Barbour County Land Records

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Joshua Lovett Dale Co. Edward C. Stuckey Enos
Lemuel  Lovett William D. Stuckey

Joshua Lovett    in Dale CO AL  on 15 Aug 1837 he bought three parcels of land--40 acres,  one
79.67 acres, and another 79.885 acres.  These parcels are connected and just
west of Peniel Church. 

In Barbour CO AL  he bought/patented on 15 Aug 1837 119.97 acres,  and 79.99 acres. 

On 20 Sept 1839 he patented 159.98
acres and another parcel at 80.0 acres.  On 01 Jul 1841 he bought/patented
80.11 acres and on 10 Dec 1841 an additional 39.99 acres.   The 80.0 acres of
20 Sept 1839  is located at the edge of the state park at Blue Springs, AL.

The other land is located NNE of Blue Springs roughly in between Corinth
and Prospect Churches.  You might notice that Pond Bethel Cemetery is in
general area,  Edward C. Stuckey is buried there.  

Anyway,  I've not had opportunity to search all those cemeteries, yet. 

Just south of the Blue Springs parcel is where William D. Stuckey owned land.  I was thinking
Enos and wife may have been in one of these two areas as Joshua  land was all
together North of Blue Springs except that one 80 acres at  Blue
Springs. Even so,  Lemuel  Lovett:  15 July 1854  patented land in Dale CO AL
39.92 acres and on 01 Nov 1858 Lemuel Lovet patented  80.02 acres.   

The 1854 patent is just  NE of Peniel Church.   The latter is North of Echo and
East of Brown's Church.

From Barbour County maillist
Roger Kilpatrick




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