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Marylee Watson Knight

The American Lines Begin

S. Jane (Long) Garland

The following information regarding the early generations of this family was supplied through the generosity of George Garland and the Garland Family Research Association - 12522 Georgia Road - Otto NC 28763 or

    1. Peter Garland who was born 10 May 10, 1592 in Northam, England. He married Elizabeth Coles who was born in 1599 and died Feb 1687.
    2. Edward Garland, son of Peter & Mary (Coles) Garland was born ca 1655 in New Kent Co VA, died Mar 14, 1719 in Hanover Co, VA. He married Mary Jane Jennings who was born 1668 in VA and died May 1737.
    3. John Garland, son of Edward & Mary Jane (Jennings) Garland, was born 1685 in St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co VA and died 1734 in VA. He married Ann Cosby who died after 1734.
    4. Nathaniel Garland, Sr., son of John & Ann (Cosby) Garland, was born ca 1728 in Hanover Co VA and died ca 1783 in Louisa Co VA. He married Elizabeth Bibb who died ca 1896. Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry Bibb and Eleanor Fleming. Eleanor was the daughter of William Fleming.
    5. John T. Garland, Sr., the son of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (Bibb) Garland, was born ca 1763 in Louisa Co VA and died after Oct 1836 in Jasper Co GA. He married Lucy Gordon who was born before 1776 in VA and died Oct 1836 in Jasper Co GA. Lucy was the daughter of Nathaniel Gordon and Elizabeth Garrett (born Feb 3, 1779 in VA and died before 1837 in GA). Elizabeth Garrett was the daughter of William Garrett (born ca 1719 in VA and died ca 1780 in Franks Run, Louisa Co, VA) and Elizabeth Ashton (died after 1785 in Louisa Co VA).
    6. Hastings Garland, the son of John T. & Lucy (Gordon) Garland, was born in 1807 in Louisa Co VA. He married Bethena Knowles who was born in 1814 in Muscogee Co GA.

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Nathaniel Garland, Sr., the son of John Garland and Ann Cosby, was born ca 1728 in Hanover Co VA and died ca 1783 in Louisa Co VA. He married Elizabeth Bibb who was born in Louisa Co VA and died ca 1896, place unknown. They lived in Lunenburg Co for a short time where Nathaniel was a vestryman of Cumberland Parish. They then moved to Louisa Co ca 1768 and built a home at Beech Hill. On May 3, 1762 in Trinity Parish, Louisa Co VA, Nathaniel made a deed to William Hardy conveying 225 acres on Great Hounds Creek. Nathaniel's will was probated on Aug 11, 1783 and Elizabeth's on Feb 10, 1896. Their known children are as follows:

    1. Sarah Garland who married Thornton Meed on Jan 24, 1788 in VA. Info from VA Marriages 1607-1800 by Wulfeck, Vol 3 (1963). May be Mary Garland marriage to Thornton Mead as shown in the records of Glen Peddy, Box 30-B, Sullivan IL 61951.
    2. John T. Garland, Sr. who was born ca 1763 in Louisa Co VA and died after Oct 1836 in Jasper Co GA. He married Lucy Gordon on Oct 15, 1790 in Louisa Co VA. He got land from Benjamin Bibb on Aug 8, 1791. The list of his known children is from a lawsuit filed Sep 18, 1837 in Jasper Co GA. Superior Court Record 179-1 box 14 location 4285-14 folder 3357. John T. died after Jun 2, 1836 and before Sep 1837. Information from Glen Peddy.
    3. Edward Garland
    4. Thomas Garland who died before 1800. In 1718 he married Elizabeth Garland.
    5. Nathaniel Garland, Jr.
    6. Elizabeth Garland who married John Lane on Feb 1, 1781 in Louisa Co VA. Her name possibly may have been Jane. Surety was Garland McAllister.
    7. Barbara Garland was born 1767 in VA. On Jan 5, 1788 in Louisa Co VA she married Lewis Hl Johnson. This information from VA Marriages 1607-1800 by Wulfeck, Vol 3 (1963). Surety was John Lane.
    8. Elander Garland was born ca 1775 in VA. She married Jonathan Gordon on May 28, 1796 in Louisa Co VA. The sureties were John Lane and Eliza Garland.

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John T. Garland, Sr., the son of Nathaniel Garland, Sr. and Elizabeth Bibb, was born ca 1761 in Louisa Co VA and died after Oct 1836. On Oct 15, 1790 in Louisa Co VA he married Lucy Gordon, the daughter of Nathaniel Gordon and Elizabeth Garrett and the grand daughter of William Garrett of VA. This is possibly Lucy Gordon who married in Hillsboro GA with the witness at the wedding being Jonathan Gordon, brother of the bride. Lucy was born before 1776 in VA and died in Oct 1836 in Jasper Co GA. John T. got land from Benjamin Bibb on Aug 8, 1791. Louisa Co VA Deed Book 1, page 133 contains a documented dated Sep 1776 in which her name is shown as Elizabeth Gordon. Parish records show deed of gifts to all her children, John, Jonathan, Lucy and Nathaniel and mentions marriage to Mr. Thomas Terrell who is not to share in the estate. The list of their known children is from a lawsuit filed Sep 18, 1837 in Jasper Co GA. These children are as follows:

    1. Louisa Garland who was born 1792 in Louisa Co VA and died Sep 25. 1855 in Jasper Co GA. On Mar 16, 1815 in Wilkes Co NC she married Thomas A. Gordon.
    2. John T. Garland, Jr. who was born 1794 in Louisa Co VA and died ca 1887 in Jasper Co GA. In 1855 in GA he married Nancy King.
    3. Elizabeth Garland was born 1800 in Louisa Co VA. On Jan 5, 1826 in Hillsboro, Jones Co GA she married Sanders Lott.
    4. Frances Jane Garland was born Mar 1801 in Louisa Co VA and died Aug 1880 and was buried in Liberty Cemetery, Onconta, Blount Co AL. On Sep 18, 1822 in Jones Co GA she married James C. Peddy.
    5. Thomas Garland was born ca 1802 in Louisa Co VA.
    6. Hastings Garland was born 1807 in Louisa Co VA. On Oct 18, 1832 he married Bethena Knowles in Jasper Co GA.
    7. Susan Olivia "Sukey" Garland was born Jun 15, 1808 in Louisa Co VA and died Jul 15, 1882 in Barbour Co AL. She married William R. Lott in GA.
    8. Edward Garland was born Apr 4, 1811 in Louisa Co VA and died Nov 4, 1875 in Barbour Co AL. On Aug 18, 1838 in Russell Co AL he married Mary Davis Ivey.

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Hastings Garland, the son of John T. Garland, Sr. and Lucy Gordon, was born 1807 in Louisa Co VA. On Oct 18, 1832 in Jasper Co GA he married Bethena Knowles. Bethena was born 1814 in Jasper Co GA. Their known children are as follows:

    1. James Garland who was born ca 1834 in Jasper Co GA. (May possibly be the James Garland who served in the 1st Chickasaw Infantry, McConnell’s Co, CSA.)
    2. Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Garland who was born Aug 12, 1837 in Hancock Co GA. On Apr 2, 1868 in Barbour Co AL he married Susanna Jane Long. He died May 22, 1913 and is buried in Macedonia Cemetery, Carthage, Panola Co TX
    3. Eugenia Garland was born ca 1839 in Hancock Co GA.
    4. Andrew Rice Garland was born Dec 28, 1842 in Russell Co AL . He died Jan 5, 1918 and is buried in Waldrop Cemetery, Beckville, Panola Co TX. On Jan 26, 1867 in Barbour Co AL he married Epthpasey Ann "Epsey" Bryant.
    5. William Garland was born ca 1843 in Muscogee Co GA. (Two William Garlands served the CSA in AL units. One in the 15th Infantry, Co D and the other in the 1st Chickasaw Infantry, McConnell’s Co as a Cpl.)
    6. Mary J. Garland was born ca 1846 in Muscogee Co GA.
    7. Leonidas Hastings "Jack" Garland was born Jan 26, 1848 in Muscogee Co GA. He died May 4, 1924 and is buried in Grange Hall Cemetery, Marshall, Harrison Co TX. On Oct 1, 1870 in Barbour Co AL he married Emma Frances "Fannie" Hightower. (May possibly be the Leonidas Garland who served the CSA in the 1st Choctaw & Chickasaw Mounted Rifles, 2nd Co H as a Sgt.)

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Edward Garland, the son of John T. Garland, Sr. and Lucy Gordon, was born Apr 4, 1811 in Louisa Co VA and died Nov 4, 1875 in Barbour Co AL. On Aug 18, 1838 in Russell Co AL he married Mary Davis Ivey.

1850 Census of Barbour Co AL

Household # 1794
Edward Garland – age 39 – m – VA – Farmer – Estate $5,000
Mary Garland – age 29 – f – GA
Lucy Garland – age 10 – f – AL
Elizabeth Garland – age 7 – f – AL
Emma Garland – age 5 – f – AL
Ailsey Garland – age 3 – AL
Josephine Garland – age 1 – f – AL

1860 Census of Barbour Co AL

Household # 788
Edward Garland – age 49 – m – VA – Farmer – Estate: $40,000 and $42,000
Mary Garland – age 39 – f – GA
Ailsey C. Garland – age 13 – f – AL
Mary Garland – age 9 – f – AL
John B. Garland – age 7 – m – AL
Fanny Garland – age 5 – f – AL
Sarah V. Garland – age 3 – f – AL

Bible Records of Barbour Co AL

Bible of E. O. Garland

Edward Garland married Mary Ivey 1838
Edward Henry Garland married Minnie Lillian Roquemore on Nov 27, 1883 in Opelika AL
Edward Oliver Garland married Verda Lee Thompson on Jul 30, 1916 in Lakeland FL

Edward Henry Garland Oct 22, 1860, Barbour Co AL, son of Ed. & Mary I. Garland
Thomas Claud Garland July 25, 1892
James Edward Garland Mar 17, 1918, son of E.O. and V.L. Garland
Mary Ivey Apr 29, 1821 - Nov 28, 1894 – wife of Edward
Minnie L. Roquemore Apr 6, 1864, Taylor Co GA – Nov 19, 1911, wife of Edward Henry
Edward Augustus Garland Jan 4, 1886, Barbour Co AL, son of E.H. and M.L.
John B. Garland Dec 21, 1888 – Aug 16, 1893
Barna Ivey Sep 22, 1795 – Nov 21, 1856 married Alcy on Dec 12, 1816, son of Robert Ivey
Robert Ivey Feb 15, 1769 – Apr 5, 1847, married Elizabeth West
Elizabeth West Mar 24, 1775, wife of Robert Ivey
Alcy, wife of Barna, Dec 9, 1800 – Nov 14, 1886, daughter of Malachi and Mary Davis
Malachi Davis Jan 22, 1777 – Sep 20, 1806 – Married Mary Davis on Feb 9, 1800
Mary Davis Jan 22, 1777 in Lenoir Co NC – Aug 27, 1854 in Barbour Co AL

Children of Malachi and Mary Davis

Alcy Dec 9, 1800
Elizabeth Sep 8, 1802 – Aug 28, 1811
Catherine Nov 3, 1804
Malachi Wooten Apr 30, 1807 – Apr 22, 1881

Children of Barna and Alcy Ivey

Malachi Jan 22, 1818
Elizabeth Aug 9, 1819
William Jul 18, 1823
Nancy Jane Mar 16, 1825
Catherine Winaford Oct 8, 1829 – Aug 20, 1840, married N.W. Long
James Washington Apr 12, 1831
Alcy Ann Mar 23, 1834

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gone to Texas


Three Garland brothers left AL and came to TX. These brothers were Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Garland, Andrew Rice "Bud" Garland and Leonidas Hastings "Jack" Garland. Some family stories say the brothers came together, but the 1880 Census of Panola County shows only Jack living in the county at that time with his wife, a six year old daughter who was born in AL and a three year old son who was born in TX, placing his arrival in the 1874-1877 time slot. It is possible that Jeff and his family may have made the trek to TX with Jack as there is documentation that says he came to TX in 1877; however, he must have first settled in another county as he is not on the 1880 Census of Panola Co. Andrew’s obituary states that he came to TX in 1894.

Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Garland was born Aug. 12, 1837. According to the Death Certificate filed in Panola County, he died May 22, 1913 at the age of 73 years. It further states he died of heart trouble at his home in the Fair Play Community of Panola County. He is buried in Macedonia Cemetery on U.S. Hwy 79 S, west of Carthage, Panola Co, TX. The 1860 Census of Barbour County, AL lists Jeff as a 22 year old hireling in the household of Sarah Massey and states he was born in GA. He had two minnie balls that lodged in his left elbow and, in his later life, these pieces of metal could be seen in the summer when he held his arm up to the sun. Military records show Jeff served from March or May 1862 through May 1865 in R.F. Kolb's Battery, Alabama Light Artillery. Witnesses supporting his pension application were A.R. Garland and W.M. Bryan, both of whom said that they had known him since they were all boys in Barbour County, AL.

Jeff was apparently married twice before coming to TX. The name of his first wife is unknown. The marriage records of Barbour Co, AL show a license issued to Thomas J. Garland and Martha J. Fuller on Dec. 13, 1860; however, at this time it is not known if this Thomas J. was Thomas Jefferson or not. The existence of this first marriage is indicated by the birth of his son two months before Jeff and Susannah Jane Long were married and by the Death Certificate of that son stating that his mother's name was unknown.

Jane was Jeff's wife when he came to TX as evidenced by her CSA Veterans Widow's Pension affidavit. Jane stated that she was born in Wilkerson County, GA and that she had lived in TX since 1877. The 1900 Census of Panola Co shows Jeff and Jane's 19 year old son as having been born in TX in Oct 1880. On Jeff's earlier application for a CSA Veteran's Pension, he stated that he had lived in Fairplay Community, Panola County since 1891. In her pension application Jane stated that she and Jeff were married on April 9, 1868 in Barbour Co, AL. She possibly could not write as some of the papers in her pension application file show that she signed them with a mark. Following Jeff's death in 1913, she did not remarry. According to the pension application papers, on May 1, 1917 she went to visit a daughter (name unknown at this time) who lived in DeQueen, Sevier County, AR. In an affidavit dated July 8, 1928, she stated "That I continued to draw my said pension until about the 1st day of May, 1917, at which time I left the State of Texas for the purpose of visiting daughter in the state of Arkansas. That I remained in said state until the 1st day of June 1923 when I came back to the State of Texas to make my home permanently in said State, and am now a Resident Citizen of the State of Texas. That I never, at any time, left the State of Texas with intention of remaining away and making my home permanent in any other State, nor have I, at any time, claimed any other State than Texas as my home." Jane Garland died Dec 21, 1924 at the home of her grandson-in-law A.D. Abernathy. Dr. R.O. Watkins of Pine Hill, her attending physician, certified that she died of Chronic Rheumatism. She was buried beside Jeff in Macedonia Cemetery.

Known Children of Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Garland:

Only one child of Jeff and his first wife is known, Thomas M. "Matt" Garland who was born Feb. 17, 1868 in AL, died May 11, 1944 and is buried in the Woods Post Office Community of Panola County. His Death Certificate on file in Panola County shows the name of his father, but his mother's name is listed as "Unknown". On Jul 9, 1891 he married Lydie R. Rider. Lydie was born Dec. 22, 1870 and died Oct. 18, 1917 and is buried at Woods Cemetery in the Woods Community, Panola Co, TX. The 1900 Census of Panola County shows Thomas Matt and his wife Liddia with two sons, Walter S. (b Oct 1894) and Linwood E. (b Mar 1898) who were both born in TX.

(1) Walter Sidney Garland was born Oct 31,1894 the first child of Thomas Matt Garland and Lydie Rider. He married Ethel McDaniel, the daughter of John Andrew McDaniel and Mattie Lilly Twomey. Ethel was born Jan 2, 1897, died Jan 10, 1985 and both she and Sid, who died Jan 10, 1972, are buried in Woods Cemetery. They had no children.

(2) Linwood Urbon Garland was born Mar 3, 1898 and died Oct 9, 1969. His Death Certificate lists the cause of his death being a Heart attack and his occupation as being a law enforcement officer. He is buried in Antioch Cemetery, Panola Co. He married Katie McDaniel (born 1904), the daughter of John Andrew McDaniel and Mattie Lilly Twomey. Their children are Lennie who married Essell Lawless (Norma, Brenda, Rita); Rudolph Urbon born Aug 21, 1923 married 1st Joy Tally, 2nd Murl Brumbley (Jack, Larry, Craig, Becky who died at age 3); Agnes married 1st Randal Lovil, 2nd Harold Wimble (Judy, Patsy, Travis) and Walter Lamar (Dec 5, 1930-Apr 28, 1991) who married Gladys Brumbly (Walter Dale, Paul, Teresa, Gary)

Three children are known for Jeff and Jane Garland:

The 1900 Panola Co Census shows that Jeff and Jane had been married for 38 years, the marriage had produced seven children, of which only three were still living.

  1. Lula May who on 12 Jul 1891 was first married to William S. Herrin, the son of Abner and Lucinda Herrin. Following his death in 1900, she lived with her parents until Sept 18, 1902 when she married Thomas Daniel Maines in Panola Co. William S. and Lula May (Garland) Herrin’s children were Horace Herrin (1892-1899 buried in Macedonia Cemetery), Carl Herrin who first married Cleo Peterson and second married Edna (?) and lived in Modesto CA, Ethel Herrin who married O.L. Turrentine and lived in New Mexico and Alma Herrin who married Andrew D. Abernathy, the son of D.B. and Epthrosey (Garland) Abernathy. (This Epthrosey Garland was the daughter of Andrew and Ann, which made Alma Herrin and Andrew D. Abernathy second cousins as well as husband and wife.)
  2. Addie, born Nov 1872 according to the 1900 Census. She first married Vaston Johnson on Mar 19, 1893 (Child: Herman Johnson) then second married Frank Rider on Jan 9, 1901 (Children: Four daughters whose names are unknown) Addie and Frank moved away from Panola Co, possibly to OK.
  3. William Hastings Garland who married Ida Hartley on Feb 27, 1907 in Panola Co. According to Waldrop Cemetery records: Mary Ida Garland 1885-1917, William H. Garland 1872-1934. Known children are Beatrice Garland, Mary Garland and Edwin Grady Garland, Sr. From his obituary in the Longview News-Journal Edwin Grady Garland was born Dec 25, 1907 in Panola Co, died Jan 19, 1999 in Longview. He 1st mar Kennie Elizabeth (?) who died 1986 and in 1988 he 2nd mar Mary Elizabeth (Edge) Jay born Aug 31, 1911 at Old Center and died Jan 19, 1999 in Longview, no children of the second marriage. Children: E.G. Garland, Jr. (died July 3, 1998), Jimmy Ray Garland (dec’d), Douglas Ike Garland (dec’d), Neal Garland (mar Peggy ?), Gene Garland (mar Claudine ?) and Mary Helen Garland all of Longview.
  4. John, born Oct 1880 according to the 1900 Census. A Death Certificate on file in Panola County shows the following information: John Wesley Garland, born Oct 17, 1880 in TX , died Dec 30, 1952, cause of death Brights Disease, buried Old Center Cemetery, Father and Mother "Not Known", was divorced at time of death, Jodie Hartley was the informant for the Death Certificate. In the marriage records of Panola Co there are two listings that are possibly the marriages of John Wesley Garland: J.W. Garland – Lee Tompkins May 23, 1902, J.W. Garland – Ellen Harden Jan 14, 1904.

The 1990 census shows Addie and her three-year old son Herman Johnson living in the household with Jeff and Jane. No date of death or burial place known for Vaston Johnson.

The following are other Garland children who, at this time, cannot be positively linked. They are possibly the children of Jeff and Jane Garland as the 1900 Census states that they had seven children, but only three of them were living at that time.

Alice Garland who is believed to have died as a small child.
Ida Garland who is believed to have died as an infant.
Viola Garland, no other info

Andrew Rice "Bud" Garland was born Dec. 28, 1842, died Jan. 5, 1918 and is buried in Waldrop Cemetery in the Brooks Community of Panola County. A granddaughter, Alma (Herrin) Abernathy stated that she was always told that his given name was Andrew Richard. The first name is correct, however, his wife in her CSA Widow's Pension Application, stated his full name was "Andrew Rice Garland". Bud Garland married Epthpasey Ann Bryant on Jan 20, 1867 in Barbour County, AL. Ann was born 1846 in Barbour County, AL and died on Oct. 29, 1928 at the home of her son, William H. Garland in Marshall, Harrison County, TX. The attending physician, Charles A. Wyatt, certified that she died of General Disability complicated with diarrhea and is buried in Waldrop Cemetery. In the Spring of 1999, Alton Mangham remembered "Aunt Ann" and being a "fine woman" and being well-respected by all who knew her.

Bud also served in the Confederate Army from March 10, 1862 until "the close of the war" Military records show him to have been a Private in Company K, 39th Alabama Infantry, CSA. The last mention of him in official records is the Company Muster Roll dated October 1863 which stated, "Absent wounded and sent to Gen. Hos. Sept. 20, 1863, ord. Regt. Surgeon." According to family tradition, Bud came home to recuperate from a severe hip injury then returned to his unit on Feb 1, 1864 and served to the end of the war, but official records do not reflect that subsequent service.

Andrew and Ann were enumerated in the 1880 Census of Blount Co, AL. On that census it lists A.R. Garland, age 37, wife E.A. age 37 and children E.A. daughter age 10, W.H. son age 6 and J.F. son age 3.

According to family stories Ann did not want to move to TX in 1894 and she just flat refused to help with the pending move. However, when they were loading the wagon to go to the train, she walked out of the house, looked at the loaded wagon and wanted to know where she was supposed to sit. They were met at the train by Jack Garland and George White or Wyatt. Making the journey to TX with Andrew and Ann was their oldest daughter Epthpasey Eugenia, her husband Daniel Abernathy and several of their children.

Andrew is remembered as being a slow, easy-going fellow, who just took each day as it came. By tradition, the only plans he made for the future was to set a day to go fishing. He was said to be just as industrious as he brothers, the only difference was that he did not let anything bother him.

Known Children of Andrew Rice Garland:

The 1900 Census of Panola Co shows that Bud and Ann had been married for 31 years, that their union had produced four children and all four of them were still living. Shown still living in the household with them were William Garland (son, born Sep 1872), Frank (son, born Oct 1876) and Janie (daughter, born Jul 1882).


  1. The other known child is Epthpasey Eugenia, born Mar 29, 1870. She who married Daniel Bartow Abernathy on Nov 29, 1889 and they came to TX in Nov 1894. Daniel was born Dec 15, 1861 in GA. Eugenia died Mar 2, 1913 and Daniel died Aug 2, 1938 and both are buried in Waldrop Cemetery. Daniel’s tombstone notes that he was a Mason. Known children of Daniel and Eugenia (Garland) Abernathy as researched by Peggy (Pellham) Snow:
    1. Andrew Daniel Abernathy born Oct 15, 1890 in AL, died Nov 17, 1962 amd buried in Waldrop Cemetery, Beckville, Panola Co TX. He married his second cousin Alma Herrin in 1913. Their children are
    2. (aa) Andrew Doyle Abernathy born 1914
      (bb) Baby Boy Abernathy born and died 1916
      (cc) Bertha Lorene Abernathy born in 1919, 1st married William M. Snow (children: William Rudolph "Rudy" Snow and Delores Lorene Snow Washburn)
      (dd) Horace Alton Abernathy born in 1923, died 1976
      (ee) Helen Mae Abernathy born in 1928
      (ff) Harold Eugene Abernathy born in 1930
      (gg) Charles Lynn Abernathy born in 1938

    3. William Thomas Abernathy born 1892, died 1969
    4. Sarah Jane Abernathy born 1894, died 1895
    5. Ophela Ann Abernathy born 1895
    6. Mary Odesia Abernathy born 1898, died 1961
    7. Baby Boy Abernathy born and died 1900
    8. Orra Mettie Abernathyborn 1902
    9. Sammie Floyd Abernathy born 1904, died 1938
    10. Johnny Franklin Abernathy born 1909, died 1967
    11. Forrest Wesley Abernathy born 1915, died 1969

(2) William H. "Willie" Garland was born in 1872 and died in 1931 and is buried in Waldrop Cemetery. He reportedly never married.

  1. James Franklin Garland was born Oct 1, 1876, died Nov 2, 1900 and is buried in Waldrop Cemetery. He married Emma (Singletary) Watson on Dec. 21, 1899 in Panola Co. Franklin and Emma had one child prior to his death as evidenced by a Delayed Birth Certificate on file in Panola Co: Grady Franklin Garland born Sep 28, 1900, Father: Franklin Garland, age 23, born in GA, Mother: Emma Garland , age 19, born in TX, this being her first child. Emma later married Franklin's first cousin Richard Garland.

(4) Janey Bethany Garland was born July 22, 1881 and died Oct 1, 1902 and is buried in Wadrop Cemetery.

Leonidas Hastings "Jack" Garland was born Jan. 26, 1848, possibly in GA. He died May 4, 1924 in Harrison Co TX and is buried in the Grange Hall Cemetery south of Marshall.

On Oct 1, 1870 in Barbour County, AL he married Emma Frances "Fannie" Hightower (born Feb 23, 1848), the daughter of Leroy and Sarah J. (Rutledge) Hightower. Accompanying Jack and Fannie to TX was her brother E.S. "Eddie" Hightower and in subsequent years three more of Fannie’s brothers would join them in Panola Co. When Jack and Fannie first came to Panola Co, they lived on the Virge Cranford place, which is now known as the Sandy Chadwick place, in the Macedonia Community west of Carthage. In the 1870’s, however, the community was known as the Pot Licker Community.

It is a family tradition that Jack was a CSA soldier, as were his two brothers; however, the exact military record for him has not been found. CSA rosters reveal two possible records for him: Leonidas Garland who served as a Sgt. in the 1st Choctaw & Chickasaw Mtd. Rifles, 2nd Co H and Leonidas H. Garland who served in the SC 1st Arty, Co I.

After he settled in Panola Co Jack was a teamster, operating two and three wagons on the Old Shreveport-to-Douglas Road. In 1967 Jack’s grandson, Joseph F. "Jake" Watson, wrote the following description of Jack’s teamster days: "The teamsters tried to travel in groups for safety. It was not unusual for teamsters to be robbed along the road, so it was safer to travel in a group. My grandfather talked many times of traveling with teamsters from Rusk (Cherokee Co TX) as well as teamsters hauling for various merchants in this area. Part of the year they would haul cotton to Shreveport to be sold, then return with loads of staple goods. After the cotton was all marketed, they continued to go to Shreveport in empty wagons because the local merchants still needed supplies. At that time flour was sold in wooden barrels and cloth came in bales. These were the two commodities the teamsters hauled year round. For the Christmas holidays, they usually had a barrel or two of apples on the return trip. Sometimes, with the help of a grandson or two that were riding in the wagons, the apple barrels arrived in Panola County with the top loose and a few apples short of full measure."

The railroads finally eliminated the teamsters around 1890, so the Garlands had to find another means of support. Jack moved to the Fair Play Community, about eight miles west of Carthage. About 1893 he opened a general mercantile store there. He also operated a peddlers wagon that traveled from Fair Play north to Marshall in Harrison County. In 1896, Jack and Fannie moved from Fair Play to the Harris Chapel Community (then called the Mahon Community), north of Beckville. At that time they lived near the Carter’s Ferry crossing on the Sabine River, on what was called the Old Watson place. (These Watsons have no known connection to the Joseph F. Watson who married Jack and Fannie’s daughter Sallie in 1894.) While living there, Fannie died on Jul 16, 1900 and is buried in the Harris Chapel Cemetery, about a mile south of where they were living. In the five years after her death, two of her sons and two grandchildren would be buried beside her.

Following Fannie’s death in July 1900, Jack left Panola County and moved to Harrison County, living first in the Grange Hall Community, located about halfway between Carter’s Ferry and the town of Marshall. While living there he married Mattie Blaylock on Nov. 6, 1901. No record has yet been found showing the dates of her birth or death, nor does she have a marked grave; however, it is possible that she is also buried in the Grange Hall Cemetery as many of the Blaylock family are buried there. No children are known of this marriage.

Following Mattie’s death, Jack again decided to move along, and this time he settled in the city of Marshall where he opened a grocery store on North Wellington Street, between West Austin and West Houston streets. After he moved to Marshall he married Mrs. Esther M. (?) Brooke on Jul. 31, 1908. Esther was born Dec. 22, 1844 in Richmond, VA, died Feb. 3, 1933 and is buried in Grange Hall Cemetery beside Jack. Her maiden name and the name of her first husband are unknown. No children were born of this marriage.

Known Children of Leonidas Hastings "Jack" Garland

Six children were known to have been born to Jack and Fannie. However, since there are large time gaps between the first three known children, it is possible that there were children born to them while they were still in AL that either died young or remained there when the rest of the family moved to Texas.

  1. Sallie Beatrice Garland was born Aug. 30, 1870. On Nov. 30, 1890 in Panola County she married Joseph Fowler Watson. Their children were Emma Mae Watson (1892-1893) who died during a fever epidemic, Addie Estelle Watson (1896-1911) who died of scarlet fever, Lester Garland Watson (1904-1916) who was dragged to death when he fell from a mule he was riding, Mollie Barcenia Watson who married Samuel Scott Crawford, Katie Watson who married James Roscoe Smith, Samuel Alton Watson who married Eva Jones and Joseph Fowler "Jake" Watson, Jr.(1899-1974) who married Lois Allene Crawford. Sallie, Joe and all of their children except Alton are buried in Walton Cemetery west of Carthage. Alton is buried in Colonial Gardens Cemetery south of Marshall.

(2) Thomas Leonidas "Buddy" Garland was born Mar 5, 1877, died Sep. 22, 1905 and is buried in Harris Chapel Cemetery. On Mar 5, 1899 he married Lubie Williams. Their known children are Fannie Lou Garland (1903-1904), Arther A. Garland (1900-1904) and Tom Garland who married Blanche Smith on Nov. 14, 1920 in Harrison County. Buddy, Arther and Fannie Lou are all buried in Harris Chapel Cemetery north of Beckville

(3) Clara Hortense Garland was born 1882 and died 1977. On Dec. 31, 1896 in Panola County, she married Mumford Jackson Buckner, the son of M.J. and Frances (Hunt) Buckner. He was born 1866, died 1941 and both are buried in Algoma Cemetery in Marshall, Harrison County. On the 1900 Census of Panola Co, Clara and Mumford were listed as living in the household of Jack and Fannie along with their one-year old son Turner.

  1. Richard "Dick" Garland was born Nov. 18, 1884, died Jul 22, 1963 and is buried in Walton Cemetery, west of Carthage. On Jul. 27, 1905 he married Mrs. Emma (Singletary) Watson. On Nov. 14, 1894 Emma had married William Douglas Watson, the son of James Newell and Susan (Browning) Watson, making William the nephew of Joe Watson who married Richard’s sister Sally. Although divorce was rare at that time, Emma and William were separated almost immediately after their marriage, and divorced a short time later and had no children. On Dec. 21, 1899 Emma second married James F. Garland (1870-1900), the son of Bud and Ann Garland. James died about a year after their marriage and is buried in Waldrop Cemetery. On July 27, 1905 she married Dick Garland. Dick and Emma made their home in Marshall and raised their family that consisted of Emma's son Grady Franklin Garland who married Clara Watkins plus the two daughters born of her marriage to Dick: Guenith Garland who married William L. Blount, Vera L. Garland who married Freddie J. Parker.
  2. William Hastings Garland was born Sep. 14, 1887, died Jul 26, 1904 and buried in Harris Chapel Cemetery. His Death Certificate states that he died of malaria. It is believed that he never married since he died two months short of his seventeenth birthday.

(6) Naomi Garland was born Oct. 2, 1889, died Aug. 30, 1908 and is buried in Grange Hall Cemetery. On Jan. 22, 1905 in Harrison County she married Jesse George Stauts, the son of W.W. and Laura (?) Stauts. Jesse was born Nov. 6, 1886, died Jan. 4, 1975 and is buried in Grange Hall Cemetery. After Naomi’s death, Jesse second married Ida Cecele Williams, the daughter of Joel Lawrence and Selina (?) Williams. Jesse and Naomi, then later, Jesse and Ida operated a grocery store in Marshall, possibly the same store that Naomi’s father had operated up until the time of his death in 1924. In his later years Jesse served as a Justice of the Peace in Harrison County. Jesse and Naomi’s children were Jesse Alton Stauts and Charleston H. "Bill" Stauts. As Naomi died eleven days after Charleston was born, it is generally believed she died of complications from his birth. Jesse and Ida’s children were George L. Stauts and Glenn Stauts who served as a long time as County Clerk of Harrison County.

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