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Baker, E... S22-T10-R27.    R.Ellison Baker, b. 18 March1823
S.C.(1860 census), d.1898, buried Lousiville cem....Mary
Cooper (wife-m. Sept.1849), b. 1 Jan.1827 Ala. (1860
census), d.12 Dec.1909, buried Louisville cem., daughter of
Archibald Cooper who died by April 1860 (OR 10, p.686).

Baker, E.H... S11,12&13 T9-R27 Enos H. Baker, 1828
S.C., son of James Baker,Jr. who died by 1850, grandson of
James Baker, Sr. who died by 1847. In 1855, Enos H. Baker
was living in Texas (Original Papers, Box 10).

Baker, F.E.. S25-T12-R2, S6 & 32-T11-R25  & S19 & 32-T12-R25.
Franklin E. Baker,, son of Jeremiah Baker who died by 1848 (OR3,
p. 579/81).   Elizabeth----------(wife?_),
1822 Ga..  A. FRanklin E. Baker m. Eliza Ann Chapman 22 Oct.
1839 Muscogee Co., Ga..

Baker, James J..   S19 & 20 T10-R27. James J. Baker,
S.C., d. by Jan. 1865.(OR 14, p. 461/2).  Nancy Williamson
(wife-m. 8 Sept. 1849), b. 1830 Ala., d. 1914, buried Rocky
Mount Cem.

Baker, Jeremiah. S28&29-T12-R25(B).  Jeremiah Baker died by
1848 (OR 3, p. 245).  He was of Pike Co., Ala. in 1822 (Monroe
Co., Ga. Deed Book A, p. 38). Elizabeth-------(wife-OR 3,
p. 574/5).

Baker, Larkin. S11-T9-R25. Larkin Baker, b. 5 Oct. 1807 S.C.,
d. 20 April 1874, son of Thomas Baker who died by 1826 Edge-
field Dist., S.C.(Edgefield Dist., S.C., Pkg. 283). Ellen
McDaniel (wife-winefield Horne, Clayton, Ala.), b.22 Aug.1811
S.C. d. 10 Oct. 1902. Both buried at Bethlehem Cem..

Baker, Lydia. S10&11-T9-R27. James Baker, Jr., 1853
(Original papers, Box 10)., son of James Baker who died by 1847
(OR 3 p.54). and his wife, Patience, who died by 1853 (Original
Papers, Box 10). Lydia-----(wife), 1810 S.C...

Baker, Robert.  S20-T10-R27. Robert Baker, 1790 S.C., son
of James Baker who died by 1847 (OR 3, p.54). No wife living
in 1850.

Bradberry, J.H., Jas. H.. S15 & 22-T13-R26.  James H. Bradberry, Ga., Oct. 1856 (OR 7, p. 537). Part of
this land was patented by Joseph Bradberry in 1843 (Barbour
Co., Ala. Tract Book). Jane-----(wife?), 1818 S.C.

Bradbery, Mary.  S13-T13-R26.  This land was patented by Joseph
Bradberry in 1843(Barbour Co., Ala. Tract Book). He is not
in any early census, nor is Mary Bradberry. A Joseph Brad-
berry m. Polly Haynie 20 June 1813 Madison Co., Ga..


Joshua Lovett    in Dale CO AL  on 15 Aug 1837 he bought three parcels of land--40 acres,  one
79.67 acres, and another 79.885 acres.  These parcels are connected and just
west of Peniel Church. 

In Barbour CO AL  he bought/patented on 15 Aug 1837 119.97 acres,  and 79.99 acres. 

On 20 Sept 1839 he patented 159.98
acres and another parcel at 80.0 acres.  On 01 Jul 1841 he bought/patented
80.11 acres and on 10 Dec 1841 an additional 39.99 acres.   The 80.0 acres of
20 Sept 1839  is located at the edge of the state park at Blue Springs, AL.

The other land is located NNE of Blue Springs roughly in between Corinth
and Prospect Churches.  You might notice that Pond Bethel Cemetery is in
general area,  Edward C. Stuckey is buried there.  

Anyway,  I've not had opportunity to search all those cemeteries, yet. 

Just south of the Blue Springs parcel is where William D. Stuckey owned land.  I was thinking
Enos and wife may have been in one of these two areas as Joshua  land was all
together North of Blue Springs except that one 80 acres at  Blue
Springs. Even so,  Lemuel  Lovett: 15 July 1854  patented land in Dale CO AL
39.92 acres and on 01 Nov 1858 Lemuel Lovet patented  80.02 acres.   

The 1854 patent is just  NE of Peniel Church.   The latter is North of Echo and
East of Brown's Church.

From Barbour County mail list
Roger Kilpatrick


Green, A., Amos S28 & 33-T13-R25(B) Amos Green, b. ca.1800
Ga..  Sarah----- (2nd wife?), b. ca. 1815 Ga..   Also in
this household in 1850 was Sophia Jennings, b. ca. 1833 Ala...

Green, Thos. C..  36-10-25.   Thomas C. Green, b. 23 Oct.
1818 S.C., d. 5 Oct. 1899. Emiline-----(wife),  b. 10
June 1820 S.C., d. 20 May 1896, both buried Upper Prospect
Baptist Church Cem.. Mr. Winfred Horne says she was nee Watkins.

Green, Wm. E.. 33-11-24.  William E. Green patented the above land in 1848
(Barbour Co., Ala. Tract Book) and sold
it in 1856 (CR O, p. 26).  Mary Jane Cook (wife), daughter
of John Cook, Sr. who died 1 June 1858 (Original Papers,
Box 15, file #2).  In 1872, they were of Bullock Co., Ala.

Whigham, J..S-8-T11-R27. Joseph Whigham, 1799 Ga., to
Ala. after 1841.  In Nov. 1848, he and Thomas Whigham
bought the above land (CR k, p.47).  Thomas Whigham, b.
ca. 1795 Ga., was enumerated next to him in the 1850 census.
Elizabeth------(wife-CR k, p.304), b. ca.1799
Ga.,  She may have been Elizabeth Hannah who married Joseph Whigham 4 Feb.
1819 Jefferson Co., Ga.

Whigham, Joseph..S16-T11-R27..Joseph Whigham, Jr., b.1824
Ga., d. 15 Sept. 1880, buried Bethel Hardshell Baptist
Church Cem...  Jane----- (wife?) b. ca. 1831 Ga.

Whigham, T. S3-T10-R28.   Thomas Whigham, b.11 Feb. 1794
Jefferson Co., Ga., d. 22 Sept.1859. Margaret--------
(wife), b. 24 Jan.1799 Jefferson Co., Ga., d. 22 Aug.
1857, both buried Pea River Prebyterian Church Cem.

Whigham, W.. S15-T11-R27.  William Whigham, Ga.
(1860 census).  He sold this land in Jan. 1859 (CR P, p.
210).   Sarah J.-----(wife-CR N, p. 157), b. ca. 1829 Ga.
(1860 census).

Helms, Aaron m. Mary Magdaline Whigham 3 Jan. 1854.Buried in the
Helms Family Cemetery.Mary was born Nov. 1833 Ga. d. 25 Oct. 1909.

The following is from the Columbus Inquirer(Georgia)1832-1852
William A. Whigham m. Sarah Jane Bigham, d/o: James Bigham,
14 Dec. 1843 Marion Co., Ga.


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