WILLIAM L. KENNEDY born around 1804 GA he married Frances Knight she was born around 1804 GA, [in 1850 they were in Houston Co GA] Note: Claude's sister Nancy Adams stated in an affidavit that they were still in GA at time of Civil War]
Known Children:
[1] Thomas G. Kennedy born 25 April 1824 GA died 2 Sept 1897 AL buried Antioch Cem
[2] Catharn Kennedy born around 1833 Ga
[3] Elizabeth Kennedy born around 1836 GA
[4] John Kennedy born around 1838 GA died between 1873-1880 Al
[5] Robert Lee Kennedy born Oct 1840 or 1843 GA died 1910 AL
[6] Zackrah Kennedy born around 1844 GA
[7] Claude L. Kennedy born 3 March 1847 GA died 10 Dec 1926 AL
[8] Bethany Kennedy born around 1848 GA
[9] Nancy Kennedy married Joseph "Joe" Adams
[10] Charles Kennedy born 1858 GA ?[not positive this is a son]
Family of Thomas G Kennedy oldest son of William and Frances Knight Kennedy
[came to Al between 1857-1860. was in Al by Aug 1859]
Thomas G. Kennedy born 25 April 1824 GA died 2 Sept 1897 AL wife Elizabeth Davis born 14 Sept 1831 GA died 9 Oct 1912 AL buried Antioch Cem Barbour Co AL
1. John H. Kennedy born 1856 GA[moved to TX between 1870-1880] never married
2. Cordellia [Della] Kennedy born Aug 1859 AL married Lath Evans 21 Jan 1875 AL Lath born 1850 or 1855 died 1931 buried Antioch Cem [Della and some of her family may have moved to CAL][this family data can be found in the Evans family Barbour County]
3.Bethany Kennedy "Sibbie" "Thaney" born 16 May 1861 AL died 30 Nov 1902 married 22 Nov 1883 to John M Smith born 19 Dec 1858\1859 AL died 16 Nov 1930 AL buried Antioch Cem
Known children:
[i] Callie Smith born April 1885 married Webb Stephens [moved to Orlando FL]
[ii] Martin L Smith born 26 Sept 1886 died 12 March 1909 buried Antioch Cem [he died beside the road walking home from Clio]
[iii] Lee Smith born Oct 1888
[iv] Allen Smith born May 1890 married Frances Stephens 19 March 1911[maybe moved CAL]
[v] Darkis Smith born May 1892 died 1925 married Alto Roberts, Alto born 1894 died 1966
[vi] Della Smith born Nov 1893 married 6 Aug 1913 John Watson Davis born 7 Aug 1892 died 1 June 1970
[vii] Seaborn [Seab] Smith born 27 Aug 1897 died 25 July 1956 married 12 Nov 1916 Girlie Lecie McKeller born 26 Sept 1896 died 11 Oct 1989 buried Antioch
[this family data can be found in the mcKeller family Barbour County]
[viii] Inf son born 8 July 1899 died 6 March 1900 buried Antioch Cem [[Alfred F.?]
[ix] Rev Sidney E Smith born 1 Jan 1901 died 4 Sept 1951 married Lula Elizabeth Robinette 23 Nov 1924 Lula born 1 Jan 1902 died 24 March 1966
Second marriage of John M Smith to Ida Alums 1 Oct 1903
[x] Floyd Smith born around 1905
[xi] Doretha Smith born around 1906
[xii] Grover Smith born around 1908
[xiii] TA Smith
4.Rebecca "Becky" Jane Kennedy born 2 June 1864 died 15 June 1928 married 18 Sept 1880 to Needham Bryant Phillips born 8 March 1852 died 30 Oct 1937 [son of Arrington Haley Holeyoak "AHH" Phillips and Martha A Sutton]
[i] Charley Newton Phillips born 26 July 1881 died 27 Feb 1951 married Sarah "Sally" Gulledge
[ii] Daniel Everet Phillips born 5 Sept 1883 died 29 Sept 1946 married 2 March 1919 to Izzie Mae Cox [dau of Issac Cox and Nancy Campbell][this family can be found in Cox family Barbour County]
[iii] Ada Frances Phillips born 21 July 1886 died 25 Nov 1959 married William Alex Gulledge
[iv] John Franklin "Frank" Phillips born 22 July 1888 died 8 June 1961 married 30 April 1911 to Kate Cox born March 1882 died 8 Aug 1927 [dau of Issac Cox and Nancy A. Campbell] buried Sikes Creek Cem Bar Co AL, seven children: 1.Flossie Phillips married Jack Phillips, 2. Ester Phillips born 9 Jan 1914 died 21 Jan 1961 married 20 Jan 1934 to Huey Lee Litttlefield born 1 May 1907 died 16 Dec 1987 [son of John Robert Littlefield and Nora Elizabeth McKnight] they are buried at Pine Level Cem Their children: Harold Littlefield, Jean Littlefield, Margaret Littlefield, Patricia Littlefield, Douglas Littlefield, Roger Dale Littlefield, Tony Littlefield born 22 Sept 1938 died 22 Aug 1984 he is buried at Pine Level Cem married Judith Ann Bruner born 7 June 1940 [daughter of Bryon Odell Bruner and Mattie Earl Leatherwood] Their children: {1}Tonia Jean Littlefield born 20 Dec 1960 married Donnie Williams one son Brandon Williams born 31 Oct 1981 {2} Julie Kay Littlefield born 5 Aug 1962 married 14 Oct 1980 to William Randy Childree born 6 Feb 1963 they have two children Dustin William Childree born 13 July 1984 and Taylor Anne Childree born 2 Dec 1996 {3} Lavonda Marie Littlefield born 20 Dec 1963 married Steve Bell they have two children Jermey Bell born 12 Dec 1982 and Courtney Bell born 8 March 1995 {4} Angela "Angie" Joan Littlefield born 6 July 1966 married Todd Heath two children Steadman Heath born 23 July 1992 and Brock Heath born 19 Oct 1996, 3.Raymond Phillips born 17 Oct 1926 died 23 Sept 1984 married 23 Feb 1946 to Hazel Price born 7 Jan 1921 died in 2000 buried Sykes Creek Cem two children; Linda Phillips born 19 Dec 1946 married first-- Lucious Curry McLaney second marriage Melvin Smith, children by first marriage, Frankie McLaney born 20 April 1864 married Robbin Peters, they have one son, Josh
McLaney born 6 Feb 1989, Debbie McLaney born 19 Sept 1974 married first Jason Tarter second marriage to Chris Thomley one son by second marriage Dalton Thomley born 17 March 2000, Paul Phillips has one son 4. Johnnie Mae Phillips married Edgar Williams 5. Rupbert "Dock" Phillips married Gladys Williams 6. Pearl Phillips married Burell Green 7. Buford Phillips married Eloise Edwards second marriage Flo ?
[v] Elizabeth "Lizzie' Caroline Phillips born 14 Jan 1891 died 21 July 1961 married John Clark
[vi] Emma Nancy Jane Phillips born 29 Dec 1893 12 July 1922 married John Clark
[vii] Pearla Martha Phillips born 23 July 1899 died 30 March 1937 married Frank Allums
5. Alice Kennedy born 18 May 1867 died 2 Feb 1925 married William H. Akins 14 Feb1884 William "Bill" born 22 July 1862/1863 died 7 July 1921 buried Claybank Cem Ozark Al
Their children:
[i] Dr James Luther Akins born 22 April 1885 died 11 Nov 1936 buried Claybank Cem Ozark Al, [ii] Oscar Akins born Nov 1886 married Julia Holman Dowling, their children: Howard Akins married Ellen Fortenberry, Glynn D Akins married Elise Purdue, Helen Akins, Flossie Rebecca Akins married Reynolds E Hunt, Maggie Akins died at age 1 month
[iii] Gussie Akins born Jan 1892
[iv] Leslie A. Akins born Aug 1894
[v&vii] Sudie and Snodie Akins born 9 May 1898 died 19&29 May 1898 buried Antioch Cem
[vii] William Ernest Akins born April 1899
[viii] Mary F Akins born 1902
6. Norman Lafayette Kennedy born 21 Oct 1868 AL died 19 Nov 1909 AL married Augusta Ann Phillips 4 Oct 1896 Gussie born 13 Dec 1880 died 24 June 1972 buried Antioch Cem Bar Co AL [Gussie Phillips was the dau of Rev J W Phillips and Nancy Jane Thomas]
[i] Myrtle Kennedy born 12 Sept 1897 died 29 Oct 1898 buried Antioch Cem
[ii] Robert Emmett Kennedy born 10 Jan1899\1898 died 29 May1924 married 2 Dec 1917 to Alice C Campbell born 20 March 1899 died 24 Dec 1970 buried Salem Cem, their children Norman Kennedy born 1918, Clara Louise Kennedy married Wilson Wright, Robert Kennedy married Nell Dawson
[iii]Albert Louis Kennedy born 1900
[iv] Joseph T Kennedy born 1902
[v]Aubrey Carey Kennedy born 1904
[vi] Eva Mae Kennedy born 1908 married a Searcy [they have a dau Marjorie Searcy Williams lives in Birmingham AL
7. Emma Kennedy born May 1870 died 1913 married John M. Mooneyham 18 Oct 1888 John born 1865 AL died 1947 buried Salem Cem Dale Co AL [this family data can be found Mooneyhams Barbour County]
Family of John Kennedy son of William and Frances Knight Kennedy
John Kennedy born 1838 GA died between 1873-1880 married Mrs Mary Smith 8 Feb 1872 Mary born 10 Aug 1842 died 27 Sept 1919 buried Pine Level Cem Bar Co AL
One child:
1. Fannie Kennedy born 3 March 1873 died 9 Nov 1926 married 4 Jan 1891 to John Robert Helms born 27 Dec 1872 died 30 Jan 1929 [son of Samuel "Sam" Helms and Margaret Darcaus Phillips] buried Pine Level Cem
Known Children:
[i] Erin Leona Helms born 17 Dec 1891died 5 May 1970 married 16 July 1912 to Levi Tyler they lived in Blue Springs on Nov 1926, children--Spurgeon Tyler, Julian Levi Tyler, Rankin Tyler, Earl Tyler, Robert Millard Tyler, Billy Bird Tyler
[ii] Lillie Mae Helms born 25 Feb 1893 died 10 Dec 1958 married Joseph Loyd Price, lived Veiria Ga in 1926, children--Lunnie David Price born 1912, Fannie Mae Price born 1915, James Lloyd Price born 1918, Ruby Lee Price, Robert Cecil Price, Berlyn Price, Earl Price, Merle Price,
[iii] Mary Lessie Helms born 6 June 1895 died 22 Dec 1947 married Elbert J.Strickland lived in Louisville in Nov 1926, children--Chalmas Elbert Strickland born 9 March 1918 married 4 Feb 1939 to Shellie Mae Spivey born 14 Dec 1922 [dau of C.M. Spivey and Minnie Price], Mary Ruth Strickland, Virgil David Strickland, Addie Mae Strickland, Fannie Laura Strickland, Rosie Lee Strickland, Angus Strickland, Marcus Strickland
[iv] Samuel "Sammie" Richard Helms born 29 June 1899 died 25 April 1969 lived in Louisville in Nov 1926, a dau Dorothy Jean Helms
[v] Rose "Rosa" Edna Helms born 20 June 1901 married a Turner, lived in Louisville in 1926
[vi] Robert Bennett Helms born 3 Sept 1903 died 30 June 1975 lived in Louisville in Nov 1926,
Children--Patricia Lee Helms, Rhunae Helms [dau], Latrelle Helms [dau],
[vii] Thomas Monroe Helms born 21 March 1906 died 15 Jan 1978 lived in Louisville in 1926,
Children-- Thomas Malcolm Helms, Dennis Howard Helms, Bobby Lewis Helms
[viii] William Cass Helms born 19 March 1908 lived in Louisville in Nov 1926, dau Sophonia Ann Helms
[ix] Joe Lee Helms born 26 July 1910 lived in Louisville in Nov 1926
[x] Allie Pearl Helms born 1 Oct 1912 married a Joiner lived in Louisville in Nov 1926, children--
Jack Dwain Joiner, John Wayne Joiner
[xi] Woodrow Howard Helms born 22 Aug 1914 lived in Louisville in Nov 1926, childrenó Judy Faye Helms, Shirley Diana Helms, Carolyn Sue Helms
Note: 1880 Barbour Co Census
Mary Kenady 40 yrs old a widow born AL
Joe Davis a son 19 yrs old born AL
James Smith a son 12 yrs old born AL
Fannie Kennedy a daughter 6 yrs old born AL
This census would indicate that Mary had been married to a Davis and had a son Joe Davis born cr 1861 then married to a Smith man and had a son James Smith born cr 1868
Family of Robert Lee Kennedy son of William and Frances Knight Kennedy
Robert Lee Kennedy born Oct 1840\1843 GA died 1910 married Nancy Hutto Nancy born 1843 died 1897 buried Antioch Cem
Known Children:
1. Martha "Mattie" J. Kennedy born 5 April 1875 died 28 June 1899 married 27 Dec 1893 to Charlie C. Smith born 10 March 1870 died 22 Aug 1932 buried Antioch Cem
[i] Pearlie M. Smith
[ii] Calvin Smith
[iii] Andrew D.Smith
2. George Henry Kennedy born Nov 1878 married Malinda "Linda" Danford 21 Aug 1897 Linda born Sept 1880
[i] Nancy J. Kennedy born Jan 1899
[ii] Jewell Kennedy married a Durden Dothan AL
[iii] Minnie Ruth Kennedy married a Herrington Enterprise AL
[iv] Grace Kennedy married a McIntosh Dothan AL
[v] Eddie Kennedy
[vi] Aubrey Kennedy
[vii] Norman Kennedy
3. Nancy Mae "Loter"Kennedy born 1875\1880 died 1957 married Wiliam Henry Smith 24 Jan 1895 William born July 1873\1874 died 1953 buried Antioch Cem
[i] Levi Smith born 27 Sept 1897 died 9 Dec 1972 married Frances "Frankie" Campbell 4 Feb
1935 Frankie born 12 July 1908 lives near Antioch Church, two children Betty Elaine Smith born 18 April 1935 married Marion Wallace; two children adopted Robert James born 1969, Jennifer Renae born 10 May 1975, Kenneth Wayne Smith born 8 Aug 1941 married Jeanette Galloway; twin boys Patrick Wayne and Anthony Dwane Smith born 17 Aug 1964; Pat not married Andy married Glenda Griner they have two children Anthony Eric Griner and Emily Christine Griner
[ii] Robert Selvin Smith born 5 March 1900\April 1900 died 28 May 1960 married Myrtle
Phillips, Myrtle born 29 Nov 1910 died 27 Sept 1972
[iii] David Smith born 1902 married Mildred Roberts
[iv] Ellis Smith born 1904 married Lilla Moates
[v] Jessie Smith born 1907
[vi] Louie Ray "B" Smith born 23 May 1916 died 1 Jan 1989 married Mary Campbell, Mary
born 23 May 1920 lives close to Antioch Church, three children-- Shirley Ray Smith born 2 June 1942 married Don L Jacobs, one dau Jacklyn "Jackie" Jacobs married Dan Quincy, they have two children; Cynthia B Smith born 16 Jan 1949 married James Hayes, they have two children Michael Hayes and Judy Presley; Sharon Smith born 10 May 1951 married David Gleen Batey, they have two children David Seth and Jared Gleen Batey
[vii]Otis "Peanut" Smith has one son Gary Smith
[viii] Louise Smith born 24 Aug 1912 in Clio died 28 Dec 1994 Georgetown GA married Lloyd King, two daughters, Faith Smith, Pensacola, Hope Thomas, Georgetown GA, [ix] Irene Smith married [1] Portwood [2] Phillips
4. Catherine Rebecca "Becky" Kennedy born Feb 1880 married Joe L. Danford 24 Sept 1896
5. Courtney Kennedy born Oct 1885 died 12 Nov 1919 married Charlie C. Smith [husband of her deceased sister, Mattie]
[i] Cleavland Smith born 1902
[ii] Cleffie? B. born 1904
[iii] Caleb Smith born 1908
[iv] Addie L. Smith born 1909
[v] Dora Smith
6. Emma J. Kennedy born May 1888 married Morris
Family of Caludius L. Kennedy son of William and Frances Knight Kennedy
C.L. Kennedy born 3 March 1847 GA died 10 Dec 1926 AL married 17 Dec 1868 Mary Ann Elizabeth Stokes born 3 Oct 1837 in Henry Co AL died 8 Oct 1932 AL buried Salem Cem Dale Co AL [dau of Irwin Stokes and Frances Galloway]
1. Frances Matilda Kennedy born 17 Nov 1870 TX died 6 Feb 1954 AL married Neil William McKeller 19 Dec 1890 N.W. born 3 April 1869 AL died 24 Aug 1925 buried Salem Cem
[this family data can be found in the McKeller family from Barbour County]
[2] Emma Elizabeth Kennedy born 1 June 1873[tomestone] but born 1871 TX died 2 April 1944
married 8 Nov 1893 Charlie Bascom Doster born 1 Aug 1865 died 29 March 1953 buried
Salem Cem
[a] Erwin Foster Doster born 25 Oct 1899 died 22 June 1922 buried Salem Cem
[b] Gallie Frances Doster born 1904 died1990 married Frank Loftin buried Pleasant Ridge
Cem, one dau Margie Ann Loftin married Jack Smith, two children Marie Smith and
Jackie Smith
[c] John A. [Jay] Doster born 5 Nov 1905 died 6 Aug 1982 married Alma Childers born 24
May 1911 died 11 Aug 1943 , one dau Julia Fay Doster born 6 Aug 1943 died 8 Jan 1944
buried Salem Cem, second marriage Anna Laura Phillips born 13 Oct 1918 still living they
have four children , Judy, Sara, Gayle, Larry
[d] Irene Doster
[3] Mary Clifford Kennedy born Feb1873 Al died1910 married 22April1894 Daniel T.
Mooneyham born July 1874 died 1910 buried Salem Cem
[this family data can be found in the Mooneyham family in Barbour County] [4] Sarah Catherine Kennedy born 4 Aug 1874 died 24 May 1984 married 6 April 1899 John
Elec McKeller born 11 Oct 1874 died 8 Nov 1946 buried Salem Cem
[this family data can be found in mcKeller family Barbour County]
Family of Nancy Kennedy and Joseph "Joe" Adams
Nancy M Kennedy born 1851 Ga married 10 Sept 1871 to Joseph "Joe" Adams born 1846 died 1921, they are buried at Antioch Cem Barbour County Al, the inscriptions on their slabs are unreadable.
Known children:
1. Sarah E Adams born 1872
2. Robert "Bob" Lee Adams born 1874 married 19 Dec 1897 to Catherine "Kate" DeLoach born 22 Feb 1871 died 31 May 1948, Kate buried at Antioch Bob may be buried there in an unmarked grave
Known children
[i] Gallie Eva Adams born 19 Oct 1898 died 18 April 1968 married James Oscar Phillips born 5 Sept 1900 died 18 May 1975
[ii] Alfred Adams married Susie Mae
[iii] Ellis Adams
[iv] Clara Adams married Shellie Arrington
[v] Hubert Adams married 26 Jan 1934 to Thelma Casey
[vi] LaMerle Adams
3. Ida Adams born 1876 married 17 May 1897 to J Monroe Bell at Joseph Adams
4. Thanie Adams born Feb 1880
5. Zelphia Adams born 1886
6. Napoleon "Pollen" Adams born 1887 married 22 July 1906 to Aggie DeLoach born April 1890
Known children:
[i] Nancy J Adams born 1908
[ii] Dimple Adams born 1911
[iii] Robert Adams born 1913
[iv] Remus R Adams born 1915
[v] Cullen Adams born 1917
[vi] Lewey O Adams born 1919

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