Barbour County, Alabama

Glover, Andrew J., and Miss S. E. Mooneyham Feb. 13, 1868

Glover, Edward E., and Salina B. Bush Jan. 5, 1862

Glover, Hilliard, and Ellen Weaver Aug. 3, 1865

Glover, John Wiley and Dorinda Chambers Jan. 8, 1860

Glover, Mary J. and William J. McBride March 30, 1856 at J. P. Glover's by Walter H. McDonald

Glover, Sarah G., and Jackson L. Vining Nov. 25, 1855

                                 at Thomas Glover's by Abner Belcher, M.G.

Glover, Augustus and Winifred E. Pierce, Oct 14, 1856 At Jessee Pierce's, by E.S. Warr

Glover, Mary A. E. and Z. F. Colley August 26 , 1857 consent of father H. G. Glover (Hilliard Glover's daughter)

Glover, S. D. P.., and Narcesey L. Fowler, July 29, 1858 by Elijah Ray, J. P.

Timothy Eudon Hatcher  and  Ida Mae Glover on Feb. 16, 1952. They had a daughter Eunice Marie Hatcher and she married Junior Presley. 
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Carl Lehman Hatcher born 1919 married Cora Glover they had a son Edward Hatcher




Henry County, Alabama


F. Glover, and Eliza McLendon Sept. 8, 1837

Lucretia Glover and Thomas Gibson June 29, 1886

Ella Glover daughter of Pinkey at the residence of F. L. Glover and Nancy Glover, M. John Elbert Elliot, Nov. 20, 1886

F. P. Glover and Miss J. C. Calhoun, Dec. 1, 1878

Eli Frank Glover and Sarah E. McKissack, at the residence of A. L. McKissack, Mar. 6, 1885



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