Alabama Reporter
Talladega, Alabama
Issue of Thursday, October 15, 1863.

Ansel C. Cunningham

DIED..on the 10th inst. at his father's residence in this county, ANSEL C. CUNNINGHAM, in the 27th year of his age.

He was one of the noble army of martyrs who have laid down their lives in defence of their country.
He entered the service under the late Col. Woodward, then Capt. of the Talladega Blues, was wounded in both arms at the battle of Williamsburg, returned home for a few weeks, but before his wounds were healed, hurried back to his company just in time to participate in the battles near Richmond. On 27th June at Malvern Hill he was wounded mortally. After lingering three months in Richmond his father succeeded in bringing him home. He was placed upon his couch from which after twelve months more of helplessness and pain his Savior came to release him.
He was a dutiful and devoted son, a good soldier and a lovely and consistent Christian.
For 10 years he had been a member of the Presbyterian Church [text missing] of the army and during his long and painful affliction.
All is now well with him forever.

Talladega, Oct. 1863 A. B. M.

Alabama Reporter
Talladega, Alabama
Issue of Thursday, October 15, 1863

Sidney S. McGehee

DIED--at the residence of Dr. A. Pelham in Calhoun County, Ala., at 2 o'clock on Saturday morning 10th inst. of congestion of the brain,
Sidney  S. McGehee, in the fifty-fifth year of his age.

Mr. McGehee was born in Person Co., North Carolina, and emigrated to Ala. twenty years ago.
For several years he has been a resident of Talladega and was a member of Capt. Hardie's company of Cavalry.
He was on his return from the seat of war in Northwestern Ga. where he had been with his company to meet his country's enemies when he was suddenly stricken with disease and died after fourteen hours. He was brave, generous and true.      

Alabama Reporter

Issue of Thursday, October 8, 1863

Death of Josiah Terry

Mr. Josiah Terry one of our oldest and best citizens died at his residence near this place on Sunday morning last the 4th inst.

Mr. Terry was one of the earliest settlers in this portion of Talladega County, having moved from Madison County and settled about three miles from this place, in the then Creek Nation about the year 1831. He has served as Sheriff of this County and was known to most of our citizens--Those who knew him best were his warmest friends. He was a true and honest man, open, frank, and manly in all his dealings. Warm hearted and generous, his open handed liberality and kindness to the needy and destitute, have kept him poor, while many possessed of less energy and industry have grown righ all around him. He was a man who during seasons of great scarcity, would refuse to sell grain at his Mill for high prices, to parties able to procure breadstuffs elsewhere, and retain his to sell in small quantities to poor families at reduced prices. He has instructed his {text missing} grain of poor widos and unfortunate families free of toil. He was one against whom no man could raise the cry of extortion.

His name should be honored and his kindly acts remembered. His family and the community in which he lived will mourn his death and all feel that a good man is gone from amongst us.

Alabama Reporter

Issue of Thursday, October 15, 1863.

DIED--at his residence in this County on 4th inst. Josiah Terry, in the 64th year of his age.

Mr. Terry was born in Roane Co., Tenn., but moved in early manhood to N. Ala. where he resided until 1832,
when he settled in this County. He was extensively and favorably known, having at one time served the
County most faithfully as Sheriff; and all agree that he leaves a reputation for unsullied integrity, l
arge-hearted generosity and kindness, inflexible devotion to his friends, and an affectionate and courteous deportment towards all.

About 15 years since he became a member of the Presbyterian Church and was afterward elected a
Ruling Elder in the Church of Mardisville. During his long illness he had that strong consolation which
is imparted only to the true Christian. Our community mourns the death of a good man.

Talladega, Oct. 1863 A. B. M.


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