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"Order A.P. Hill to prepare for action! Pass the infantry to the front! Tell Major Hawks..."
"Let us pass over the river and rest under the shade of the trees."

Last words of Thomas Jonathan 'Stonewall' Jackson, Guinea Station, Virginia, 
3:15 pm Sunday, May 10, 1863

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Units listed by County

Barbour County CSA in NC troops

This page is in honor of all of those that served the CSA from Barbour County.  If you have lost an ancestor during 1861-1865 you may want to check the Prison of  War records for CSA soldiers held in Union Prison of war camps.   Much has been written about Andersonville but next to nothing has been written about how the CSA troops were treated while held as captives.  We will take a look here at how they were starved when food was available and with held.  Some from Barbour County and surrounding counties were captured at Ft. Morgan, Al. taken to New Orleans, La., placed on ships and sent to New York where they were sent to Elmira "Hellmira", N.Y.  During the Civil War the words Elmira, NY and Point Look Out made the blood of a Southerner run cold.  If you have any information on the prison of war camps that the CSA troops were held in please send it and I will place it here. 

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Barbour County CSA Roll of Honor
If your ancestor lived in Alabama and served in the Civil War I will be glad to add their names to the 
Roll Of Honor.
"Not for fame or reward, not for place or rank, not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity; but in simple obedience to duty as they understood it; these men suffered all, sacrificed all, dared all, - and died."
--Rev. Dr. Randolph McKim (inscription on Confederate soldiers monument, Arlington National Cemetery)

Factoid:  750,000 men  from the South faced 2 million men  from the North .  2 million men could not defeat 750,000 Southern troops what did defeat them was disease, hunger, lack of money and supplies. 

Nathan O'Neal Glover
Eli S. Glover
Hellmira victim
Ely Frank Glover
Samuel D. P. Glover Hilliard Glover James Glover
Andrew J. Glover Thomas Glover

John R. Glover

Edmund E. Glover William J. Glover

  Thomas Cummings 
Peters Phillips

  Isham Phillips   Nathan Phillips   Abram Thomas

  James Phillips

  Danford Brothers

  James Lunsford Phillips 

  William A. Abercrombie
A sad POW story 

  Peter F. Abercrombie
Son of William A. Abercrombie
  Daniel F. Beasley
  Daniel Phillips   Burrell Phillips   Thomas Jefferson Harris
Lester Brothers    

Confederate Queries and Information


University of Va. Confederate Cemetery at Charlottesville Myrtle Hill Cemetery Rome Georgia  

Union Prisoner Of War Camps

Rebel Pen Letter 
Author was 15 when he served in Andersonville

Elmira "Hellmira" records

Please visit the Elmira Page 

Elmira "Hellmira" New York Civil War Prisons, Illinois Dixie Net's POW Info Page Elmira Civil War Home Page
Civil War Prison Point Lookout Camp Chase Ohio Prisoners Used as Human Shields Dr. G.T. Taylor 
(a letter he wrote of his experience at Elmira)
The Famous 600 Alton Il. Prison
be sure to check the register for many Al. troops were held prisoner in Alton.
Point Look Out Rock Island  This is an excellent site with a list of those from Al. that died in Rock Is.
Elmira Prison- "Prison Experience in Elmira, N.Y." Benton County TN Union Page CW Prisons CIVIL WAR PRISONS
Civil War Prison Elmira page 1 Prisons Camp Douglas

Picture of Camp Douglas

Milton Asbury Ryan
Personal story of his CW experience and imprisonment at Camp Douglas
Oakwoods Cemetery Chicago 1,700 Confederate deaths at Camp Morton Letters and Diaries Castle Pickney
Prisons, Prisoners & Outlaws Civil War Prison links Camp Chase Danville Prison

If you know of a POW link please let me know so I can add it here.


   Civil War Links
Be sure to check Georgia for your Civil War veterans, many times they crossed the river to join with family.

Civil War Cartoons

Southron History

Civil War Artillery

History of the 3rd Alabama
Georgia Military Records Savage/Goodner's Confederate Clipart Page The Confederate States of America The Closet Rebel
Oakwood Military Cemetery in Richmond Virginia Alabama Civil War Infantry Regimental Histories Military Organizations Raised in Alabama During Civil War Civil War Information Related to Family History
Southern Country The Confederate Citizen The Confederate States of America, in Exile The American Civil War Home Page
The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion Soldiers and Sailors Civil War Site National Cemetery System, Dept of Veterans Affairs The Confederate Infantry Private
The Confederate States of America, in Exile The Battle of Fredericksburg Official Records and Battle Description The Civil War in Georgia The Artillery Home Page
Emancipation Proclamation

Resaca Confederate Cem.
Georgia's First Confederate Cemetery

U.S. CWC -- Civil War Links -- Historic Places 1 County of Origin of Alabama Civil War Units
National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) AL Dept Archives-History American Local History Network ALGenWeb Archives (Military Records)
US Army Military History Institute Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System JONES ARCHIVES-Tarleton State Univ. EGUN ARCHIVES
Civil War Homepage, University of Tennessee Civil War Research Center, Louisiana State University Listing of Military Libraries The Alabama Civil War Roots Homepage
3d Al. Cavalry Regiment 4th (Roddey's) Alabama Cavalry Regiment Co K, 4th (Roddey's) Al. Cavalry Regiment Co K, 4th (Roddey's) Al.Cavalry Regiment
4th (Russell's) Alabama Cavalry Regiment 4th (Love's) Alabama Cavalry Battalion 5th Alabama Cavalry Regiment 5th Alabama Infantry Battalion
Co G, 5th Alabama Infantry Regiment 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment 10th Alabama Cavalry Regiment 11th Alabama Cavalry Regiment
12th Al. Infantry Regiment 13th Alabama Infantry Regiment 14th Alabama Infantry Regiment 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Co E, 15th Conf. Cavalry Regiment 16th Confederate Cavalry Regiment 17th Alabama Infantry Regiment Co B-18th Al. Infantry Regiment
19th Alabama Infantry Regiment 22 Alabama Infantry Regiment Co F, 22d Al. Infantry Regiment 23d Al, Infantry Batt.; Hilliard's Legion
25th Alabama Infantry Regiment 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment 26th (O'Neal's)Al.Infantry Regiment 27th Alabama Infantry Regiment
28th Alabama Infantry Regiment 29th Alabama Infantry Regiment 31st-49th Al. Infantry Regiment 33d Alabama Infantry Regiment
34th Alabama Infantry Regiment 35th Alabama Infantry Regiment 36th Alabama Infantry Regiment 37th Alabama Infantry Regiment
38th Al. Infantry Regiment  Co B, 38th Al. Infantry Regiment 42d Alabama Infantry Regiment 43d Alabama Infantry Regiment
47th Alabama Infantry Regiment 48th Alabama Infantry Regiment 51st Alabama Infantry Regiment, Mounted 51st Alabama Infantry Regiment (Mounted) ... (aka 51st AL Cav) (pt 2)
55th Alabama Infantry Regiment 59th Alabama Infantry Regiment 60th Alabama Infantry Regiment Co D, Cavalry Battalion, Jeff Davis Legion
Hilliard's Legion Alabama Conf. Partisan Cavalry Regiments Clarke County, Grove Hill Guards Clarke County, Grove Hill Guards (pt 2)
Coffee Cnty.Clintonsville Guards Coffee County Militia Coffee County Volunteers Conecuh County, Conecuh Guards
Geneva County, Alabama Shelby County, Alabama Shockley's Escort Cav. Co, University of Alabama Confederate States Navy & Marines
Co G, 38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment (Tuscaloosa Co)
Yep, these were Al. men.
Request information from the Al. Dept. of History ADAH short history of Alabama Units National Archives & Records Adm. (many CW photos are here as other records
Great Links site Battlefields of W. Va. The Dixie Reporter Current Dixie News The Right of Succession
The Constitutional Right of Secession Whitaker Online 43rd Alabama  

Civil War Web Rings
Be sure to check the Civil War Web Rings.  This will help you to find your Civil War Ancestors.

Civil War Heritage Ring The Civil War Circuit Civil War Artillery  C. W. Virtual Archive
C. W. Battlefield Preservation The Living History  Southern Texas The Terry Texas Ranger Web-Ring
Civil War and Georgia Civil War Civilians  Dixieland Ring Confederate Ring
C. W. Regiment Ring      


The history of the units is from the Civil War Center.  This site is a must for all serious researchers new and expert alike.       USCWC Home


Southern Claims Commission

 The Southern Claims Commission was established to examine and recommend action on monetary damage claims for property that was seized by the U. S. Army for its use from citizens in Southern states that remained loyal to the Union.

The Commission was active from 1871-1880. Typical claim files may contain the claimant's petition; testimony of the claimant and of other persons supporting or opposing the claim; the commissioners' reports; and, on occasion, additional documents submitted in evidence such as proof of title to the property, proof of relationship to the owner, etc.

 All of the Southern Claims Commission files are located at the National Archives. Photocopies of allowed claims are available, however, disallowed and barred claim files have been microfilmed and are available for purchase in this format only.

Finding tools:

 Consolidated Index of Claims Reported by the Commissioner of Claims tothe House of Representatives from 1871-1880. (Washington: U. S. House of Representatives, 1892).

 Mills, Gary B. Southern loyalists in the Civil War : the Southern Claims Commission . (Baltimore, Md.: Genealogical Publishing Co., c1994). "A composite directory of case files created by the U.S. Commissioner of Claims, 1871-1880, including those appealed to the War Claims Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Court of Claims." This volume indicates whether the calim was allowed, disallowed, or barred and provides sufficient information to request the record from the National Archives.

  national archives civil war records info

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