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Mount Olive Cemetery. The land for the cemetery and the nearby Baptist church was donated by the Matthews family. In the old section is a large, stone-bordered enclosure marked with a large stone inscribed "Matthews". Located near the community of Rocky Head, west of US 231, near Ariton.

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The following shows the Cemetery Census of the following graves as marked on various slabs or monuments:

Jack Trent Stokes: Born and Died Dec. 3, 1930. "Infant son of Harry M. and Bannie Matthews Stokes"

Tullie M. Matthews: Born Mar 31, 1897, Died Nov. 10, 1919

Walker Matthews: June 21, 1881 - May 21, 1916

Thomas M. Matthews: Feb. 1, 1858 - Oct. 28, 1916 "Father"

Ella Fair Trant: Oct 4, 1861 - July 4, 1924 "Mother" "Wife of Thos. M. Matthews"

Nell Fain Matthews: April 3, 1918 - Nov. 23, 1931 "Daughter of Dr. Augustus Douglas and Tomie Fain Matthews"

Dr. Augustus Douglas Matthews: Oct. 9, 1886 - Feb. 20, 1959 "Son of Thomas Monroe and Ellafair Trant Matthews"

Tomie Fain Matthews: Oct. 16, 1889 - Jan. 19, 1982 "Daughter of Thomas Jefferson and Martha Byrd Fain"

There is also a small, old, upright stone that is worn completely smooth.

Outside the enclosure, close by, is a UDC marble marker:  William Johnson: Co. D, 57 Ala. Inf., CSA

Next to the above is an old broken slab with "Mary Johnson" written in the cement. Next to this is a small broken slab with "Son, ----?----M----?----, Johnson" written in the cement. The middle part is undecipherable except for the "M". This is adjacent to a small blank slab.

Also in the old section are several Matthews and Mathis graves, as well as the following:

Henrieta Matthews Paramore: May 9, 1863 - May 29, 1893 "Wife of N. A. Paramore"

Lester Matthews: June 20, 1919 - Aug. 29, 1961

There are a lot of unmarked or worn slabs and stones; and, according to the former sexton, there are a lot of totally unmarked graves in the old section. They hesitate to dig new graves there for fear of digging up bones. I have a picture my father took in the '50's showing a pile of headstones at the edge of the cemetery - including one that was inscribed "James Matthews"

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This information was contributed by Mr. Tom M. Matthews.

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