NEILL MCKELLER born around 1796 NC died between 1860-1866 Barbour Co AL
married 5 Jan 1826 Richmond Co NC {by J. L. Morris Justice of Peace} SARAH MCINNIS born around 1796 NC died between 1860-1866 Barbour Co AL
burial site for Neill and Sarah not found
[According to census records Neill could have been born anywhere from 1787-1796]

Known Children:
1. MARTHA ANN MCKELLER born 26 June 1836 NC died 20 Dec 1903 AL
First marriage 25 Jan 1854 to JAMES SEAGERS in Barbour County AL
[I don't know what happened to James. Martha was living back at home with her parents in the 1860 census.]
Second marriage 15 May 1861 to STEPHEN S. MOONEYHAM in Barbour County AL
STEPHEN born 1833 GA died 26 Mar 1911 AL
Martha and Stephen are buried Salem Cemetery, Dale Co AL
2.JOHN A. MCKELLER born 19 Dec 1839 AL died 31 Dec 1904 AL
married 12 April 1868 Barbour Co AL
LEACY THOMAS born 6 April 1835 AL died 5 Dec 1908 AL
John A. and Leacy are buried Salem Cem.
3. CAROLYN "JINCEY" MCKELLER born 1840 AL buried Concord Cem Bar Co AL no marker
First marriage 6 Feb 1862 to JAMES RAMSEY Barbour Co AL [no information on this marriage]
Second marriage to JONAS CLARK 23 April 1874 Barbour Co AL
Most marriages were recorded in the county where the bride lived. So Sarah was probably from Richmond Co. NC. Neill may have been from there also. They probably lived in the Ellerbe-Norman area. This is the area where the Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church is located. This is also the area where the two McInnis sisters lived, who married Sarah's brothers, John B. and Hector McInnis. If the dates of birth are close to being correct, then Neill and Sarah were around 30 yrs. old when they married. There are three known children. According to the 1840 Barbour Co. AL census there was another male between the age of 10-15 years. He was not with the family in the 1850 census. He could have been a son, who either died or moved away. Martha was born 10 years after Neill and Sarah were married. If the other male was a son he was born from 1 to 4 years after the marriage. There would be a span of about 8 tears between his and Martha's birth. There is a good possibility there were more children. Since Martha Ann McKeller was born in NC in 1836 and John A. McKeller was born in AL in 1839, the family must have moved to AL from NC about 1837 or 1838. The location of the first land bought by Neill McKeller in Barbour Co. Al. was located along Little Judy Creek.
Notes on Sarah McInnis:
Found her maiden name in the will of her brother, John B. McInnis, Barbour Co AL, he named a sister Sarah McKellar from Bar. Co AL, as one of his heirs, and according to the census records, there was only one Sarah McKeller in Bar Co., his other heirs were: sister-EFFY DAWKINS, sister--NANCY MCLEAN, sister-in-law JANE MCINNIS, niece-- JANE DANFORD [she inherited land known as Frank Miles place], niece-MATILDA CURRIE [he left her the remainder of his estate, because she had taken care of him since his wife died]

Family of John A McKeller and Leasy Thomas
[1] Neil William McKeller born 3 April 1869 AL died 24 Aug 1925 AL
married 19 Dec 1890 in Barbour Co Al
Frances Matilda Kennedy born 17 Nov 1870 TX died 6 Feb 1954 AL [her parents were Claude Kennedy and Mary Ann Elizabeth Stokes, she was the sister of Cliff Kennedy who married Dan Mooneyham] [Emma Kennedy who married John Mooneyham was first cousin to Fannie and Cliff] [Neil's middle name at birth was Obediah but he changed it to William, do not know why]
Neil and Fannie are buried at Salem Cem Dale Co AL
[2] Daniel Abram McKeller born 19 Oct 1871 Bar Co AL died 17 Feb 1951 Jakins GA
Married 15 Oct 1893 Bar Co AL
Mary Frances "Fannie" Williams born 15 Jan 1871 Covington Co AL died 4th or 5th Jan 1951 Jakins or Donaldsonville, GA [her parents were William J. and Cathran Williams]
Daniel and Fannie buried at Mt Olive Church, Bascom, FL
[3] John Elec McKeller born 11 Oct 1874 died 8 Nov 1946
married 6 April 1899 Barbour Co AL
Sarah Catherine Kennedy born 4 Aug 1874 AL died 24 May 1948 AL [her parents were Claude Kennedy and Mary Ann Elizabeth Stokes, Kate Kennedy McKeller, Fannie Kennedy McKeller, and Cliff Kennedy Mooneyham were sisters.They had another sister Emma Kennedy who married Charlie Doster.
John and Kate buried Salem Cem Dale Co AL

Family of Neil William McKeller and Fannie Kennedy
[I] ARCHIE Lee McKeller born 9 Sept 1890 Bar Co AL died 4 Mar 1975 Chatt FL [the first census record on Arch recorded him being born in 1891, and this is probably the right date.]
First marriage to Annie Strickland [from around Skipperville AL]
Second marriage to Dink Bagwell, [in GA] [no children by second marriage]
Arch and Dink are buried at Mt Pleasant Cemetery Chatt. FL
Annie is buried at Jacksonville, FL,
[i] Clarence Lois McKeller born 19 Sept 1914 Bar Co AL never married, lives in
Jacksonville, FL with his brother Huey
[ii] Huey Lee McKeller born 30 May 1916 Dale Co AL near Skipperville Al died in 2001in Jacksonville FL
[A} Michael Lee McKeller born 9 Aug 1944 [resides FL]
[a] Michelle Leigh McKeller born 20 Dec 1971
[iii] James Lamar McKeller born 26 Dec 1918 Barbour Co AL died May 1991, Atlanta GA, part of his family still reside in and around Atlanta GA
[A] Huey McKeller---[wife Marie ?] [children, Michael, Jessica ?]
[B] Hayes McKeller wife Judy
[a] LeAnne McKeller husband Tod
[b] Monica Marie McKeller
[iv] baby girl born 26 Dec 1920
[II] Gussie Matilda McKeller born 16 Sept 1892 Bar Co AL died 17 Dec 1893 buried Salem Cem, Dale Co AL
[III] Johnnie Lafayette McKeller born 5 Aug 1894 Bar Co AL died 30 Dec 1935 AL
married 17 Dec 1919
Florence Crews born 23 May 1898 Bar Co AL died 1 March 1978 Troy, AL
buried Salem Cem
[i] Milton Lafeyette McKeller born 30 Sept 1920 Bar Co AL resides Troy AL
married 19 July 1947 Jacksonville FL,
Eleanor Fallin born 16 Mar 1926 Savannah GA [her father-Edward Jackson Fallin-her mother-Hazel McQuagge]
[A] John Milton McKeller born 8 Jan 1957 resides in Troy AL
married 13 April 1983, First Methodist Church Eufaula AL
Shelia Benefield born 13 Aug 1957
[a] Abbey Fallin McKeller born 10 Sept 1985 Montgomery AL Baptist Hospital
[b] John Benefield McKeller born 15 May 1992 Montgomery AL
[IV] Girlie Leisey McKeller born 26 Sept 1896 Bar Co AL died 11 Oct 1989 Ocala FL
married 12 Nov 1916
Willie Seab Smith born 27 Aug 1897 Dale Co AL died 25 July 1956
buried Antioch Cem Bar Co AL [his father was John M. Smith and his mother was Bethany Kennedy]
[i] Horace Elmer Smith bprn 3 Nov 1917 Bar Co AL resides Miami FL
married 5 June 1948 Winona MINN
Harriet Mary Paulsen born 15 Aug 1921 resides Miami FL [her father-John Fredrick Paulsen-her mother -Mary Bernadette Paulsen]
[A] Theresa Lynne Smith born 13 Sept 1952 VA resides Hamilton OH
married 16 Nov 1985
George Edward Adams, Jr born 17 Feb 1955
[B] Mary Sharon Smith bprn 23 Nov 1955 resides Plano TX
married 19 July 1980
David Allen Bubas born 2 June 1954
[a] Stephanie Ann Bubas born 2 April 1987 TX
[C] Mark Frederick Smith born 8 July 1958 resides Davie FL
married 6 Sept 1986
Barbara Jean Pokay born 1 Oct 1958
[a] Blair Amanda Smith born 15 Jan 1993
[ii] Doris Smith born 1 Sept 1919 AL died 14 Dec 1983 Ocala FL never married-- buried Antioch Cem Bar Co AL
[V] Ala Lokie McKeller born 26 Aug 1898 Bar Co AL died 31 July 1993 Litha Springs GA
married 25 Feb 1924, Dawson GA
Rudolph Baxter born 12 March 1902 died 20 Sept 1982
buried Pea River Cem Bar Co AL
[i] James Ross Baxter born 14 May 1926 Leesburg GA Lee Co resides Litha Springs GA
married 9 June 1950 Fulton Co GA
Juanita Calhoan born 9 Dec 1931 Fulton Co GA died 2002 Litha Springs GA
[A] Anita Lynn Baxter born 11 June 1954 Fulton Co GA resides Atlanta GA
married 15 Oct 1977
William Paul Coulter born 3 Feb 1954 Columbia SC, Richmond Co,
[a] Michael Ross Coulter born 3 Nov 1988 Cherokee Co GA
[B] Connie Marie Baxter born 1 March 1965 resides Atlanta GA
married 30 April 1988
Timothy Mark Trea born 3 March 1964 Saginow MICH
[a] Connor Jacob Trea born 14 Oct 1993
[VI] Cellie Clifford McKeller born 2 Sept 1900 Bar Co AL died 12 June 1988 Ozark AL
married 19 Nov 1927 Bar Co AL
Foy Horton born
buried Salem Cem Dale Co AL
[i] Mary Frances Horton born 18 Sept 1931 Bar Co AL died 1 Jan 1976
married 28 Dec 1949
Judge Hollie Johnson born 6 Sept 1921 died in Nursing Home, Alex City, AL, buried Salem Cem
[A] Charles Gary Johnson born 20 Dec 1950 Dale Co AL resides Ozark AL
married 7 Aug 1976
Linda Gail Filligham born 31 Jan 1950
[a] Lamar Dillion Johnson born 19 Sept 1979
[b] Amy Suzanne Johnson born 23 Sept 1981
[B] William Dennis Johnson born 31 Oct 1954 resides Ozark, AL
[ii] Patricia Anne Horton born 16 Sept 1936 Bar Co AL resides Hephzibah GA
Willie Thomas Helms born 19 May 1930
[A] Theresa Gail Helms born 12 Jan 1954 Pike Co AL resides Hephzibah GA
married Bufort SC
Gleen Griffith born 15 April 1951 NJ
[a] Summer Dawn Griffith born 11 July 1979 Dothan AL
[b] Michael Allen Griffith born 12 July 1982 Augusta GA
[B] Wanda Lynn Helms born 15 Jan 1958 Pike Co AL resides Hephzibah GA
m Dale Co AL
Carl Murfee born 14 April 1948 FL
[a] Sandy Lynn Murfee born 13 Oct 1976 Pike Co AL
[C] Willie Thomas Helms Jr born 1 Nov 1963 Ft Polk LA died 2 April 1992 Augusta GA
married SC
Cindy Burch born 30 March 1963 Richmond Co GA
[a] Willie Thomas Helms 111 born 30 April 1982 Augusta GA
[b] Patrick Ryan Helms born 11 Oct 1986 Augusta GA
[VII] Jessie McKeller b 4 Sept 1902 AL d 11 Aug 1937 Clio AL buried Salem Cem.
married 16 Jan 1937 AL
Cordellia Day Stephens b July 1890 d 1 June 1971 buried Memory Hill Cem Dothan AL [Cordelia had 2 children by first marriage, George Stephens resided Dothan in 1971,Sue Day
Gunderrson resided Vancouver WA in 1971]
[VIII] Nealie Aubrey McKeller b 15 Aug 1904 Bar Co AL d 14 April 1972 AL
married 2 May 1942 Barbour Co AL
Odie Lou Evans b 1 March 1918 AL d 1 Sept 1976 Bar Co AL
buried Salem Cem Dale Co AL
[Odie's father Buckana Evans her mother Minnie Flora Cox, they are buried at Antioch Cem, Bar Co AL]
[i] Betty Jane Chidree b 11 Oct 1945 Bar Co AL resides Ozark AL
married 22 JULY 1962 at Post Oak Community Dale Co AL div. Aug 1980
William Edgar Childree b 29 Jan 1945 Dale Co AL resides Dothan AL [his parents were Elder Ray Childree and Sula Simmons from Dale Co]
[A] William Randy Childree b 6 Feb 1963 Dale Co AL
married 14 Oct 1980 Dale Co AL [divorced]
Julia Kay Littlefield born 5 Aug 1962 Dale Co AL [her parents Tony Littlefield and Judy Bruner]
[a] Dustin William Childree b 13 July 1984 Dale Co AL
[b] Taylor Ann Childree b 2 Dec 1996 Enterprise Al
[B] Ronnie Aubrey Childree b 6 Feb 1963 Dale Co AL
married 25 Mar 1983
Ramona Jean Johnson b 7 Sept 1964, Geneva AL [her parents Lawrence Johnson and Shirley Wheller]
[a] Clarissa "Crissy" Aubrell Childree b 7 Sept 1983 Montgomery, AL
Tyler J Everett son of Crissy Childree and Daniel J Everett born 5 Oct 2002
[b] Cassandra Nichole "Nickie" Childree b 16 Aug 1984 Dale Co AL
[c] Aubrey Blake Childree b 14 Sept 1988, Dale Co AL
[C] Mary Elizabeth Childree b 1 Sept 1964, Enterprise AL
[a] Miranda Danielle Grider b13 April 1987 Dothan AL [father-David Claude Grider] [David's parents are Frank Grider and Helen Carlton]
[D] Laura Ann Childree b 5 Dec 1965 Ariton AL
married 14 Dec 1981 Dale Co AL
David Wayne Grimes b 26 June 1961 [his parents Pat Grimes and Wilda Zigler]
[a] Amber Alise Grimes b 23 Feb 1986, Ozark AL,
[b] David Krey Grimes b 19 Nov 1990, Dothan AL
[E] Brenda Gayle Childree b 2 March 1967, Ozark AL
married 5 Sept 1986 Dale Co AL
James Keith Harbuck b 3 Sept 1968 [his parents Junior Harbuck and Barbara [Hattaway]
[a] Ryan Keith Harbuck b 22 June 1988 Dothan AL
[b] Whitney Gayle Harbuck b 2 April 1993, Dothan AL

[ii] Minnie Rebecca McKeller b 10 April 1947 Barbour Co AL, resides PA
First marriage Ronald Gene Sutherly 15 June 1968 Dale Co AL
Ronald b 23 Feb 1947 PA
Second marriage Thomas Shiner, PA
[A] Eric Aubrey Sutherly b. 6 April 1970, PA. resides PA
Married 2 May 1998 [has a son]
[B] Rachel Lynn Sutherly b. 20 Nov 1917 PA resides PA
[a] Sarah Elizabeth Falatovich b. 6 Oct 1993 PA
[B] Mary Nichole Shiner b. 9 May 1975 PA resides PA
[a] Larry Kenneth Shalters III born 29 July 1992 PA
[b] Emily Nicole Collado born 17 April 1997 PA
[IX Shellie Roy McKeller b 15 Sept 1907 Bar Co AL d 16 Jan 1943 WW11
married 24 Jan 1936, Dale Co AL
Mary Elizabeth Paulk b 10 Feb 1914, Ariton, Dale Co AL
[Elizabeth second marriage to William Dean Richardson 21 Nov 1951, Dean b 16 Mar 1913, Ariton AL, d 24 Aug 1995, Ozark AL, buried Ariton Cem, Elizabeth resides in Ariton AL] [First SG Shelly P McKeller-captured Correigedor]
[Elizabeth's father was Charles Layfette Paulk, her mother Vera Corine Tillman, [ Dean's father was Charles Oscar Richardson, his mother was Emma Clifford Trawick]
[i] Charles Mack McKeller b 16 Sept 1937 Ariton AL, resides Burlington, NC
married 10 Sept 1960 Tryon NC
Elizabeth "Libby" Wyatt b 3 June 1938 Gaffney SC
[A] Charles Wyatt McKeller b 1 July 1964, Tryon NC
married 22 Oct 1988 Witcha KS
Paula Renard b 16 July 1963, Witcha KS
[a] Madeline Renard McKeller b 11 Sept 1989, LaJolla CA
[b] Avery Colleen McKeller b 9 May 1994, Raleigh NC
[c] Mary Campbell McKeller b 20 Oct 1996 NC
[d] Claire Wyatt McKeller b 2 Feb 1998 NC
[B] David Nathan McKeller b 28 Nov 1966 Guin NC
married 4 Nov 1995 Durham NC
Charlotte Hampton
[X] Lewie Brackin McKeller b 26 Jan 1910, Bar Co AL, d 4 Oct 1976, Dothan AL
married 23 Dec 1956
Marie Shiver resides Clio, Lewie buried Salem Cem

Family of Daniel Abram McKeller and Mary Frances Williams
[I] Daniel Carlie McKeller b 22 March 1893, Bar Co AL, d 4 Jan 1959, m Cansadie [Sadie] Conrad, buried Friendship Church, Donaldsonville GA
[i] Mary Ethel McKeller b 6 Feb 1914, Jacksonville, Fl, d 1994 or 1995, m 5 July 1931, Gordon, Al, Gaston Cannon b 23 Mar 1910, d 2 April 1986, buried Bethel Cem, Jakins, GA
[A] Mary Ethel Cannon b 12 Oct 1933, married Billy T. Sutton
[B] Martha Gerldine Cannon b 5 Oct 1935, married Billy J. Chambers
[C] Gaston Cannon, Jr b 1 Sept 1937, married Jewel Deane King
[D] Tina Josephine Cannon b 3 Nov 1941 married Bobby E. Davis
[i] Faulene McKeller b 10 Aug 1917, FL, d 8 Feb 1980, m Mary Cheshire
[A] Dorthy Faye McKeller married Al Ard , Al d 1996
[Dorthy has 2or3 brother]
[II] Charlie Alexander McKeller b Barbour Co Al married Lilla Williams
[i] Jessie McKeller [2 girls, one died]
[ii] Ellis McKeller
[iii] Emmit O. McKeller b 2 Nov 1920, GA, d March 1971, Ashford, Houston Co, AL married Fannie Elouise Brunson b 1921,GA, d 21 Nov 1992 Ashford, AL
[A] Joyce McKeller married Randall McCraney Ashford Al
[a] Sonya McCraney married ? Dickerson
[B] Charolette Elaine McKeller b 1947, d 27 Nov 1994 married a Poole Ashford Al
[a] Marie Pole married a McCord, lived in Ashford in 1994
[b] Tracey Poole, lived in Cowarts in 1994
[c] Victor Ray Poole, Ashrord 1994
[d] Raymond Pole Jr, Cowarts, 1994
[e] David Anthony Poole, Donalsonville, GA, 1994
[C] Debra McKeller married Raney Max Long [Echo, Dale Co, AL]
[a] Jessica Renay Long married David Ian Shuemake 29 July 1995
[D] Michelle McKeller married a Cook, Brandon, FL, 1994
[E] Patricia McKeller married an Ethrerdge [Patricia deceased in 1992]
[F] David Pytlewicz , Ashford ?]
[iv] Dewey McKeller
[v] C J McKeller
[vi] Marie McKeller
[III] Katie Ann McKeller b 9 Feb 1897, Bar Co AL d 15 Sept 1966, m Ambers C. Hartzog buried Mt. Olive Ch, Bascom, FL
[i] Claudia Hartzog
[ii] Rellie D. Hartzog
[iii] Colon Hartzog
[iv] Dolon Hartzog
[v] Sudie Hartzog
[vi] Snodie Hartzog
[vii] Edna Hartzog
[viii] Flossie Hartzog
[IV] Harvey Abram McKeller b 25 July 1900, Bar Co AL, d 24 Aug 1976, Donaldsonville,GA married Gracie Hewett buried Friendship Cem, Donaldsonville, GA, no children
[V] Ada McKeller b 4 April 1903, Barbour Co AL, d 22 Mar 1981, married Erwin Jackson, buried Assembly God Cem, Dellwood, FL
[i] Roudolph Jackson
[ii] Charles Jackson married Linda
[A] Nancy Jackson
[B] Beth Jackson
[D] Michael Jackson
[E] Dirk Jackson
[F] Angie Jackson
[H] Karen Jackson
[I] Kevin Jackson
[VI] Leasie Ellen McKeller b 25 Dec 1905, Bar Co AL d 10 Dec 1995, m. 14 Aug 1924Tommy Allen [dec] buried Bascom United Methodist Church Cem, Bascom FL
[i] Alice Laverne Allen married a Powell deceased Laverne lives Grand Ridge FL
[A] Jean Tidwell, Dothan, AL
[ii] Lafayette Allen [alive]
[iii] Alvin Allen
[iv] Alfred Allen married Helen
[VII] Cullie Ester McKeller b 11 Nov 1907, Bar Co AL, married Homer Turner
[i] Roy Turner
[ii] Ralph Turner
[iii] Johnny Turner
[VIII] Fannie Mae McKeller b 28 May 1910, Bar Co AL, d 13 Dec 1974, married 16 Mar 1927, Tillman [Buddy] Turner, buried Mt. Olive Cem Bascom FL
[i] Daniel Odis Turner wife Lee
[ii] Debbie Turner married Bruce Horn they have a dau Heather Horn Vickers
[iii] Terry Turner married Rusty Scott, their sons are Adam Scott, Daniel Scott, Stephen Scott
[IX] Dovie Jewel McKeller b 10 Oct 1912, Bar Co AL, died 15 March 1999, m 7 Sept 1935, J. B. Webb, b 24 March 1907, d 12 Oct 1992, buried Travelers Rest Church, Clarksville, FL
[i] Mary Jo Webb b 6 Feb 1947 married 23 Dec 1962, Chester Huckaby b 4 April 1944
[A] Chester Huckaby III b 27 April 1964 m Tammy Scoggins 10 Nov 1984
[B] Jason Huckaby b 12 Aug 1968 m 9 July 1988, Lisa Baggett b 11 Sept 1968
[a] Elizabeth Rachel Huckaby b 3 May 1994, Fl

Family of John Elec McKeller and Sarah Catherine Kennedy
[I] Vessie Lecie Mary McKeller b 3 May 1904 d 11 June 1989, Enterprise, AL, m 13 Aug 1927, Dale Co AL, James Finous Byrd b 24 Oct 1907 [or 2 July 1907] d 2 May 1992, buried Meadow Lawn Cem, Enterprise AL
[i] James Emmett Byrd b 2 July 1929, d 2 May 1972, married Frances Lucille Yelverton, b 1932
[A] James Donald [Donnie] Byrd b 9 Sept 1951, deceased, m 10 Feb 1973, Mary Chandler b 8 Feb 1955
[a] James Bryan Byrd b 13 Aug 1973
[b] Wesley Kevin Byrd b 1975
[B] Karen J. Byrd b 27 April 1955 m 26 May 1971, Michael O. Purvis
[a] Brent Purvis
[II] Verlie Becky Ander McKeller b 1908 d 1984, m 27 Oct 1928, Bar Co AL, Thomas Harrison Carr, moved to Covington, KY maybe buried there
[i] Charles Carr, Ind
[ii] Nevil Carr , KY
[iii] Sarah Kathryne Carr married Denver Hall, one child Vonda, married [last known place of residence KY]
[III] Vera Johnnie McKeller b 21 July 1911, Bar Co AL d 24 Dec 1984, Bar Co AL m 20 April 1929, Bar Co AL, A. B. Johnson Jr b 5 Oct 1904, Bar Co Al, d 28 March 1980, Bar Co AL, buried Salem Cem Dale Co AL
[i] Inf Dau 2 Dec 1930, buried Salem Cem
[ii] Virginia Ruth Johnson b 25 Oct 1931, Bar Co AL resides Vancouver, AL, m 19 Dec 1953, Phillip Edward Cremer b 18 Aug 1931, Washington Co, MA
[A] Gleen Edward Creamer b 28 Jan 1955, Russel Co AL
[iii] Gearld Dean Johnson b 13 Dec 1933, Bar Co AL, m Janette Fenn b 19 Dec 1933,

[IV] Nancy Jane McKeller b 1918, m 27 Jan 1940 Dale Co AL, Howard Langford
[i] Sarah Menta Langford m 1. Woodford Fletcher 2. Gene Chandler
[A]Adopted a dau. Sharla Fletcher[ age 28 in 1997]
[a] she has a dau, Brenna
[ii] Harold "Hal" Fletcher [age 18 in1997]

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