Bullard's Garage Marmaduke

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  Clarence William "Jack" Bullard's garage was on Front Street in the first block north of Main Street, Marmaduke, Greene County, Arkansas. It had been a livery stable before he moved in. The lot on the north was where the horses were kept. My Father turned the lot into a large garden and worked out there when business was slack. The windows on the right side of the building was the office location. The building proper had a dirt floor and he installed a wood floor at ground level that could accommodate two cars. The wood deck floor allowed the use of a four wheeled creeper to roll the mechanic under the car to work. There were two gasoline pumps out front, one for regular and one for high test"ethyl" gasoline. The brand of gasoline and oil was Barnsdall, "B Square," nickname.

My Father's garage moved in the early 1930s to the next block north and one block west on the N.E corner. When my Father closed his business in 1936 and we moved to Little Rock, the building later became a grocery store.   The first man on the left is Jay Yopp and his father Mr. Yopp, My Father, Jack Bullard, is number Five from the left, number four is an unknown mechanic that worked for my Father. Number six is Monk Long, rolling a cigarette, a mechanic and friend that worked for my Father for several years in the 1930s. I think that number eight is Levi Winsted, not sure. The others I do not remember.  

Monk Long had worked in Michigan in one of the automotive manufacturing plants. When he returned he was driving a very large coupe with two encased spare tires in the front fender wells. He had a German Sheppard dog that set on the left running board next to the driver. Monk could keep his hand on the dog when he stopped or turned a corner.   I remember lots of stories about the time I hung-out at the garage.