Tabernacle Cemetery
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Location:  Take 51 S. from Clayton ,turn left on Co.Rd. 43 go approx. 3 1/2 miles and its the second dirt road on the right named Vinson Rd. According to the 1991 Barbour Co. map this road comes to an end, it doesn't! Go past
an old house on the left that is falling, just a little further down you will bear off to the left on a small grass road and the cemetery is on the left. It is surrounded by an Iron fence. There is alot of brush in front of it. It is easier if you look for the open walkway before you get to it, so you can walk in that way. The walkway going up to it that is bordered by
what looks like fallen trees.
These are both good dirt roads for any vehicle. The cemetery is not in good shape, the fence looks as if at one time they had tried to repair it with iron porch railing.
I couldn't tell where the church had been, unless it was just before you get to the cemetery on the same side. Most of the stones are standing facing away from this road, so maybe the church, or another road was on the other
There are alot of rocks there for head and footstones, most you can tell they are babies, or children by size.
There are also several of unmarked graves, I think we counted 62 unmarked total, that included the ones that are marked only with rocks. When they are by some of the ones that have headstones I have noted them in the survey.


NEAL, Emma-dau. of: Rev. William B. & Rachel M. Neal
Here lies our Emma who died Sept. 16, 1853

MILLER, Welden Summers-Son of: John H. & Ann C. Miller
Oct. 13, 1851-June 7, 1852

Unmarked baby grave

OTT, Mrs. Catharine-Consort of: Capt. Wm. Ott
d: Jan. 9, 1847 in the 61st yr. of her age.

OTT, Capt. W.
Oct. 28, 1789-June 26, 1857
"A much loved father" on side of the tall monument
"A sinner saved by grace" on the other

BRUNSON, Mrs. Margaret Angeline-Consort of: Merry A. Brunson
& Dau. of: William and Catharine Ott; (two graves here, her and her
baby next to her in an unmarked grave ) who fell asleep in jesus on the 28th of Apr. 1839, aged 17 yrs.,6 mts.,& 5
The mother & her babe here rest until the resurrection of the blest; At Christ's command they shall arise and reign immortal in the skies. This stone shall point her friends the way to meet her in eternal day; Shall cry, behold thy savior God, be cleansed by his redeeming blood.
Oh Husband, Mother, Father too, the narrow path of life pursue;
My Sisters, Brothers, faithfully be, until your face again I see.

John S.                   Patience C.
Apr. 8, 1832           Apr. 6, 1844
Jan. 23, 1914          Jan. 26, 1905

NIX, Nella-Dau. of: John S. & Patience C. Nix
Jan. 10, 1885-Aged 18 yrs.,4ms.,9days.

NIX, Mattie-Dau. of J. S. & P. C. Nix
Sept. 27, 1879-Oct. 19, 1887

NIX, Nora-Dau. of: J. S. & P. C. Nix; Wife of: C. R. Vinson
June 28, 1862-Nov. 7, 1890

NIX, Carrie Snead
d: 1903

Unmarked Adult (Looks to be the Nix plot)

Unmarked Adult (Looks to be the Nix plot)

Unmarked Child (Looks to be the Nix plot)

NORTON, Isabella - Our Mother
Wife of: W. V. Norton
Feb. 26, 1810-June 11, 1885

May 6, 1807-June 12, 1849

NORTON, Thomas C. (C.S.A.)
CO. D 63 ALA. INF.
(No dates)

SNEAD, Roscoe

SNEAD, Emma G. - Wife of: M. C. Snead
Aug. 19, 1863-Dec. 18, 1889

GLOVER, John G. (Masonic Emblem)-Father.
d: Feb. 28, 1874-Aged 56 yrs.

GLOVER, Missouri- Mother-Wife of: John G. Glover
July 24, 1891-Aged 62 yrs.

Aug. 13, 1830-July 4, 1868

ROBINSON, Wallace-Son of: J. T. & L. Robinson
Mar. 16, 1866-Mar. 16, 1881

SIMS, John -Son of: W. W. & C. M. Sims
July 3, 1852-Nov. 30, 1880

Sept. 23, 1859-May 28, 1904

ROBINSON, G. W. -Son of: G. W. & Gegie Robinson
Jan. 6, 1903-Mar. 12, 1903

DUNCAN, Susie A. - Dau. of: C. F. & E. L. Duncan
Feb. 5, 1878-Jan. 9, 1879


BENTON, Little Hattie- Dau. of: S. E. & M. Benton
Apr. 5, 1871-Oct. 3, 1873


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