.W.                     Perote
Ming, F.L.                        Inverness

Nichols, Mrs H.S.             Union Springs

Outlaw, E.                       Inverness

Pritchett, W.T.                 Thompson Ratley, E.                        Midway
Richardson, M.O.            Perote

Robertson, Mrs F.S.        Union Springs
Rollo, Mrs Sallie              Inverness
Rotton, J.P.                     Inverness

Shelton, Mrs M.E.            Union Springs
Simmons, Mrs Laura        Union Springs
Slaughter, Mrs C.M.         Union Springs
Smith, A.W.                     Union Springs
Smith, Mrs M.E.               Inverness
Smith, Mrs Susan A.         Union Springs
Standifer, Mrs E.A.           Union Springs
Stewart, T.J.                     Thompson

Thompson, Mrs E.E.           Inverness

Vann, William R.                Peachburg

Vaughn, Mrs G.N.              Union Springs
Waters, Mrs Sarah             Inverness
Welch, Thomas                  Inverness
Wellborn, Mrs S.N.             Union Springs
Wiley, Mrs Mary E.             Thompson
Wright, Mrs Lou P.              Midway


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