1900 Census Townships

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  U.S. Federal Census Records – Enumeration Districts
U.S. Federal Census records are divided into groups by state, then county, and in many cases by townships and enumeration districts as well. Enumeration districts are subdivisions used by census takers and other governmental representatives to further break down the geography of a given area beyond the county and/or township level. Browsing the census records by enumeration district allows a researcher to see their ancestor in context of their closest neighbors. You may learn additional information about your ancestor by observing their neighbors over a succession of several years.



District 29 Blue Cane township, Friendship township, and Lake township.
District 30 Bryan township and Cache township.
District 31 Clark township, incl. Paragould city.
District 32 Crowley township and Jones township.
District 34 Main Shore township and St. Francis township.
District 35 Poland township and Spring Grove township.
District 36 Salem township and Shady Grove township.
District 37 Union township and Breckenridge township.