Edward  E. Glover
Eufaula Home Guards  


Edward joined the Eufaula Home Guards for the duration of the war.  He was about 41 years old in 1861 when war was declared.  He was the one of the ones that stayed and had the responsiblity of protecting women, children  and property that were left alone while the other men were off on distant battlefields.   The Home Guard stood ready to fight the enemy in their home towns.  Not only did he serve his country at home but he also took care of the legal business needed in everyday life of the families left behind.  Edward is found on many wills and estates in Barbour County, Al.  as the administrator of   the estates.  The Glover family lost many of their sons to the war, it had to be very difficult to be the one to console the wives and children.   Edward's father John P. Glover died July 9, 1962,  his brother  Samuel D. P. Glover died in Columbus, Ms. July 17, 1862,  John R. Glover died August 29, 1862,  James Glover died Nov. 24, 1862. 


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