Dale 1850 Census

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Just got back from the library.  Have a partial copy of an 1850 Dale County
census page showing the following surnames if anyone is interested:
In order on the form:
COLLINS, U. D.  born NC   (wife born SC)
GOFF, Wiley   born SC
LEPLEY, Samuel  born SC
DOWLING, Levi   born SC
CLARK, Austin   born SC (wife born NC)

On a second partial page of the 1850 Dale County census if anyone is
JEFFRIES, William    born GA
HEFLIN, James N      born NC (wife born GA)
SNELL, Isaac             born GA (wife born GA)
SULLIVENT, Leo       born NC (wife born SC)
SULLIVENT, Calvin   born NC (wife born NC)
BYRD, Green             born GA (no spouse)
JONES, Mary Ann      born SC (widow)
GOFF, Willis               born SC   (wife born GA)

Household 98, Family 98
DOWLING, Levi  50  Male  farmer     900     born SC
            Ann            49 F                                   born SC
            Benjamin    19 M      farmer                born AL
            John            17 M     farmer                born AL
            Bastell (sp?) 15 M   farmer                born AL
            James J        13 M   farmer                born AL
            Susan D        11 M   farmer                born AL
            Amanda M      9  M   farmer                born AL

Living right next door is Wiley Goff, age 26 born SC and wife Susan age 25,
born SC with family.

1850 Dale County, AL Census
Household 99, Family 99
Page 172

CLARK, Austin  age 51  Male       Farmer         300          born SC
               Frances age 50 Female
born NC
               Giney (sp?) age 18 Female
born SC
               Henry  K (?)  age 16 Male   Farmer                     born
               Furney (sp?)  age 15 Male  Farmer                     born SC
               James           age 13 Male
born SC
               Albert            age 9    Male
born SC
               Matilda          age 8    Female
born SC
               Frances        age 6     Female
born Ga ?
               Julia               age 3    Female
born GA ?

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