Military Records

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Nathan O'Neal Glover Eli S. Glover Francis Evans Glover
Samuel D. P. Glover Hilliard Glover James Glover
Andrew J. Glover Thomas Glover

John R. Glover

Edmund Glover William J. Glover

John Blackstone Fowler

Zephaniah Fowler The Land of Cotton Ely Frank Glover
Cowan Family    

CSA served in Ga. drew pension in Al. ] GULF RANGERS  1861 ] ANDERSONVILLE    PRISON ]

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Union Prisoner Of War Camps

Elmira "Hellmira" New York Civil War Prisons, Illinois Dixie Net's POW Info Page  
Civil War Prison Point Lookout Camp Chase Ohio    

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          Civil War Links

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Civil War Cartoons

Southron History

Civil War Artillery

History of the 3rd Alabama
Georgia Military Records Savage/Goodner's Confederate Clipart Page The Confederate States of America The Closet Rebel
Oakwood Military Cemetery in Richmond Virginia Alabama Civil War Infantry Regimental Histories Military Organizations Raised in Alabama During Civil War Civil War Information Related to Family History
Southern Country The Confederate Citizen The Confederate States of America, in Exile The American Civil War Home Page
The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion Soldiers and Sailors Civil War Site National Cemetery System, Dept of Veterans Affairs The Confederate Infantry Private
The Confederate States of America, in Exile The Battle of Fredericksburg Official Records and Battle Description    


The history of the units is from the Civil War Center.  This site is a must for all serious researchers new and expert alike.       USCWC Home

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CSA served in Ga. drew pension in Al. ] GULF RANGERS  1861 ] ANDERSONVILLE    PRISON ]

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