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Barbour news item - WILSON/WORTHINGTON

Atlanta Constitution, 17 January 1898

Personated An Eloping Girl

How a Young Lady Helped Her Friend To Reach the Preacher in Time

Lumpkin, Ga. January 16 (Special)

The marriage in this city of Mr. Elmer Wilson of Louisville, Ala, and Miss Claudia Worthington of Union Springs, Ala., had behind it an unusual story.
The young lady's parents were, for some reason, opposed to the marriage, and when their daughter slipped away from home they immediately set diligently to work to interfere with the consummation of the vows. Telegrams were sent to various places forbidding the issuance of license and ordering the lady's arrest. An officer found out of the presence of the couple in Eufaula, and started to carry out his instructions.
Now, it happened that Mr. Wilson's sister was in the party and when a policeman approached her, asking if she was Miss Worthington and telling her that if she was he would have to arrest her, Miss Wilson promptly told him yes and burst into tears, which had so much the appearance of genuineness that the officer immediately became sympathetic and told her she could remain at the hotel, under guard, until Mr. Worthington, supposedly her father, arrived.
While this was transpiring the couple was on their way to Lumpkin by private conveyance. Papa Worthington found out the deception of Miss Wilson and the whereabouts of the lovers upon his arrival at Eufaula and telegraphed Sheriff Holder to arrest his daughter and prevent the marriage. But the message came a short while after the ceremony was performed.




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