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Joseph Thigpen's ordination as a minister is recorded in Barbour Co. [AL] Marriage Record Book 4, p. 41:
"State of Alabama, Barbour County -- June 28th, 1851
      We the undersigned met at Oak Grove Church of the primitive order of the state and county aforesaid in obedience to a previous call, after due deliberation with the church, in connection with a delegation from seven other churches of our faith and order. We then proceeded to form ourselves into a presbytery, and then proceeded to the examination of the church in reference to faith and order, then to the call and qualifications of Brother Joseph Thigpen to the Gospel Ministry, and after a thorough examination and due deliberation in connection from the other [?] churches, that he comes as near filling the gospel requisite according to the New Testament as usual to be found. Therefore, we cordially recommend him to all churches of the primitive faith and order, praying that his labours may be abundantly blessed and the name of our Lord Jesus Christ glorified wherever his lot may be cast. Given under our hands and seals the day and date above written.

Presbytery: Robert Toler, William Galaway, J.J. Dickson, James Harrod

The State of Alabama, Barbour County -- 

      Be it remembered and known to all whom it may concern that Joseph Thigpen, a gospel minister of the Primitive Baptist order, has presented to me credentials of his ordination as a minister of the Gospel as aforesaid or license and of his being in regular communion with said Church. He is therefore hereby duly licensed and authorized as such Gospel minister to solemnize the rights of marriage in said state in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my official signature at office this 28th day of October, A.D. 1851.
W.R. Cowan, Judge of Probate"

While Joseph did not leave a will, the handling of his extensive estate is recorded in Barbour Co. [AL] Orphans Record Book 7, pp. 560-563, 616-619, and Book 9, pp. 141-143. In these records, all of his children are clearly identified, including Cydia and Elitha, who are said to have married Cornelius and Hosea P. Sellers respectively

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