Barbour County, Alabama Cemeteries 

 I have no real information, but I have a picture of two graves which my grandfather, Counce Monroe Hancock, identified as the graves of his grandparents, Josiah Hancock and Mary Goolsby Hancock. The graves are in Barbour County, but he did not know the exact location and was unable to travel there during his lifetime. I'm hoping to locate them some way, and perhaps you can help me.. This message came from Anna and she needs to locate where these graves are. If anyone knows please email

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Adam Cemetery, Barbour County
Adams Chapel Cemetery, Barbour County
Anderson Cemetery, Barbour County
Antioch Cemetery, Barbour County
Bascom Cemetery, Barbour County
Blair Cemetery, Barbour County
Carr Cemetery, Barbour County
Clayton Cemetery, Barbour County
Cunningham Cemetery, Barbour County
Danner Cemetery, Barbour County
Dansby Cemetery, Barbour County
Ephesus Cemetery, Barbour County
Fairview Cemetery, Barbour County
Friendship Cemetery, Barbour County
Haven of Rest Cemetery, Barbour County
Helms Cemetery, Barbour County
Jacksonville Cemetery, Barbour County
Jones Cemetery, Barbour County
Magnolia Memorial Cemetery, Barbour County
McGee Cemetery, Barbour County
Memory Garden Cemetery, Barbour County
Mount Andrew Cemetery, Barbour County
Mount Gilead Cemetery, Barbour County
Mount Olive Cemetery, Barbour County
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Barbour County
Mount Serene Cemetery, Barbour County
Mount Zion Cemetery, Barbour County
New Hope Cemetery, Barbour County
Old Zion Hill Cemetery, Barbour County
Pea River Cemetery, Barbour County
Perkins-Evans Cemetery, Barbour County
Pine Grove Cemetery, Barbour County
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Barbour County
Pleasant View Cemetery, Barbour County
Saint Peter Cemetery, Barbour County
Sardis Cemetery, Barbour County
Sardis Cemetery, Barbour County
Scotch Cemetery, Barbour County
Shiloh Cemetery, Barbour County
Shorte Cemetery, Barbour County
Springhill Cemetery, Barbour County
Sutton Cemetery, Barbour County
Sykes Creek Cemetery, Barbour County
Tabernacle Cemetery, Barbour County
Tennell Chapel Cemetery, Barbour County
Tew Cemetery, Barbour County
Texasville Cemetery, Barbour County
Walker Cemetery, Barbour County
Warren Cemetery, Barbour County
Wilkerson Cemetery, Barbour County

Be sure to check Pea River Presbyterian Church Cemetery submitted by   Jim and Terri Tait.  Many  thanks  for  the  information.

If you know of any cemeteries that are not listed here please let me know.  If you have the listings of those buried in a cemetery please send the information to me to be put up on the site. I have obtained everything I could on Barbour County Cemeteries.  I am searching for the grave sites of DRUCILLA EVANS-GLOVER, JOHN PASCHAL GLOVER, SUSAN K. GLOVER. John and Drucilla Glover are the parents of Andrew J. Glover, Susan is his sister, all are buried in Barbour County. 
Margie Glover-Daniels

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Transcribed Cemeteries In Barbour County 

Ephesus Cemetery

 Beasley Family Cemetery  Mc Elvin Cemetery

Clayton Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery

  Pond Bethel


Pea River Presbyterian




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Cemetery Records - National Cemeteries & War Veterans - Tombstone


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I had a map of the Barbour County cemeteries here and was notified that the map was to be removed.  I as many others were solicited to give information on the Alabama Cemeteries which I did.  I have been researching Alabama cemeteries since 1976.  So I will use my own information and will create a map from my own records.  I am requesting that the information I submitted to the program not be used since I was mislead to think that this would be a part of a public project to identify the cemeteries in Alabama.  As a part of the USGENWEB project we are a group of volunteers dedicated to FREE genealogy and do not charge for our services.

If anyone submitted info to this program I urge that you request your information back and submit it to the County Coordinator where it belongs.  I would never violate a copyright and also feel that I as others should have been told that our information was to be part of a for profit project if that is the intent.

The list of cemeteries here is not comprehensive, nor is it intended to be. The closest thing to a complete list is the U.S. Geological Survey's GNIS database, which lists about 109,000 cemeteries.


51 Feature records have been selected from GNIS.*
Feature Name St County Name Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Adam Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314036N 0854119W Elamville
Adams Chapel Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314312N 0852302W Texasville
Anderson Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314037N 0852906W Texasville
Antioch Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315711N 0850741W Eufaula North
Bascom Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315245N 0851443W Eufaula North
Blair Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315534N 0852309W Clayton North
Carr Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314008N 0854140W Elamville
Clayton Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315250N 0852705W Clayton North
Cunningham Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315345N 0851829W White Oak
Danner Family Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 313926N 0854147W Elamville
Dansby Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314100N 0854057W Elamville
Ephesus Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314648N 0853736W Josie
Fairview Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315400N 0850830W Eufaula North
Friendship Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 320025N 0851818W Batesville
Haven of Rest Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315755N 0850853W Eufaula North
Helms Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314121N 0852942W Texasville
Jacksonville Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315600N 0852531W Clayton North
Jones Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 320153N 0851334W Howe
Magnolia Memorial Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 313739N 0852924W Texasville
McGee Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315708N 0850838W Eufaula North
Memory Garden Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315623N 0850833W Eufaula North
Mount Andrew Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315814N 0853137W Mount Andrew
Mount Gilead Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 320521N 0851422W Howe
Mount Olive Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315434N 0852615W Clayton North
Mount Pleasant Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314309N 0851427W Ft. Gaines NW
Mount Serene Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315245N 0852019W White Oak
Mount Zion Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314521N 0853522W Louisville
New Hope Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314737N 0852125W Baker Hill
Old Zion Hill Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 320124N 0850415W Twin Springs
Pea River Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314418N 0853608W Clio
Perkins-Evans Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315437N 0852015W White Oak
Pine Grove Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315248N 0850927W Eufaula North
Pleasant Hill Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314434N 0851411W Ft Gaines NW
Pleasant View Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314822N 0852418W Clayton South
Saint Peter Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314227N 0853612W Clio
Sardis Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314802N 0851001W Eufaula South
Sardis Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315204N 0851548W Baker Hill
Scotch Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314732N 0852209W Baker Hill
Shiloh Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315626N 0853324W Mount Andrew
Shorte Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315302N 0850801W Eufaula North
Springhill Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314001N 0852707W Texasville
Sutton Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314120N 0854035W Elamville
Sykes Creek Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314119N 0853319W Clio
Tabernacle Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314857N 0852832W Clayton South
Tennell Chapel Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 320055N 0851022W Howe
Tew Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 313853N 0852624W Texasville
Texasville Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314255N 0852522W Texasville
Walker Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 314714N 0852100W Baker Hill
Warren Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 315216N 0852859W Clayton South
Wilkerson Cemetery AL Barbour cemetery 313716N 0852618W Clopton

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