Greene County, Arkansas, 1900 Federal Census


A   Aunt
AB  Abstractor
AD  Adopted
AH  At Home
AP  Assistant Postmaster


B   Brother
BA  Barber
BC  Baker
BK  Bookkeeper
BL  Brother in Law
BM  Brickmaker(occupation col )
    Black Male. (race/sex col )
BR  Boarder
BS  Blacksmith
BU  Butcher
BY  Buyer


C   Cousin
CA  Clerk/Cashier/Messenger
CC  County Clerk
CK  Cook
CL  Collector
CM  City Marshall
CP  Cooper
CR  Carpenter/Contractor
CS  Commissioner Streets
CT  County Treasurer


D   Daughter/Divorced
DC  Deputy County Clerk
DD  Dentist
DL  Daughter in Law
DR  Druggist
DS  Deputy Sheriff


E   Engineer/Fireman(RS )
ED  Editor
EL  Electrician


F   Farmer
FA  Father
FI  Father in Law
FL  Farm Laborer
FM  Fireman
FO  Factory Operator
FS  Fisherman
FT  Fortune Teller


G   Gardener
Go  Grand Daughter
GNI Grand Mother
GS  Grand Son


H   Head of Household
HB  Half Brother
HK  Hotel/Boarding House Mgr.
HR  Hunter
HS  Half Sister


I   Immigrated
IA  Insurance Agent


J   Jeweler
JA  Jailer
JO  Jockey
JP  Justice of Peace


KH  Keeping House/Domestic/House Work


L   Laborer
LA  Laundress
LG  Logger
LL  Lawyer
LS  Laborer/Sawmill


M   Married
MA  Mahinest
MC  Mechanic
MD  Doctor
MI  Miller
ML  Mother in Law
MM  Match Maker
MN  Minister
MO  Mother
MR  Merchant
MS  Mason (brick/stone )
MU  Musician
MW  Maid
MY  Mayor


N   Nurse
NE  Nephew
NG  Not Given
NI  Niece


O   Orphant
OC  Oculist
OS  Owner/Sawmill


P   Peddler
PA  Pauper
PB  Plumber
PG  Photographer
PH  Pool Hall ( owner/optr )
PL  Policeman/Watchman/Ect
PM  Postmaster
PN  Printer
PO  Porter
PR  Partner
PS  Prisoner
PT  Painter


R   Rea1 Estate Agent
RD  Mail Rider
RS  Restaurant
RR  Railroad(all employees)


S   Son or Single
SA  Salesman
SC  Scavenger
SD  Step Daughter
SE  Seamstress/Dressmaker
SF  Sheriff
SH  Shoemaker
SI  Sister
SK  Stockdealer/Livery Sta.
SL  Sister/Son in Law
Sht Step brother
SP  Stenographer
SR  Saloon Keeper
SS  Step Son
ST  Student
SV  Sereant
SX  Sexton


T   Teacher
TA  Tailor
TC  Timber Emp. /Lumber Dlr.
TG  Telegraph Employee
TL  Telephone Employee
TG  Teamster
TN  Metal Worker
TR  Trader
TT  Trust Agent /Banker
TU  Typographer


U   Uncle


W   Wife/Widow/Widower
WA  Warehouse Agent
WD  Ward
WE  Weaver
WF  White Female
WM  White Male
WR  Waiter
WW  Wagon Wright