Probate Records


17) Probate Records of Simpson Sims, William E. Jeffcoat, Administrator

Application for Mary Sims to complete settlement of the Estate of Simpson

Sims filed 13 January 1866. As of this date it was stated that Simpson had

been deceased for 18 (eighteen) months. He died 16 August 1864.

18) In the State of Alabama, Pike County, in Probate Court, To: Joshua

Stephens, Joseph Sellers, Greetings---

Samuel Mooney, Whereas on the 14th day of December 1868, by order of this

court, it was decreed that Mary A. Sims is the widow of Simpson Sims,

deceased, and herself and minor children of deceased, to wit; James,

Rebecca, William, Demarius, Leonard, and Martha Sims, are entitled to have

five hundred dollars worth of real estate set off and appraised.


19) B. F. Sims- Tenants in Common, ca. 1807

B. F. Sims, estate, Tenants in Common, Statement of Division

Amount of sale of land: $1409.60, less probate, attorney and court costs,

leaving $ 1348.85 to divide.

B. F. Sims, Jno. Davis, Sherd (is this Sherrod ?) Davis, Mary Ann Davis,

Nancy McLeod, Bettie Jordan, Mandy Bray, John Bray, Henry Bray, Sherd.

Davis, Jr., Rebecca Davis, Mary Ann Davis and Missouri Davis.


20) Jacob Sims, Elizabeth Sims, Administrator, et al, Pike County:

Elizabeth Sims, widow of Jacob, deceased, and children of deceased:

James A. Sims, 22 years; Elizabeth Stephens, wife of Joshua W. Stephens, age

20; Jacob A. Sims, age 16; Sarah Francis, age 12; Margaret R., age 10;

Benjamin, age 7.

Dated 2 October 1867 and Elizabeth "signed" with an "X", indicating her

inability to write.

21) On 15 October 1868, The State of Alabama, Pike County, to any Sheriff:

Greetings- You are hereby commanded to summon: James W. Sims, Elizabeth

Stephens, Jacob, Sarah F., Margaret R., and Benjamin Sims and Joshua

Stephens. The original citation was issued for Joshua Stephens, Elizabeth

Stephens, Jacob Sims, Sarah Sims, Margaret R. Sims, James W. Sims, Benjamin

Sims. Executed 20 October 1868.

(My comment: In the citations, James is referred to as James W. Sims,

however, in the list of heirs, he is listed as James A. Sims. I don't know

if this was a typo but that is the way it is listed.)

22) List of notes belonging to Estate of Jacob Sims, dated September 1866.

E. J. Youngblood, Edward S---- (not legible), Alan D. Simmons, Francis

Fowler, Hugh Griegs (?), John Jordan, Isaac Spivey, Willis Henderson, H. J.

Simmons to John R. Simmons, John Stevens and Caleb Spivey.

23) A disposition of Daniel Carlisle: When Jacob died, James W. Sims and

Elizabeth Stephens are over 21 years of age. Jacob A., Sarah Francis,

Margaret R., and Benjamin Sims are under 21 years of age. Elizabeth

Stephens is a married woman and married to (Initials are crossed out---looks

like A. or W. and then a C.) Butch Stephens. His property was sold to pay

his debts.


24) James Sims, Jacob Sims, Administrator

Estate of James Sims, died 13th day of June 1858, witnessed by Daniel

Carlisle and Samuel Jefcoat. Division of assets to the below people:

Elvin Sims, Avis Jefcoat, Demarius Carlisle, Simpson Sims.

Simpson Sims and Jacob Sims, bond signed 20 February 1837, recorded in Bond

Book G-P 19.

"Simpson Sims, Jacob Sims, David E. Bailey and John G. Tiner" of State of

Alabama, County of Pike, and bonded to Bud Fitzpatrick- Judge of the Court

of Probate in the penal sum of $20,000.00 (twenty thousand dollars) for

which payment will be made---dated 20 February 1857.

Simpson Sims and Jacob Sims, Administrators

Names appearing beside Judge Fitzpatrick: Simpson Sims (mark) Jacob Sims

(mark) and David E. Bayley [Bailey] (Signed), John G. Tiner (signed), Newton

Stevens (signed) E. J. Seeley (?) (signed) Joshua Stevens (signed) and James

C. Cade (?) Carlisle. This action was continued until the 4th Monday in May


Application of Jacob Sims for sale of real and personal property, filed 13

November 1837.


25) Mary A. Sims- Tenants in Common

State of Mississippi, Holmes County\the 1st day of September 1879 personally

appeared before me James Carathers, J. P. states that

Martha J. Johnson, youngest child of Simpson and Mary Sims, and James D.

Johnson, her husband (appears to be an acknowledgement of a will) personally

appeared, Mary A. Sims, guardian of Rebecca and Martha.

State of Alabama, Probate Clerk, Pike County

The undersigned Mary A. Sims, guardian of Martha Johnson, wife of J. D.


Elizabeth Voilet, wife of Ernest Voilet

William Sims

Thomas Sims

Amanda Fowler, daughter of Rebecca Fowler- each of the above children

receive $119.00

Children of Mary Sims:

James Sims, Elizabeth Sims, William Sims, Martha Sims, Leonard, all tenants

in common.


Rebecca Sims, et al tenants- Estate of Mary Sims, Guardian. Filed 10 April


Bond Book G, page 533.


Appearing-Mary A. Sims, Presley A. Moates and James Sims

Mary A. Sims has been appointed guardian of the persons and property;

Rebecca, Elizabeth, William, Leonard and Martha Sims, minors. Signed by

Mary Simes (notice the "e"), P. A. Moates and signed with a mark, James



William A. Sims, Mrs. A. E. Sims, Executrix

Signed 21 September 1914; In the book of Wills, Book "C", page 299.

William A. Sims, Troy, Pike County, Alabama

Daughter: M. E. Sims

Wife: A. E. Sims

Sons: Sidney Sims and McLeod Darby.

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