Old City Cemetery  
Bullock County
Union Springs

City Cemetery is at the intersection of South Prairie & West Blackman in the Episcopal Church Yard

I'm aware of the Confederate burials at Oak Hill; to date, I have identified just more than 125 Confederates there.

                                                                                                                                  Homer Jones      

The following Confederate soldiers thought to have died at St. Mary's  Hospital in Union Springs are buried
in the Confederate Section of the old City Cemetery there:

Anderson, William C: Pvt, Co E, 45th Ala Inf.

Briers, H.H.: Pvt, Co D, 3d Ala inf.

Briers, R.: Pvt, Co D, 3d Ala Inf.

Eady, John: Pvt, Co D, 3d Ala Inf.

Eley, A.M.: Pvt, Co D, 3d Ala Inf.

Farr, William T.: Pvt, Co D, 3d Ala Inf.

Goodwin, William: Pvt, Co D, 3d Ala Inf.

Henderson, J.W.: Sgt, Co D, 3d Ala Inf.

Hodge, Johnathon D.: Pvt, Co D, 3d Ala Inf.

Leslie, John: Pvt, Co E, 45th Ala Inf.

Mabson, William S.: unit not known.

Martin, Thomas: Pvt, Co B, 23d Ala Inf.

Paulk, Thomas H.: unit not known.

Rutherford, Francis M.: Corp, Co D, 3d Ala Inf.

Smith, E.J.: Co E, 45th Ala Inf.

Thompson, W.P.: Pvt, Co D, 3d Ala Inf.

Tillery, V.: Co E, 45th Ala Inf.

Walker, Alfred: Pvt, CoD, 3d Ala Inf.

Walker, John L.: Pvt, Co D, 3d Ala Inf.

Eleven others are marked "Unknown" and another, that of Major Milton M.
Butterworth is underneath the Episcopal Church which is nearby.

submitted by Homer Jones

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