Greene County, AR Mortility Schedule By Surname

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Greene County, AR Mortility Schedule By Surname

The "1870 Mortality Schedules for Arkansas" was reported by the families as
they were enumerated during the taking of the census and is designated as
'all deaths occuring in the family within the past 12 months.' An (M) or (W)
in the 6th column indicates if the individual was married or widowed.  The
family number is given in these schedules but does not always correspond
with the census family number.

Fam # NAME                  AGE   SEX  COL    BORN  DIED  CAUSE OF DEATH
92    Austin, Thomas        18    m    w      TN    Aug   Cong chill
52    Augry, George J       3     m    w      AR    Oct   Worms
64    Bandy, Susan          23    f    w (M)  TN    Jul   Cong chill
23    Bolin, Elizabeth      30    f    w (M)  TN    May   Pneu
35    Boothe, Tersey        53    f    w (W)  TN    Mar   Pneu
71    Bowles, D.N.          48    m    w (M)  TN    May   Consumption
33    Bowling, Z.A.E.       5/12  f    w      TN    Jan   Hives
19    Boyd, James           30    m    w (M)  TN    Feb   Pneu
77    Bracher, Thos W       10    m    w      TN    Apr   Fever
79    Brock, Trifasa M      1     f    w      AR    Aug   Worms
88    Brown, Frances E      26    f    w (M)  KY    Nov   Pneu
22    Burns, Susan B        2/12  f    w      AR    Apr   Fever
173   Butler, Mary          1/12  f    w      MO    Nov   Unknown
18    Cagle, Daniel         21    m    w      AR    Oct   Pneu
94    Carrol, Rebecca Jane  34    f    w (M)  AR    Jul   Consumption
93    Chambers, Mary        87    f    w (M)  SC    Dec   Old age
93    Chambers, Samuel      85    m    w (M)  SC    Dec   Old age
18    Clark, James          65    m    w (M)  SC    Sep   Diabetis
93    Cochran, Jesse        55    m    w (M)  NC    Aug   Diarrhea
24    Cole, Sarah A         25    f    w (M)  TN    Nov   Consumption
152   Cotton, Jacob H       23    m    w      MS    May   Dropsy
8     Cupp, Margarett       21    f    w (M)  AR    Oct   Ch bed fever
23    Davis, Elizabeth C    28    f    w (M)  AR    Jun   Pneu
113   Davis, Zachariah      3     m    w      IL    Aug   Typhoid fever
137   DeMoss, Mary E        33    f    w (M)  TN    Nov   Dipthery
108   Denington, Francis M  2     m    w      AR    Jul   Diarrhea
51    Dickey, Louisa J      14    f    w      TN    Jun   Cong chill
53    Drummond, Joseph      12    m    w      GA    Feb   Fever
94    Duke, Nancy J         30    f    w  (W) AR    Jul   Consumption
23    Dunlap, Robert        2     m    w      MO    Apr   Worms
41    Dwyer, John D         33    m    w (M)  TN    May   Pneu
88    Elliott, Julian       21    f    w (M)  KY    Nov   Pneu
68    Ellis, Sarah E        19    f    w      AR    Nov   Fever
53    Erwin, Mary           28    f    w (M)  GA    Feb   Fever
34    Fielder, Jane         34    f    w (M)  AL    Mar   Infl of brain
23    Fields, Robt Lee      6/12  m    w      AR    Aug   Hives
55    Fluty, Mary F         2     f    w      KY    Nov   Spinal dis
93    Forrest, Keziah C     17    f    w      AR    Nov   Pneu
81    Fowler, Malinda       3     f    w      IN    Aug   Cancer
22    Fox, Lyla Ann         6     f    w      TN    Aug   Diarrhea
22    Fox, Rilda Ann        6     f    w      TN    Aug   Diarrhea
167   Freeman, Manda E      35    f    w (M)  AR    Mar   Fever
8     Gage, Almira E        35    f    w (M)  NC    Jul   Consumption
154   Gibbs, Arthur S       1     m    w      AR    May   Teething
35    Ginber, Nimrod        9     m    w      IL    Dec   Fever
35    Ginger, Sarah E       5     f    w      IL    Aug   Croup
10    Glasscock, Amanda     24    f    w (M)  MO    Jul   Consumption
95    Gramling, Mary        51    f    w (M)  SC    May   Rheum
97    Granado, Henry W      62    m    w (M)  TN    Mar   Appoplexy
36    Gray, James           8/12  m    w      MO    Jan   Fever
110   Grayham, Margarett    77    f    w (W)  TN    Nov   Pneu
130   Grayson, Porter       2     m    w      AR    Sep   Worms
63    Greenaway, Thomas     62    m    w (M)  GA    Jan   Pneu
52    Griffin, David        30    m    w      IL    Mar   Infl of brain
79    Hammell, John A       35    m    w (M)  TN    Jan   Pneu
25    Hampton, Ida E        2     f    w      AR    Sep   Pneu
97    Harber, Mary          22    f    w (M)  AR    Apr   Consumption
97    Harber, Wm H          3/12  m    w      AR    Mar   Consumption
74    Hare, George M        18    m    w      NC    Jul   Infl of brain
36    Harkum, Masuria       5     f    w      MO    Sep   Worms
58    Harper, Rachel J      5     f    w      MO    Aug   Fever
16    Harris, Jinsey        79    f    w (W)  NC    Jun   Old age
39    Hayslip, Ely A        5     f    w      AR    Nov   Pneu
124   Hickman, Robert       64    m    w (M)  MO    Mar   Fever
71    Hicks, Wesley         68    m    w (M)  KY    Aug   Cancer
30    Hide, Missouri A      25    f    w (M)  AL    Jan   Pneu
96    Higins, James W       29    m    w (M)  AL    Feb   Pneu
121   Hollis, Nancy E       2     f    w      AR    Feb   Croup
76    Hunt, Margarett E     13    f    w      AR    Aug   Dis of brain
91    Hunter, Mary M        26    f    w (M)  AR          Consumption
31    Jace, William         30    m    w      AR    Aug   Diarrhea
1     Johnson, John L       22    m    w      AR    Feb   Cong of lungs
44    Jones, Lucy J         26    f    w (M)  AR    Aug   Typhoid fever
18    Kerby, Sarah          20    f    w      MO    Sep   Brain fever
56    Latta, James M        2     m    w      AR    Sep   Pneu
54    Leadbetter, Wm J      1     m    w      AR    Aug   Croup
60    Liddell, Robt Lee     1     m    w      AR    Jan   Measles
65    Long, Sarah E         29    f    w (M)  TN    Feb   Fever
77    Lovelady, Wm          49    m    w (M)  TN    Mar   Pneu
30    Mangrum, Martha J     12    f    w      TN    Feb   Pneu
187   Marshall, Annie       66    f    w (W)  GA    Mar   Pneu
71    Martin, Jefferson D   7     m    w      IL    Sep   Fever
19    Maynard, Mattie W     6     f    w      TN    Oct   Worms
50    McCoy, Smithy J       63    f    w (W)  NC    Jun   Dis of heart
14    McFall, John A        68    m    w (M)  SC    Nov   Dis of joints
4     McHaney, Sarah        52    f    w (M)  TN    Mar   Consumption
64    McIntosh, W.W.        55    m    w (M)  TN    Nov   Pneu
34    McLaughlin, John B    10/12 m    w      AR    Jun   Unknown
159   Meredith, Thos I      14    m    w      AR    Jan   Fall from horse
61    Moore, Arter          45    m    w (M)  TN    Nov   Pneu
98    Moore, John C         25    m    w (M)  AR    Jun   Diabetes
20    Pankey, Mary          21    f    w      TN    Nov   Unknown
40    Payne, James W        50    m    w (M)  MS    May   Pneu
82    Pegg, Wm W            55    m    w (M)  NC    Oct   Pneu
101   Pruett, Eliza Jane    33    f    w (M)  IL    Mar   Pneu
4     Purcell, John         68    m    w (M)  GA    Feb   Dis of kidney
144   Rayburn, Martin V     22    m    w      AL    Mar   Pneu
92    Rhea, Elizabeth       69    f    w (W)  VA    Feb   Pneu
55    Riddle, Elizabeth     23    f    w      NC    Mar   Measles
55    Riddle, Simeon        20    m    w      NC    Mar   Measles
11    Roach, William        15    m    w      MO    Apr   Pneu
58    Rogers, Wm R          3/12  m    w      TN    Jul   Skin dis
107   Rowland, Malinda      1     f    w      AR    Aug   Fever
26    Setze, Elnora A       3     f    w      AR    Oct   Worms
2     Sexton, Henry         31    m    w (M)  TN    Dec   Drowned
99    Shrum, Charles M      3     m    w      IL    Sep   Dyptheria
144   Smith, Nancy          27    f    w (W)  AR    Mar   Unknown
58    Smith, Robt M.        37    m    w      SC    Jul   Consumption
25    Smith, Wm C           32    m    w (M)  TN    Feb   Pneu
16    Staggs, Sarah C       7/12  f    w      AR    Jun   Hives
14    Tarpley, Thos W       2     m    w      AR    Sep   Worms
102   Taylor, Henry         65    m    w (M)  TN    Oct   Fever
18    Tennison, Cornelia E  30    f    w (M)  TN    Feb   Pneu
91    Thomas, Nancy C       35    f    w      TN    Sep   Typhoid fever
14    Thompson, Edward S    33    m    w (M)  AR    Feb   Pneu
32    Thompson, Nancy       34    f    w (M)  IL    Sep   Consumption
53    Trantham, Needam J    44    m    w (M)  TN    May   Pneu
106   Tucker, Orra          57    f    w (M)  VA    Jul   Consumption
134   Vaught, Henry J       3     m    w      IL    Jan   Burned
98    Vernon, Lizy          9/12  f    w      MO    Jan   Suffocation
106   Vinson, Lucinda       23    f    w (M)  TN    Apr   Consumption
15    Waldrum, Elizabeth    45    f    w (M)  GA    Apr   Dis of uterus
13    Webb, George L        1     m    w      AR    May   Fever
54    West, Elmira          1     f    w      AR    Dec   Teething
33    Whitaker, Sarah W     16    f    w      TN    Apr   Pneu
33    Whitaker, W.B.        60    m    w (W)  NC    Apr   Pneu
8     Whitson, Argey        2     f    w      MO    Aug   Diarrhea
83    Whitworth, Amanda J   32    f    w (M)  TN    Nov   Consumption
26    Whitworth, Jacob D    42    m    w      TN    Jan   Dis of brain
83    Whitworth, Jacob D    13    m    w      AR    Jan   Infl of brain
26    Whitworth, James J    9     m    w      AR    Jan   Dis of brain
109   Wiley, Ernest L       9     m    w      TN    Sep   Dis of brain
8     Wilkerson, Sarah E    23    f    w      MO    Mar   Pneu
45    Willcockson, D.M.     6/12  f    w      AR    Aug   Hives
50    Willingham, Olive J   1/12  f    w      AR    Sep   Unknown
70    Winford, Andrew J     4/12  m    w      AR    Apr   Hives
107   Wright, Charles       2/12  m    w      AR    Apr   Hives
75    Wright, Mary E        14    f    w      Ar    Jan   Dis of brain
32    Wylie, Marian M.      34    f    w      AR    Mar   Pneu
32    Wylie, Rufus S        2/12  f    w      AR    Dec   Pneu