Young Wood Family of Barbour/Henry/Dale Co., Al.

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Wayne County, NC - Bibles
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Marth Marble <>
Young Wood was born in Sampson Co, his wife was born in Lenoir and they 
were married in Wayne County. Several of their children were born in 
Wayne Co and then they moved to Barbour County, Alabama. Henry
County, Ala is also mentioned as several other places and Georgia is
                        YOUNG WOOD BIBLE
A typed copy found at the DAR Library, Washington, DC - Barbour County, 
Alabama GRC - 1971  S1 - V140. Our thanks to the DAR Library for 
permission to post. There appear to be a number of typos so use with 
Bible presented to the Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, 
Alabama by Miss Minnie Davis
The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out of 
the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently 
Compared and Revised.  The Text Comparable to the Standard of the American 
Bible Society.
Philadelphia; Published by Keppencott, Grambo &co., Successors to Grigg, 
Elliot &Co., No 14 North Fourth Street, 1851
Young Wood the Son of Furnifild Wood and Abigail Wood his wife was borned 
 the 22 day of September 1794 in Sampson County, North Carolina.
Rosanna Byrd Daughter of Rich. Byrd and Jean Byrd his wife was borned the 
 27 day of September 1802 in Linone ? (sic) County, North Carolina
NOTE: This would be Lenoir County, NC - mmm
Young Wood and Rosanna Wood his wife was married the 22 day of December 
 1825 in Wayne County, North Carolina
John R. Wood the son of the above parents was bourned the 5 day of January 
 1829 in Wayne County, North Carolina
Nancey Ann Wood daughter of the above parents was bourned the 5 day of 
 January 1829 in Wayne County, North Carolina
Green Wood the son of the above parants was bourned the 22 day of April 
 1830 in Wayne County, North Carolina
William D. Wood the son of the above parants was bourned the 22 day of 
 Sept 1835 in Barbour County, Alabama
George W. Searcy and Nancy Ann Wood were married in Georgetown, Ga.,
E. F. Davis of Lawrenceville, Ala., and Mary Ann Searcy were married 
 May 10, 1868 by John J. Cassady
Fred Bacon Cullens and Annie Laurie Davis were married in Ozark, Ala. 
 Sep. 17, 1890 by Rev. Sellers
Lovick W. Phillips and George Searcy Davis were married in Ozark, Ala. 
 by Rev. Hurly
Elnathan (sic) Franklin Davis II married Mrs. ---sia Brunson Byrd,  
 (private information)
Marriages written on a sheet of paper and clipped to the Bible
Mary Florine Davis married Ben Posey, N. Carolina, Jan 1909
Lovick W. Philips married Mabel ---- (date private information)
Abram Lewis Philips married Mary Rice (private information)
Helen Davis Cullens married William James Carter - (private 
Elnathan Franklin Davis, Oct 5, 1835, Henry Co., Georgia near 
Mary Annie Searcy, Henry Co., Ala., March 5, 1851
Minnie May Davis, Feb. 20, 1869, Lawrenceville, Ala.
James Jefferson Davis, Jan. 6, 1871, Lawrenceville, Ala.
Annie Laura Davis, Feb. 14, 1873, Lawrenceville, Ala.
Alberta Clyde Davis, Feb. 26, 1875, Lawrenceville, Ala.
George Searcy Davis, Feb. 16, 1878, Lawrenceville, Ala.
Mary Florine Davis, Dec. 16, 1880, Eufaula, Ala.
Emma Lydia Davis, July 2, 1883, Eufaula, Ala.
Elnathan Franklin Davis, June 15, 1891, Ozark, Ala.
Frederick Bacon Cullens, Jr., Oct. 4, 1891, Ozark, Ala.
Annie Laurie Cullens, May 30, 1893, Ozark, Ala.
James Wimberly Cullens, Aug. 4, 1895, Ozark, Ala.
John Frances Cullens, Nov. 2, 1897, Ozark, Ala.
Mary Emma Cullens, April 11, 1903, Ozark, Ala
Helen Cullens, Ozark, Ala.
Lovick Wynton Philips, Russell Co., Ala
Georgie Bert Phillips, Russell Co., Ala.
James Franklin Philips, Russell Co., Ala.
Abram Lewis Philips, 1st, Oct. 1, 1908, Columbus, Ga.
NOTE: There are five additional entries too recent to post
Young Wood, County Line
Rosanna Wood, County Line
George W. Searcy, April 26, 1880, Henry Co., Ala., buried at 
 County Line
Nancy Ann Searcy, July 4, 1905, Henry Co, Ala, buried at 
 County Line
E. Frank Davis, Sept 15, 1906, Montgomery, Ala,
Alberta Clyde Davis, Montgomery, Apr. 29,1925
James Jefferson Davis, June 19, 1928
Mary Ann Davis, Dec. 1929
Georgia Searcy Philips, Jan. 1931
Florine Davis Posey, Oct. 1938
Georgia Bert Philips, Oct. 1942
Girl Baby of L. W. and Georgia Philips, Russell Co., Ala.
James Franklin Philips, Russell Co..
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