Compiled by Tonia Porter, , Feb 1998.  Taken from Handwritten Muster Rolls in the Alabama Archives.
 The spelling in the document is true to the text.

(?) = questionable spelling
**= for further information on this individual contact compiler

                                                                 CHOCTAWHATCHIE RANGERS

January 15th 1863
Under General Proclomation Dec 22/62

    I do hereby certify that the written list is a true Muster Roal of the Choctawhatchie Rangers enroled by me on the 12th day of January 1863 at Geneva Ala as Home Gardes in State Troopes with there Rank and Age as this will fully show    Given in duplicate this the 15th day of January AD 1863
                                                                         William Bush Captain

William Bush 57 Captain
Jimsey McGowin 46 1st Lt.
John H Spiers 46 2nd Lt
Hezakiah Hendrix 54 1st Sgt
Thos Comander 51 2nd Sgt
Bryant Spiers 33 or 53 3rd Sgt
Green Pait 41 4th Sgt
Willson Bonwell ? 43 1st Corp
Jackson Auston ** 47 2nd Corp
William Wilkins 63 3rd Corp
William  H Spiers 41 4th Corp
T J Domeney  44 Private
M D Schloss 33 Private
Hart McCall 41 Private
Moses Justice 55 Private
Benjamin Gilpin  56 Private
Stephen Hawkins 63 Private
A Riland 57 Private
Daniel Miller 55 Private
Thos. Crutchfield 44 Private
D T More 38 Private
E A Warren 50 Private
H W Laird 43 Private
James Little 35 Private
William J Stephens 41 Private
A D Bowen 48 Private
Sanders Bush 62 Private
H H Wilkinson 35 Private
Emanuel Grice 21 Private
Wm. Grice 21 Private
Ransom D Jones 44 Private
John C Williamson 45 Private
Jas. M McGowin 23 Private
Jas. M Fulferd  19 Private
Clark Broxton 45 Private
J R Pounsey 18 Private
Thos. A Davis 57 Private
Mathew Spikes 50 Private
Jacob W Royal 44 Private
Green B Burch 47 Private
Charles P Mathis 45 Private
John R Madox 61 Private
James Vann 70 Private
Henry Bartlett** 48 Private
Thos. Johnson 73 Private
Seaborn Barton 45 Private
E L Wattley 61 Private
Jeremiah Pait 62 Private
J J Sumersett 41 Private
W T Tindol 28 Private
J J Hutto 17 Private
Isaac Johnson 55 Private
Abner Baker 50 Private
Augustus Kinsol 39 Private
G C Haize 23 Private
John S Bush 17 Private
Archabal Clemons 17 Private
Jackson Mathis 47 Private
R R Scarbrough 40 Private
A J Cumber 49 Private
William H Moris 51 Private
Jas. H Howell 61 Private
George Turner 56 Private
John W Aams 40 Private
Wm. S Hendrix 40 Private
Jr. W D Albrison ? 45 Private
John T Hightower 43 Private
Francis Webster 47 Private
Alford Broxton 48 Private
Bryant Tindol 41 Private
Wiley Steavins 47 Private
Jon Linzy 53 Private
John Ward 34 Private
John Atwell 40 Private
G J Scott 46 Private
John McGraw 49 Private



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