Penile Baptist Church Cemetery
       Aka Sheppard Cemetery

shown as unknown 35 on maps


In memory of our ancestors in Barbour County, they may never have anyone to visit or clean their graves, a single rose to say that there are some that still remember and that they are not  long ago forgotten

 #35....Old cemetery on land owned by Jesse Helms near Blue Springs, Alabama-no marked graves-known as
Sheppard Cemetery.

Hello, my name is Carolyn Sheppard-Hamilton. This cemetery (#35) is where a lot of my family is
buried, including my paternal grandmother, grandfather and his parents, my ggrandmother and ggrandfather. It
was at one time called Penile Baptist Church Cemetery, and I know from newspaper articled that when my
grandmother died in 1941 her service was held at that church. I am very pleased to share this information with you. Here is a list of their information.  It is possible that others are buried here also, I will update as I learn new information.

William Henry Sheppard b. 13Sep1862 d. 29May1923

Ora Isabelle Elizabeth (Hudspeth) Sheppard
  b.10Feb1870 d.23Feb1955

Joseph Robert Thorne b.29Jan1886 d.25Dec1965

Maggie Bell (Sheppard)Thorne b.11Feb1889 d.5Aug1909

John William Jackson Sheppard b.6June1887 d.18Feb1963

  b.21Jan1892 d.12June1977

Charlie Franklin Sheppard 
  b.28Jan1891 d.11Nov1968   
Bessie Pearl (Whigham) Sheppard b.11Dec1895 d.1Dec1920

Missouri Elizabeth (Chancey) Sheppard
  b.25Nov1896 d.7Feb1925

Ruby Alice (Dempsey) Sheppard b.9Nov1908 d.4Oct1941

Lennie Dawson Sheppard b.15Sep1892 d. 10Dec1896

Infant Sheppard Son b.2Jan1894 d. 17Jan1894

Infant Sheppard Daughter b.4Feb1896 d.4Feb1896

Infant Sheppard Daughter b. 12June1906 d.12June1906

Odis Alfred Sheppard b. 25Mar1907 d. 13Aug1997

Infant Sheppard Son b. 30Mar1913 d. 30Mar1913

Willie (Whigham)Sheppard b.27July1897 d. 5Jan1945

Howard C. Benton b. 16Jun1916 d. 12Aug1994

Lola Mae Sheppard b. 28Dec1916 d. 12May1985

Prillie Cathron Sheppard b.6Mar1916 d.24Jan1938

Weda Clara Sheppard b. 19Jan1940 d. 23Jan1940

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