Tallageda Camp of Instruction

Do you have information on individuals who appear on the rolls at Talladega Camp of Instruction or other camps in Alabama.  We are trying to compile a complete history of the men who appear on the rolls, who they were and their genealogy.  Please help by sending what you have or know to Margie Daniels. margie@majorinternet.net


CAMP BUCKNER (Talladega, AL)
[Camp of Instruction Two.]
A Camp of Instruction, or Conscript Camp, was situated between East and West Streets, traversed by the present Sloan Ave., including the Edward R. Wren Memorial Hall property. Tents were placed all through the grove of oak trees. It was commanded by Major W. J. Walthall.

Source: http://www.tarleton.edu/~kjones/ALcamps.html 



Talladega was one of two camps of instruction established in Alabama for collecting recruits. The Confederacy was faced with a serious manpower shortage in the winter of 1862, and Congress determined on a compulsory military service law which went into effect in April 1862. Most men between the ages of 18 and 35 would be obliged to enroll, with exceptions for certain professions and other situations. Talladega and Notasulga were selected as camp sites to collect recruits, which had been volunteers up to this time. Enrolling officers in each county collected men and took them to camp, where they were enrolled and eventually assigned to a front-line unit.

Camp Two at Talladega. It was called Camp Buckner and commanded by Major W. J. Walthall. Camp One was at Notasulga, commanded by Major E. S. Ready, and called Camp Watts. There is a microfilm entry for Ready's Battalion.
Drill instructors had commissions from the Provisional Army (P.A.C.S., usually as 2nd lieutenants. A few were 1st lieutenants; captains serving in this position were rare. Drill instructor service records are located in the microfilm for General & Staff Officers.

Col. Inzer mentions the arrival of a group of men from Camp of Instruction being sent to his brigade on Missionary Ridge. Men from Talladega were sometimes sent after deserters with varying degrees of success. A battalion from Notasula went to Mobile in December 1864. The camp at Talladega was mentioned by David Evans in "Sherman's Horsemen: Union Cavalry Operations in the Atlanta Campaign" as part of his description of Rosseau's Raid.

Microfilm doesn't include all the men that passed through that camp. Enlistment data for other units which refer to Talladega or Notasulga -- particularly when Camp Buckner or Camp Watts is listed as a place of enlistment -- specify that the individual in question had been enrolled there and later assigned to a front-line unit. There are men who later belonged to the City Guards who were collected at Talladega and eventually assigned to various Alabama companies in the Army of Tennessee when that unit was broken up in early 1864.

General Bragg's intentions with regard to Camp Buckner. He sent an officer to Talladega with orders to dismount Lewis' Cavalry and return with every man that could be found in camp there, which would have effectively shut that place down. A directive from the War Department countermanded Bragg's orders.

More men who were just passing through than those stationed there by far. For instance, all of the "City Guards" appear on Talladega records, even though they left the post in March 1863 and never returned.

Talladega was only a temporary site for recruits. Most men who were there should also have a record in an Alabama Confederate military unit. There are no photographs of the camp or the men there, collectively or individually. I'm sure there are descriptions of the camp and its operation in local histories of Talladega. But you should see other discussions as noted above.

There is a roll of microfilm listing those found on rolls and receipts at Talledega Camp of Instruction. There's not too much more information, that I have found, than this. There is likely to be a little information in some of the books on Croxton's/Wilson's Raid through Alabama near the end of the war, as Croxton "captured" Talledega and the camp. There was a skirmish outside of Talledega that likely involved the men stationed at the camp. I do know that it involved the home guard, which I think was called the Talledega City Guard. I think that it is unlikely that the men from the Camp of Instruction would not have been involved.

The instructors were usually seasoned veterans who had been reassigned due to "infirmity". This was either wounds or age.

From what I've been able to ascertain, the men who were trained here, at least later in the war, were those who came from home guard and reserve type units. The camp was also referred to as "conscript camp", leading me to believe that most of the trainees were drafted into service.

Members of the Alabama Corps of Cadets from the University were used as instructors at Talladega from time to time as well.

During the war, a man could either join a unit directly, be conscripted, or volunteer for service with an enrolling officer. If he came into the service in the latter 2 methods, he was sent to a Camp of Instruction then assigned to a unit as needed or expedient. Also, sometimes newly formed companies were sent to these camps for instruction


Source:  Alan J. Pitts- Alabama CW message board


No. Last, First Company Rank_In Rank_Out
1 Abel, J. B.      
2 Abel, J. W.      
3 Abel, Joe      
4 Abel, Joseph B.      
5 Abels, J. H.      
6 Abels, R. M.      
7 Abner, James      
8 Abney, Levi      
9 Absthin, B. J.      
10 Acker, F.      
11 Acker, J. W.      
12 Acton, J. B.      
13 Acton, J. N.      
14 Acton, James G.      
15 Adams, D. T.      
16 Adams, G. W.      
17 Adams, J. Q.      
18 Adams, John B    
19 Adams, U. F.      
20 Adams, Wm.      
21 Adamson, C. I.      
22 Adkins, William      
23 Adrian, James F.      
24 Agnew, J. W.   Private  
25 Alan, John      
26 Albright, William N.      
27 Albritton, J. M.      
28 Alexander, G.      
29 Alexander, Jno.      
30 Alison, K.      
31 Allen, Albert C    
32 Allen, E. D.      
33 Allen, E. N. D    
34 Allen, Franklin      
35 Allen, Jesse      
36 Allen, John B.      
37 Allen, R. J.   Private Private
38 Allen, W. W.      
39 Allen, Wilson      
40 Allen, Young
41 Allison, Wm. C.      
42 Allman, E. R.      
43 Allmon, C. F.      
44 Allred, Franklin      
45 Alread, F. G. A Private Private
46 Amason, T.J. D Private  
47 Amerine, D.R.      
48 Anderson, G.W.      
49 Anderson, Jasper M.      
50 Anderson, R.C.      
51 Anderson, S.H.      
52 Anderson, Stephen B,D    
53 Anderson, T.A.      
54 Anderton, Jasper N.      
55 Andrews, A.M.      
56 Andrews, R.N.      
57 Andrews, T.T.      
58 Andrews, W.L.      
59 Appleby, James T.      
60 Archer, G.T.    
61 Armstrong, Archie G.      
62 Armstrong, John      
63 Armstrong, Levi G Private Private
64 Arnold, A.B.      
65 Arnold, John E    
66 Arrington, James      
67 Ash, James A.I.      
68 Ashcroft, S.T.      
69 Ashley, W. C Private Private
70 Atcheson, John S.      
71 Atchson, Jackson F.      
72 Atkinson, T.C.      
73 Atkinson, Wm. K.      
74 Attoway, E.W.      
75 Attoway, Jno.      
76 Atwood, H.P.   Private  
77 Aubrey, A.L.      
78 Aust, J.W.      
79 Avery, Alexander      
80 Avery, H.W.  
81 Avery, John      
82 Avery, John      
83 Avery, Thos. R.   Private Private
84 Avery, Wm. A.      
85 Aycock, A.J.      
86 Ayers, T.B. B    
87 Ayers, Thos. B.      
88 Baber, W.J.      
89 Badgett, James M.      
90 Baggett, Posey      
91 Bagley, Joseph      
92 Bagley, Wm.M.      
93 Baguell, Aaron      
94 Bailey, A.W.      
95 Bailey, F.M.      
96 Baily, Jas. W. A    
97 Baker, A.R.      
98 Baker, B.      
99 Baker, C.W. B Private Private
100 Baker, E.S.    
101 Baker, J.C.      
102 Baker, James B.      
103 Baker, Patrick M.      
104 Baldwin, J.G.      
105 Baldwin, R.G.      
106 Balenger, Albert      
107 Ball, B.J.      
108 Ball, J.N.      
109 Ball, J.W.      
110 Ballard, James W.      
111 Ballard, W.H. A    
112 Ballinger, Martin      
113 Bancom, John W.      
114 Banister, Wm. A.      
115 Banks, Ewrll      
116 Banks, Samuel      
117 Barber, F.M.      
118 Barber, Thomas      
119 Barker, James N.      
120 Barnes, Elbert
121 Barnes, Harrison      
122 Barnes, J.N.      
123 Barnes, John      
124 Barnes, Robt.      
125 Barnes, Wiley      
126 Barnett, Francis W.      
127 Barnett, J.T.      
128 Barnett, John T.      
129 Barnett, William      
130 Barrett, W.R. B Private  
131 Barron, John D.      
132 Barrow, D.O.      
133 Barry, John M.      
134 Barton, H.C.      
135 Barton, W.D.      
136 Basham, Nathan      
137 Bass, A.J.      
138 Bass, Edmond E.      
139 Bass, J.W.      
140 Bass, M.W. B
141 Bass, S.M.      
142 Bassett, N.R.      
143 Bates, Jas.      
144 Batey, Jesse      
145 Batson, Calvin      
146 Batson, Jacob C    
147 Battle, Berry A    
148 Battle, J. B    
149 Battle, James      
150 Battle, P. A    
151 Battles, Richd.      
152 Baugh, J.A.      
153 Baxley, H.A.      
154 Bayles, A.J.      
155 Beacham, F.      
156 Beal, Wm. R.      
157 Beams, Wm.      
158 Bean, David M.      
159 Beard, J.J.      
160 Bearden, Z.
161 Beardin, Wm.      
162 Beaseley, B.M.      
163 Beaseley, Wm. A.      
164 Beasley, W.F.      
165 Beatty, W.M. D Private Private
166 Beck, Henry      
167 Beckham, T.B. H    
168 Beckham, Thos. H    
169 Beese, Wm. E Private Private
170 Beeson, Jasper M.      
171 Belcher, A.M.      
172 Belcher, John H.      
173 Belcher, N.      
174 Belcher, O.      
175 Bell, J.W.      
176 Bell, M.H.      
177 Bentley, A.      
178 Benton, C.N.      
179 Benton, F.      
180 Berry, John M.  
181 Berry, Thomas J.      
182 Berryhill, J.C.      
183 Best, L.A.   Sergeant Provost Guard
184 Betture, John      
185 Beverly, J.R. A    
186 Bews, Wm.      
187 Bibb, Wm.   Enrolling Officer  
188 Bice, G. A    
189 Bice, Lafayett A    
190 Bice, W. A    
191 Bice, W.C. A    
192 Bigbee, O.N. D Private Private
193 Billingsley, F.M.      
194 Birden, V.Y.      
195 Bishop, James      
196 Black, J.G. C Private  
197 Black, J.T.      
198 Black, James G. C Private Private
199 Blackburn, T.C.      
200 Blackman, F.F.  
187 Bibb, Wm.   Enrolling Officer  
188 Bice, G. A    
189 Bice, Lafayett A    
190 Bice, W. A    
191 Bice, W.C. A    
192 Bigbee, O.N. D Private Private
193 Billingsley, F.M.      
194 Birden, V.Y.      
195 Bishop, James      
196 Black, J.G. C Private  
197 Black, J.T.      
198 Black, James G. C Private Private
199 Blackburn, T.C.      
200 Blackman, F.F.
201 Blair, Daniel      
202 Blair, Wm. A Private Private
203 Blakeley, W.M.      
204 Blalock, Wm. J.      
205 Blevins, Wm.      
206 Blissit, J.M.      
207 Blythe, W.A. B Private  
208 Boak, B.H.      
209 Boak, R.Y.      
210 Boatwright, J.B.      
211 Boggs, Joseph M.      
212 Bohan, Ebenezer      
213 Boke, R.P. E    
214 Bolton, Madison      
215 Bonds, John C.      
216 Bonds, Richd.      
217 Bonds, Warren D.      
218 Bonner, J.W.      
219 Bonner, Virgil T.      
220 Boone, J.C.
221 Booth, Jno.      
222 Booth, Wm.      
223 Boozer, Frederick      
224 Borden, Eli D Private Private
225 Borden, W.J. C    
226 Boss, W.C. B Private  
227 Bowen, J.N.      
228 Bowers, C.C.      
229 Bowlin, John      
230 Bowlin, R.      
231 Bowlin, Wm.      
232 Box, Caleb G.      
233 Boyd, Archibald      
234 Boyd, Fances M.      
235 Boyd, G.W.      
236 Boyd, Geo. R.      
237 Boyd, George W. D Private Private
238 Boyd, John B Private  
239 Boyd, Samuel      
240 Boyd, William      
241 Boyle, Patrick B    
242 Boyles, W.L.      
243 Bradford, J.M.      
244 Bradford, John F.      
245 Bradford, W.H. C Private Private
246 Bradley, Jas. J.      
247 Bradley, Thomas      
248 Brake, Jacob      
249 Brannon, W.R.      
250 Brantley, G.R.      
251 Brantley, James A.      
252 Braswell, B.B. A Private Private
253 Braswell, Miles C.      
254 Braune, C.H.      
255 Brazier, C.      
256 Breed, J.F.      
257 Breed, R.J. F    
258 Brener, Meda      
259 Brewer, Alex A    
260 Brewer, J. D
261 Brewer, James A.      
262 Brewer, Silranes      
263 Brewer, Stephen      
264 Brice, Wm. W.      
265 Brickhouse, James      
266 Bridges, J.N.      
267 Briggs, G.W.   Enrolling Officer  
268 Briggs, W.B.   Enrolling Officer  
269 Brinker, A.J.      
270 Brinker, Albert J.   Enrolling Officer Enrolling Officer
271 Britt, Berry      
272 Britt, O.      
273 Britt, William      
274 Britton, G.A.      
275 Broadhead, J.W.      
276 Broadhead, Lindsey      
277 Brock, C.   Private Private
278 Brock, J.E.      
279 Brock, Wm.      
280 Bromlow, J.E.
281 Brooks, Elijah      
282 Brooks, James L.      
283 Brooks, M.T.      
284 Brooks, P.L.      
285 Brooks, Wm. M.      
286 Brothers, J.N. A Corporal Corporal
287 Brown, D.      
288 Brown, D.B.      
289 Brown, Daniel B.      
290 Brown, J.      
291 Brown, J.A.      
292 Brown, J.O.A.      
293 Brown, J.P.      
294 Brown, J.W. A Private Private
295 Brown, Jas. H.      
296 Brown, John   Enrolling Officer  
297 Brown, R.L.      
298 Brown, R.M.      
299 Brown, S.D. B Private  
300 Brown, T.W.  
301 Brown, W.H.      
302 Brown, William      
303 Brown, Wm. L.      
304 Browning, J.O.      
305 Brownlow, James E.      
306 Brunson, A.C.      
307 Brunson, D.A.      
308 Brunson, W.H.      
309 Bry;ant, E.E.      
310 Bryant, B. B Private  
311 Bryant, J.D.      
312 Bryles, B.F.      
313 Buchanan, Francis      
314 Buckaloo, Joseph      
315 Buckelew, E.      
  Buckelew, Elijah, Jr.,  buried  Pleasant Grove Cemetery near Snead Blount Co., Alabama A Private  
316 Buckelew, J.      
317 Buckelew, J.W.      
  Buckelew, Joseph W., Private in Company B of the 28th Alabama Infantry, CSA; Pleasant Grove Cemetery near Snead, Blout Co., Al.      
318 Buckelew, S.P.      
  Buckelew, Solomon Parks, Private in Company A of the Talladega Camp of Instruction; Pleasant Grove Cemetery near Snead, Blout Co., Al. A Private  
319 Buckner, Levi      
320 Bulger, J. D  
321 Burdett, James      
322 Burdine, Jas. M.      
323 Burford, James H.      
324 Burgess, David      
325 Burgess, J.J.O.      
326 Burgess, Robert      
327 Burgin, Thos. J.      
328 Burke, David      
329 Burke, E.      
330 Burke, Monros      
331 Burke, William      
332 Burkett, Francis      
333 Burks, Elijan      
334 Burnes, Charles      
335 Burnes, J.      
336 Burnett, J.J. C    
337 Burns, A.J.      
338 Burrell, Martin      
339 Burrell, Modern      
340 Burrell, Peter  
341 Burress, J.      
342 Burrill, E.C.      
343 Burrill, J.M.      
344 Burroughs, E.B.      
345 Burse, Wm.      
346 Burton, A.R.      
347 Burton, John      
348 Burton, W.L.      
349 Burton, Wm. L.   Private Private
350 Busby, James M. C Private Private
351 Busby, John T.      
352 Busby, W.J.S.      
353 Busby, Wm. J.      
354 Bush, Jasper B    
355 Butlar, B.C.      
356 Butler, Anderson      
357 Butler, C.      
358 Butler, J.W. C Private  
359 Butler, James      
360 Butler, John M.  


To be continued


Miles, William D., 1st Sergeant and Training Master in the Talladega Camp of Instruction, CSA; Remlap United Methodist Church Cemetery

Yates, Joel Green, Private in the Talladega Camp of Instruction, CSA; Roswell Creek Baptist Church Cemetery


Mardis, Jesse J., on his Confederate pension application, Mardis claimed he served in Company C of the Camp of Instruction at Talladega; he claimed he was wounded when he accidentally hit his knee with an axe while at home on furlough in Nov 1863; pension was approved.

His widow, Matilda Mardis, reported Jesse enlisted in Company H of the 29th in Mar 1862 at Talladega; honorably discharged Sep 1863; application witnesses included William Gunter and J.F. Greer, both of Blount County; pension was approved.

The State Pension Bureau found in 1913: The name J.J. Mardis has not been found on the rolls from February 8, 1862 to August 31 1863, only rolls on file in this office of Company H, 29th Alabama, Confederate States Army; nor has any record been found of the service, captured, or parole of a man of that name and organization.

General Ferguson ruled in 1913: Mrs. Mardis has failed to appear after due notice and under the rule her name should be stricken from the roll.

Monuments in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery recorded Jesse J. Mardis was born 2 Jul 1826 and died 3 Aug 1896; Matilda Mardis was born 13 Dec 1826 and died 21 Jan 1913.


Miles, William Daniel, born 12 Aug 1835 in Anderson District, South Carolina; entered the army in 1861 and was a 1st Sergeant of Company B under Major Walthal.

Miles Files: He spent the entire war as a training master at Talladega. As each squad was organized, they were sent to the front. The only time he saw Lee was when he went with a company but returned immediately to Talladega. He was often detailed to search out deserters and bring them back to camp. Married Nancy Ann Catherine Cowden in 1854. Children included Leroy W. Miles, Mrs. Isalina C. Crump, Gustavus Rodolphus Miles, Austin Augustus Miles, Mrs. M. Catherine Hicks, Mrs. Myrtie A. Wymond, William C. Miles, and Mrs. E. Virginia Morris.

Monuments in the Remlap United Methodist Church Cemetery recorded Nancy Ann was born in 1833 and died in 1904, William was born 1835 and died in Mar 1923.

The Southern Democrat, 8 Mar 1923
W.D. Miles Dead
The many friends of Dr. W.C. Miles sympathize with him in the death of his aged father, W.D. Miles, which occurred at Pinson last week. Mr. Miles was 88 years of age and was well and favorable known to the people in the southern part of the county. The funeral services were held Remlap and were attended by a number of Oneonta people.


Murphree, H.M., on his Confederate pension applications, Murphree claimed he was a private in Company A of the Camp Buckner Battalion of Alabama Volunteers (State Militia); pension was approved. H.M. Murphree claimed he was 67 years of age in 1893.

No monuments were located in Blount County for H.M. Murphree.



source; http://home.hiwaay.net/~bobwonda/files/civilwarcompanies/miscellaneoussoldiers/mn.html


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