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Fayetteville , Democrat

Tuesday , May 18, 1920

       One of the notable results of the present high price of lumber in Arkansas is the activity of the saw mills. Many new mills are being taken out in all over the state, and everything that will saw is being taken to the mill and turned into lumber or other building material.

            Trees that will cut six inches are falling before the woodsman’s axe, soft-wood and hardwood. The building operations of the state, in the face even of unprecedented high prices, were never so extensive, and every piece of timber finds a ready market.

            The state is short several thousand dwelling houses, and the lean years of the war, when construction was stopped, have increased tremendously the demand for business and industrial building.

            There has not been so much building in progress in Little Rock in many years.

            Real estate and rental agents are constantly prodding the owners to increased activity. There are large waiting lists of tenants for every office building and it is almost impossible to get an office of any kind, while desirable residential properties have not been on the market for a long time.

            Business in all lines is at a high tension, and there is no indication of any slackening soon.

            Money was never so plentiful –- and never before, would it buy so little –- but everybody is happy, or should be, so what’s the use to worry?

May 18, 1920