Zephaniah A. Fowler

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Company E. 6th Georgia Infantry, Army of Tennessee 
( listed in Roster of Officers of Colquitt's Brigade of Northern Virginia)

History of the 6th Georgia Infantry

Z.A. Fowler enlisted May 27, 1861 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Rank, 2nd Lt., Promoted to 1st Lt. March 25, 1862.  Promoted to Captain September 17. 1862.    Resigned May 15, 1865.

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Zephaniah not only served his Country as a soldier, he was a member of the Georgia State Legislature in the years 1863, 1864, and 1865, representing his home County of Crawford.   Records show that he was granted Leave to attend the Legislature when it was in session.  He apparently was a good business man, owning a Livery Stable, and Real Estate. Many deeds on record where he sold lots in Knoxville. In 1880, he moved his family to Mitchell County, Georgia. In 1882, he was listed a Mayor of Pelham, Georgia. His wife in poor health, he returned to Butler,
in Taylor County, Georgia to be close to family. He was elected J.P. and was actively shown participating in 1887. He died 16 November 1893, and is buried in the Butler City Cemetery with a CSA marker.

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Big Bethel, Virginia
Yorktown, Virginia
Williamsburg, Virginia
Seven Pines, Virginia
Mechanicsville, Virginia
1st Cold Harbor, Virginia
Malvern Hill, Virginia
South Mt., Maryland
Sharpsburg, Virginia ( taken Prisoner September 16, 1862, exchanged
November 10, 1862 held at Fort Delaware, Delaware and Aikens Landings,
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Chancelorsville, Virginia
Siege of Charleston
Ocean Pond, Florida
Drewey Bluff, Virginia
2nd Cold Harbor. Virginia
Siege of Petersburg, Virginia
Kinston, North Carolina
Bentonville, North Carolina

Information and picture furnished by Millie Stewart.
-Historical info  is from the Civil War Center a must site for all researchers  
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