Roquemore Cemetery

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Below is a reprint from an insert in a recent "Friends of the Library "bulletin  regarding Roquemore Cemetery.  I have not visited this cemetery but as soon as the weather cools off I plan to.  It sounds like it is close to the Russell Co. line but I believe it is still in Barbour.

Marie Godfrey searched for this cemetery when doing research for her books.  unknown to her - she found it.  She recorded some of the graves in her "Cemeteries in Barbour County" but failed to find the ones she was looking for. Somehow, through the years, the broken tombstone was uncovered and put together revealing the Roquemore name and dates from a time long past...Sacred to the Memory of H?P Roquemore, born April 6, 1818, died Sept.
22 1879.

    The cemetery lies at the north corner of Rocky Mount Road and Highway 431, twelve miles north of Eufaula.  Further proof that this is indeed the Roquemore Cemetery can be found in Helen Foley's "Alabama Series-Vol II (Deaths),"  Here we find the notice that 'George Douglas, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Stovall was buried in the Roquemore burial ground, twelve miles north of town.'

    Only three other graves have names:  (1) Elizabeth Silas-only daughter of J. and M. Silas, born 4-23-1831, died June(?) 1851;  (2) J.L. Abercrombie b. 3-30-1831, d 10 -01-1861.  The third tombstone is broken but the name appears
to be Joh_n-son of J.J. and E.C.F....(?).  The other letters are missing, but I think that the name is probably Franklin.  The Abercrombies and Franklins were early families of Russell County and had large tracts of land in the area.  I have found only one reference to a Mary Silas who married John Stratford of Fort Mitchell, AL.

    There are six brick and concrete graves made with big double sized bricks.  No names are visible.  There are many sunken places and some mounds of dirt, indicating other unmarked graves.

    One of the early property owners was Couric.  Later, it was purchased by the Garrisons and the land surrounding the cemetery was planted in pine trees.  This corner of the property was left unplanted and it remained untouched for many years.  It now belongs to Ronnie Marshall who has bulldozed  up to the marked graves.  Many unmarked graves were in some of that area.  He said he intends to hand-clean the remaining area and mark it as a cemetery.  I hope he will!

        The epitaph on one grave reads:

            Ere sin could light or sorrow fade
            Death came with friendly care
            The opening bud to heaven conveyed
            And bid it blossom there.

    Forgotten and uncared for - but the names and families of those buried
ther speak volumes about the early history of our area.

                            -Contributed by Ann Bowden Corcoran



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