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Pleasant Hill Cemetery. This cemetery is one of several that was removed from the Camp Rucker Reservation Area during World War II. There are many graves in it with only funeral home tags marked "Unknown." Record made June 11,1948 by E.H. Hayes. Contributed by Randy, The Pleasant Hill Cemetery is located about five miles west of Ozark, Alabama on Ozark-Daleville Highway.

Eustus Howard E.H. Hayes was a man who could always be found in a cemetery, even in very hot or very cold, damp weather, writing down cemetery inscriptions. He just loved doing it! Every night, he would take out all of his notes and spend the evening alphabetizing and typing them. It was in this manner that he not only put together a respected and much used cemetery census of Dale County, but those of other Wiregrass counties as well.

Bennett Andrews Dec 1828 Feb 6,1890
Nancy E. Andrews Oct 7,1839 Jan 31,1884 Wife of Sebron Andrews Aged 44-3-24
Ivey W. Andrews May 30,1895 Sep 18,1947 Ala.PFC 55 Arty CAC WWI
Bennett Andrews Feb 26,1890 Our father
Walter M. Andrews Sep 3,1870 Oct 6,1877 Son of B & ME Andrews
A. Andrews Nov 2,1870 Apr 3,1878 Dau of S & N Andrews
Allie Bell Apr 7,1857 July 16,1893 Wife of GE Walker
Mary L. Blackman July 16,1836 Sep 10,1905 Wife of SM Blackman
Ollie B. Blocker Dec 5,1896 June 27,1944 Pvt 322 Inf. 81 Div. Ala.
Mary Ann Brooks Jan 1,1825 Oct 11,1904 Wife of Jordan Brooks
Brooks Infant Oct 30,1888 Nov 28,1891
Louisa Byrd Nov 8,1818 June 14,1897 Wife of Edward Byrd
Edward Byrd June 22,1815 Mar 22,1895
Charlie Byrd Mar 8,1839 June 17,1863 Son of E & L Byrd
Mary Byrd June 17,1815 Mar 4,1888 Wife of Birtis Byrd
Birtis Byrd June 24,1814 Aug 30,1854 Aged 40 yrs 2 mos 6 days
Daniel Edward Byrd Sep 19,1868 Dec 10,1868
James R. Byrd Oct 7,1868 Apr 24,1917
David M. Byrd Dec 19,1840 Dec 20,1889
Penny Elizabeth Byrd May 7,1877 June 14,1878 Dau of DM & SJ Byrd
Susan J. Carroll (Byrd) May 27,1840 Sep 12,1885 Wife of David M. Byrd.
Dau of James & Penny Carroll.
William C. Byrd Aug 28,1871 Mar 2,1889 Son of DM & SJ Byrd.Aged 17-10-2.
Elizabeth Harper(Byrd) Nov 7,1810 Oct 23,1889 Born in Ga. (Wife)
Curtis Byrd June 20,1809 July 7,1905 Born in NC. Married in Ala. Sept 27,1832.(Hus)
Benjamin G. Byrd Mar 4,1839 Aug 29,1864 Son of Curtis & Elizabeth Byrd.
Lt. Co G 57th Ala.Inf.
Little Berry Byrd Mar 19,1853 June 18,1855 Son of Curtis & Elizabeth Byrd
Samuel Carter Chalker June 14,1838 June 14,1915 Co I 33rd Ala.Inf. CSA
Aquila S. Chalker June 28,1848 Mar 20 ,1898 Wife of SC Chalker
Fannie Belle Chalker Jan 31,1885 July 3,1891
Ida Jane Chalker Nov 18,1867 July 3,1891
W.M. Chalker Oct 18,1813 Nov 17,1900
Rebecca Land (Chalker) July 25,1818 May 4,1904 Wife of WM Chalker
Little Lannie Chalker May 9,1887 Son of BF & PA Chalker.Aged 1 yr 1 mo 17days.
Willie H. Chalker May 25,1891 Jan 7,1947 Wife of Ben H. Chalker
Miss Marina Chancey July 23,1879 Sep 12,1938
Martha M. Chancey Mar 22,1852 Apr 18,1918 (Wife)
E.B. Chancey Feb 18,1847 Aug 4,1915 (Hus.)
Eura R. Della Chancey July 28,1887 July 1,1915
Annie Merle Chancey
Tommie Chancey
James W. Commander Jan 15,1885 Oct 2,1887 Son of TW & SA Commander
Anita Commander Aug 31,1880 Dec 30,1880 Son of TW & SA Commander
Robert G. Crittenden Feb 23,1873 Dec 13,1868
Nancy Crowder (Crittenden)Mar 10,1792 Jan 1864 Wife of Robert G. Crittenden
Crumpler Infant Dec 29,1896 Jan 1,1897 Inf son of JM & Polly Crumpler
Fannie Estella Crumpler Dec 6,1877 July 16,1890 Dau of TM & MP Crumpler.Aged 12-7
Little Birtie Crumpler Mar 13,1892 Jan 3,1893 Son of JM & Mollie Crumpler.
Retie V. Curenton Mar 26,1892 Apr 28,1892 Son of JC & LE Curenton
Henry D. Eady Oct 12,1838 Oct 20,1897
William M. Edwards Apr 1,1853 July 28,1870 Son of LM & M Edwards
Leroy M. Edwards Aug 29,1830 May 29,1830 Hus. of Martha Edwards
Lt. Co E 53rd Ala. Mtd. Inf.
Willie Edwards Oct 12,1889 Aug 22,1890 Son of AJ & MB Edwards.Aged 10 mos
Ambrose Edwards Apr 16,1805 Oct 6,1884 Born in Willis Co Ga. Father
Emeline J. Edwards Feb 10,1810 Jan 1,1886 Born in Virginia
Little Charlie Edwards Sep 11,1873 Nov 31,1875 Son of CAB & MC Edwards
Sarah G. Edwards Oct 30,1851 Mar 30,1863 Dau of LM & M Edwards
Warren J. Edwards Feb 16,1858 Oct 19,1861 Son of LM & M Edwards
Henry B. Edwards Mar 15,1857 Aug 23,1857 Son of LM & M Edwards
Delacy Jane Goff Dec 25,1846 July 18,1893 Wife of JW Goff
Butha Mae Goff
Elizabeth Goff
J.N. Goff
Alto Thomas Goff June 20,1886 Sep 17,1886
Miss M.F. Goff Mar 7,1844 May 24,1863 Dau of Wiley & Susan Goff
William David Goff Apr 6,1876 Jan 7,1879 Son of Wilson & Jane Goff
Isaac Harper Sep 8,1885 June 4,1882 (Correct reading of stone)
George Birtis Harris Dec 29,1873 June 19,1889 Son of Henry & Martha Harris
Zacharish Curtis Harris Oct 4,1879 Apr 21,1886 Son of Henry & Martha Harris
Thelma Blocker Hines Oct 23,1906 Nov 17,1945
Sarah A.E. Huey July 23,1833 June 2,1860 Born Harris Co. Ga.Wife of
Dr. RF Huey.Aged 26 yrs 10 mos 10 days.
Annie Belle Hutchinson Nov 12,1879 Nov 26,1903 Wife of WC Hutchinson
Nan Jereins
Jim Jerkins
Eunice Jerkins
Tom Jerkins
Inf. of Tom Jerkins
Sallie Kimps
J. Kimps
William Kimps
Nora Knight May 21,1878 Aug 18,1896 Wife of MM Knight
James Oscar Lee Aug 17,1882 Nov 18,1888 Son of JM & Louisa Lee
Needham Benjamin Martin Aug 9,1864 Feb 5,1894
Benjamin B. Martin Jan 9,1816 Dec 16,1899 Ages 83 yrs 11 mos 7 days (Hus.)
Mary Martin June 8,1818 Mar 26,1914 (Wife)
J.G. Matthews May 21,1824 May 23,1894 Our Father
Mrs. U.T. Matthews Sep 25,1827 Apr 22,1909 Our Mother
Roland Erastus Matthews Mar 25,1874 June 16,1875 Son of OL & SE Matthews
Fletcher Mizzell 1860 Son of Amos & Mary Mizzell. Aged abt 1 yr
Rev. William Mizzell Feb 4,1871 Mar 2,1857
Mary (Mizzell) Oct 14,1786 Apr 20,1867 Consort of Rev. William Mizzell
Callie Mobley May 10,1847 Apr 21,1870 Wife of WW Mobley
G.W. Morgan Nov 14,1839 July 26,1896
Mary Pomrey Parrish Nov 11,1874 Apr 27,1938
Limie A. Parrish Oct 19,1902 May 13,1906 Son of MM & ML Parrish
Darkes Elizabeth ParrishApr 13,1878 Jan 6,1931
Mary Jane Parrish Apr 29,1833 Dec 2,1901 Born in SC. Dau of John & Darkis Parrish.
Rosey Love Parrish Mar 3,1889 Sep 6,1899 Dau of CS & MJ Parrish.
Margaret J.Gamble (Parrish)Mar 25,1848 June 3,1894 Wife of CS Parrish.
Dau of Hugh T & Elizabeth Gamble.
Charles S. Parrish Apr 8,1844 Apr 14,1922
Early W. Parrish May 5,1870 May 7,1937
Annie Mae Parrish
Patterson Infant Inf of Isaac Patterson & his Wife
Mrs. Fannie Sillivant
Ewell T. Smith
Mary Stembridge
J. Henry Sullivan Age 63
Roxie Sumlin May 18,1848 May 9,1934 (Wife)
Hines Sumlin (Hus.)
Charlie Thrower Jan 1,1859 July 17,1939 Father
Mattie Shiver Thrower Mar 6,1853 Sep 11,1930 Mother
Abea. (Abe) Thrower Mar 1,1885 Nov 10,1902 Son of Chas. & Martha Thrower
Augusta Treadway Aug 8,1900 Sep 1,1943
Lydia M. Parrish Treadaway1852 June 11,1931 (M = Margaret)
Pete Treadaway
Mrs. Ada Treadaway
B. Marvin Walker Aug 11,1876 Oct 20,1930 (Hus.)
Vallie G. Walker Nov 11,1877 Jan 24,1945 (Wife)
Mabell Virena Walker Nov 29,1885 Aug 29,1913 Wife of GP Walker
Beatrice G. Walker Dec 31,1902 Nov 8,1903
Francis Mirtle Walker Jan 28,1901 Sep 16,1901 Dau of GE & NE Walker
Nancy Elizabeth (Walker)July 4,1871 Sep 16,1903 Wife of GE Walker
Eleanera (Walker) June 24,1854 Sep 16,1881 Wife of GE Walker
Masuria Lee Walker 1880 1943 Wife
George E. Walker 1853 1937 Husband
Walker Infant Sep 16,1903 Oct 16,1903 Inf son of GE & NE Walker
Sallie Watkins
Sessie Windham

Note : Further in connection with records of Pleasant Hill Cemetery. You will note several names do not carry any identifying data. Most, if not all these names, were taken from the funeral home markers at the head of each grave and only gave name of individual.

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Record made June 11, 1948 by E.H. Hayes.

This information was contributed by Randy at

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