Note: The following information was transcribed from copies made from an old family bible.
The Horn name is now spelled Horne by the descendants of this family. 


Elizabeth Jane Horn was born Nov. 11th, 1837

Mary Ann Horn was born September 1, 1839

Martha Horn was born April 24, 1843

Edie (?) Horn was born November 14th, 1845

Henry Horn was born June 24th, 1848

Catharine Horn was born March 21, 1851

Christian (?) Caroline Horn was born October 15th, 1853

Margaret Horn was born April 3, 1856

Lucinda M. Horn wife of Henry Horn was born Nov. the 20 1851

William Henry Horn son of Henry Horn and Lucinda his wife was born May the 23 1869

Thomas Wesley Horn was born March the 8th 1871

John Eli Horn was born June the 12th 1872

Daniel Timothy Horn was born June the 29th 1874

James Monroe Horn was born January 31st 1876

Nathan Walter Horn was born October

Ethel Lenora Horn was born Sept. the 28th 1879

Alto Horn was born February the 4th 1883

Lucinda Horn was born May the 7th 1889


Infant son of Henry Horn and Lucinda Horn his wife was borned and died Sept. 16th 1891

Infant daughter of Henry and Lucinda his wife was born and died Sept. 26, 1892

Nathan Horn died July the 9, 1862

Lucinda Horn died January 14th, 1914

Henry Horn died February 8th, 1932


Elizabeth Jane Horn married October 15th, 1854

Mary Ann Horn was married Sept. 8, 1859


Martha Horn was married December the 21, 1865

Henry Horn and Lucinda Horn his wife was married June the 20th, 1868

T.W. Horn and C.S. Thomas was married Dec. 17th, 1891

D.T. Horn and M.B. Warr was married Aug. 10th, 1895

John E. Horn and L.C. Thomas was married June 24th, 1896


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