Clarke County CSA

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Taken from "CLARKE AND IT'S SURROUNDINGS" pages 272-273
pg 272
....and of asserting at the point of. the bayonet if necessary, -their right to throw off the- oppressor's yoke, so, fair friends, do we pledge our furtunes, our lives and our sacred honor, to defend this offering of yours at the shrine of liberty. When next it meets your gaze, a deeper crimson may die its folds- upon its blue-field you may trace a stain made by the blood of its defenders- but I feel assured I may "pledge the lives of the gallant spirits around me that dishonor's tarnish will not be there.
Grays: You have heard the pledges which you have authorized me to make. I charge you. see to it they are fulfilled. To your keeping I consign this sacred trust -watch over it as vigilantly as you would the well-being of those who have presented it -guard it as you would the nearest and dearest object of your life -should any fall in its defence let their comrades be able to report to these fair donors. that a soldier's fate, has met with a soldier's Honor."
The third company, of which records appear, bore the name of CLARKE COUNTY RANGERS.

This company was designated"Company I"of Adam's/Wood's Regiment of Cavalry.

S. B. CLEVELAND, Captain.
T. B. CREAGH, 3d Lieut.
J, C. CHAPMAN, orderly Serg't.

R. J. AlIen
W. M. Bell
T. J. Booth
R. R. Rryars
Jerrold Byrne
J. T. Clark, of Clarke
J. T. Clark, of Baldwin
G. T. Cox
G. W. Creagh
Hiram Creighton
J. A. Culpepper
Martin Casey
W. D. Campbell
J. M. Davis
J. A. Davis
L. W. Davis
J. K. Davidson
W.H. Doyle
A. J. Drury
U. L. DuranIt
W.J. Fanning
R. E. German
J. E. Griffin
W. H. Grayson
D. P. Gregory
Daniel Gilmore
Henry Hammond
G. P.Herbot
0. S. Holmes
R. R. Horn
J. L Howell
James Kennison
J.W. Litchfield
Henry Lovet
E. G.Masters
Elijah Mathews
R. D. McMillan
J. A. McKiney
D. T. Moseley
W. K. Moseley
W. M. Nelson
John Newton
William Palnter
Columbus Palnter
William Porterfle1d
T.T. Presnall
E. H. Ritchie
J. M. Rivers
Lee Roberts
J. A. Robinson
G. W. Robinson
E. Rodgers
W.F. Sibley
A. S. Sibley
N. B. Siglestacy
E. C. Smith
J. H. Smith
E. M. Stapelton
W.W. Summers
Frank Taylor
John Tyree
G. A. Wade
R. M.Wainright
M. V. B. Wainright
J. M. Williams
John S Wood


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