Alabama Troops in the Indian Wars The Creek War ~ 1836-37

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Source: Alabama Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. 3, No 2-3, Spring-Summer, 1981,
pages 117-120

"Alabama Troops in the Indian Wars The Creek War ~ 1836-37"


This company was formed in 1837 for three months' service.  It was formed in
Dale county.

Name of Soldier, Rank, Variant Spelling, Editor's Correction & See Also

Alberson, Eli, Private
Alloms, Jeremiah, Private
Baley, Asa, Private
Baley, Willis, Sergt.
Bedsole, David, Private
Boil, Joseph A., Private
Boles, James, Private
Boles, James W., Private
Boles, Seaborn, Private
Brooks, William C., Private
Broxson, Alford, Private
Broxson, Clark, Private
Campbell, Archibald, Private
Chancy, Stephen, Private
Chavous, Elijah, Private
Chavous, James, Private
Clark, T. C., Sergt.
Collens, Andrew, Private
Collens, Creed, Corpl.
Cox, William Private
Craven, Riley, Private
Cruise, John D., Private
Dick, William C., 1st Lieut.
Duglass, D. C., Private
Flemmen, William, Private
Foster, Naro, Private
Fountain, Owen, Private
Fowler, Council, Private
Fowler, John, Private
Hall, John, Private
Hart, Josiah L., Private
Hart, Moses, Private
Hart, Robart, Sergt.
Hubbard, Drewry, Private
Hughs, Henry, 1st Sergt.
Hughs, James, Private
Hughs, Jesse, Private
Hughs, John, Private
Hughs, Vinson, Private
Jones, Henry I., Private
Koon, John, Private
Ledbetter, Francis, Private
Lisenby, Joseph, Private
Lucas, Daniel, Private
Marshall, John, Private
Marshall, Nelson, Private
McDuffee, James N., Private
Meak, Lacy R., Private
Miller, William, Private
Morris, James, Private
Morris, Thomas, Private
Morris, Timothy, Private
Nashbern, James, Private
Newson, Joseph, Private
Oneal, Axsom, 2nd Lieut.
Ott, Jacob, Private
Ott, Richard, Private
Parker, Daniel, Private
Pouncey, William, Captain
Powel, Daniel, Private
Powel, William I., Private
Rogers, Irwin, Private
Russel, Edmond, Private
Savage, Archy, 1st Corpl.
Savage, John, Private
Savage, Nathan L., Private
Smith, James, Private
Smith, Solomon, Private
Stapleton, Zeno, Private
Stapleton, Zenothan, Private
Stewart, Asa H., Private
Stewart, Daniel, Private
Swain, Daniel, Private
Thorn, M. D., Private
Tindal, James, Private
Warren, Alexander, Private
Warren, James, Corpl.
Weeks, Isaac, Private
Weeks, James, Private
Weeks, William, Private
Wells, Howell, Private
Wilkison, Elisha, Private
Wilkison, Henry, Private
Wilkison, William, Corpl.


Source: Alabama Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. 3, No 2-3, Spring-Summer, 1981,
pages 184-185

"Alabama Troops in the Indian Wars The Creek War ~ 1836-37"

Blairs' Battalion Alabama Militia - Warren's Co.

This company was organized in Covington County, AL.

Name of Soldier, Rank, Variant Spelling, Editor's Correction & See Also

ALLUM, Jeremiah, Private
ALLUM, John, 4th Corpl
BOLES, Elijah, 1st Sergt.
BOYD, John, Private
BROXTON, Robert, Private
COCK, John, Private
COOPER, Daniel, 2nd Lieut.
COOPER, James, Private
DOSSET, Hiram, Private
DOWLING, Fletcher, Private
GILLEY, James, Corpl.
GRADY, William, Private
GREEN, W. B., 1st Lieut.
HALL, Willey, Private
HARE, Archibald, Private
HAWKINS, John, Private
HENDRIX, Hezekiah, Corpl.
HUGHS, Vincent, Sergt.
INFINGER, Nicholas, Private
LEMON, Duncan, Private
LUCAS, George, 3rd Corpl.
MARTIN, James, Private
MAYBERRY, Joel, Private
MCDONOTE, Hugh, Private
MCHENRY, John, Private
NEILL, Daniel, Private
NELSON, Abraham, Private
NEWTON, Constantine, Private
ODAM, William, Private
PRESCOT, Lewis B., Private
RANEY, Thomas, Private
REGISTER, Able P., Private
SAVAGE, R.C., Private
SEONYERS, Allen, Private
SNELL, Isaac, Private
STAND, Christopher, Private
STOKES, James, 4th Sergt.
THOMPSON, Aaron, Private
TILMAN, Willi, Private
TINDAL, James, Private
WADFORD, Hillery, Private
WARREN, Abraham, Captain
WEEKS, Isaac, 3rd Sergt.
WELLS, Henry, 1st Lieut.
WHEELER, George, Private
WILLIAMS, Milton, Private
WILSON, Lewis, Private
WINDHAM, Jamy, Private

Source: Alabama Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. 3, No 2-3, Spring-Summer, 1981,
pages 92

"Alabama Troops in the Indian Wars The Creek War ~ 1836-37"

5th Division Alabama Militia

The following list of officers comprise the staff of General Irwin's
Division.  General Irwin's command was composed primarily of companies from
south and south east Alabama.  The 5th Division was headquartered at
Irwinton (Eufaula) in Barbour County, which was in a state of panic at
confusion in early 1836.

William IRWIN                Major General
George L. BERRY         Adjt. General
James BENNIT              Inspector General
Elijah KIRKPATRICK    Quarter Master
Daniel G. SKINNER      Quarter Master
Elias I. DICKSON          Commissary
Abner HILL                     Aid de Camp
William S. MARTON      Aid de Camp

Source: Alabama Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. 3, No 2-3, Spring-Summer, 1981,
pages 166-168

"Alabama Troops in the Indian Wars The Creek War ~ 1836-37"

Denson's Alabama Infantry - McDougald's Co.

This company was organized in Pike County, AL.

Name of Soldier, Rank, Variant Spelling, Editor's Correction & See Also

ADAMS, James T., Ensign
ANDREWS, Nicholas, Private
BARRET, Tilgham, Private
BARRETT, Asa, Private
BEAMAN, Oliver, Private
BRIGGS, Bunson, Private
BRONSON, Benjamin, Private
BRONSON, Daniel H., Private
BRONSON, Isaac J., Private
CAPS, Robert H., Private
CARTRITT, Israel, Private
CODY, Edmund, Private
CODY, John, Private
COMPTON, Jesse, Private
CRAIG, David, Private
FARRIER, James, Private
FLOYD, Charles, Private
FRANKLIN, William R., Private
GARRET, Thomas B., Private
GRANT, Eli, Private
GRANTHAM, Green, Private
HARRIS, David, Private
HARRIS, William, Private
HARVEY, Koah, 1st Corpl., or Noah
HENLY, Freeman B., 3rd Corpl.
HERRING, Henry M., 4th Sergt.
HERRING, Philip R., Private
HICKMAN, Daniel, Private
HILL, Alsa G., Private
HORN, Richard W., Private
HOWARD, Harris, Private
HUGHES, Joseph F., 3rd Sergt.
JAYGROE, Levi, Private
JETHCOATE, Henry, Private
JONES, John, Private
LIVINGS, James, Private
LIVINGS, John, Private
LIVINGS, Stephen, Private
LOCKE, John, Private
LORD, James, Private
LORD, Woodward, Private
LOWRY, James, 2nd Corpl.
MCADAMS, George, Private
MCDOUGALD, Alex, Captain
MOODY, William, Private
MURRAY, Arthur, Private
OWENS, Samuel T., Private
PERKINS, William, Private
PEW, Ira E., Private
PHILLIPS, Zachariah, Private
POLD, Robert, Lieut.
ROBINSON, George, 2nd Sergt.
ROWELL, Ezekiel, Private
SHERRY, Jacob K., Private
SHIELDS, John F., Private
SOULS, Timothy, Private
STABBS, Thomas, Private
STEVENS, Benj. B, Private
STINSON, Iracajah B., Private
SUTTON, R. I. P., Private
TALBOT, James, 4th Corpl.
TALBOT, Hall, Ord. Sergt.
TILLERY, Alfred, Private
TUCKER, James, Private
VENDHAM, John, Private
VIGGINS, Kelby, Private
YOUNGBLOOD, Henry, Private

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